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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PERRRRRRRRRRRR it's always fun talking to you and I've loved RPing with you!! 

  2. "Magic... War? Different kinds of magic?' She frowned, crossing her arms. "Sounds like I should've read a guidebook before coming here. What's all this about?" So, there are these... Orders. Then a different, sand-based kind of magic? Even beyond that, there's more stuff? Looking to Ashlyn, she paused. "Oh, I don't think we've met? I'm Lissa."
  3. It seemed a lot had happened- Some little kid that could apparently control sand of all things had popped up, and now she was flinging sand around- Like this day hasn't already been odd enough... Lissa sighed, but forced on a smile as always. "So, is she another of those... Order things?" She was still catching up mentally, and was a bit out of shorts from being suddenly teleported to another dimension, or something.
  4. "Er-" Lissa looked away, biting her lip. "No, I don't. I'm not exactly from around here, in all honesty." What was she supposed to say here? That she'd ran away? That could give the wrong impression, and she didn't want to dampen the mood either.
  5. "... The what now? Geez, what is this? Some kind of fantasy novel?" She sighed, and only now noticed the other people there, first turning to Shana. "Oh, we've haven't met yet, huh? Thanks for the offer of cake, I'll probably take you up on that offer!" Lissa said it jokingly, trying to put on a smile. "My name's Lissa." @Sorana
  6. For what felt like a long moment, Lissa simply stood there in that strange abyss of glass beads, wondering if she would be stuck there forever. Then suddenly, she felt like something was tugging on her very being, and she felt herself being somehow pulled away from this place, back into reality. She shouted in surprise as a few moments later, she found herself stumbling to the ground of the house she'd been in before, where Fib had been standing before, they were back to a strange symbol on the carpet. "W- What on earth- What is this place, what was that?!" She demanded, looking to Cassie. Lissa stared at James in shock. She'd been able to do things, unnatural thing with herself, but this- She didn't even know where to begin. What even was this?
  7. The Bartender watched the seen with horror. A bloody Inquisitor... An INQUISITOR. In MY tavern- He was tempted to run out the door and never look back, but for now he simply watched, eyes wide.
  8. You are a Stick, I am a Twig. Yay! 

    (Sorry if this is super weird and random, it's late) 

  9. The man nodded, turning to pour a drink for her. "Course, 'o course. Not many drinkers for Gin round here, they consider it a ladies' drink. Perfect for a pretty little thing like you though, I'd say." He smiled to himself, but his words had a joking tone to it, his minor flirt lacking any real interest. He had more important things to worry about then pretty women, especially if they were only just passing through. Turning back to her, he slid the drink across the counter, nodding to her. He didn't notice the slight shift in his emotions, he hardly knew anything about Allomancy, or any of that other fancy jumbo. It didn't concern him much, didn't come knocking on his door, so why should he care? "Oh? I'd be careful on your way, Miss. Lookin' at you, I assume you're new to the Roughs, eh? I'd be careful if I were you." Putting away the Gin, he continued to talk. "I've heard some things- People talk of coalitions back in the Basin, that they're gunnin' for some mine all the ways out here. Don't know why aluminum is so popular, something about those metallic arts, or whatever. I don't get the appeal myself, it's just harder to get metal." It wouldn't take much to deduce the man had no idea what he was talking about, at least concerning the uses of aluminum. "Let's see... Somethin' about..." The man clicked his tongue, looking at her. "Hm, I coulda sworn I remembered somethin' about them mines... Odd." His pause was hesitant. The girl didn't look entirely like a basin dandy, but those clothes were still too clean, too proper, and her appearance embraced femininity, not the reverse. He didn't expect her to catch the common, even cliched message in his words. Still, it would be better to at least give her a chance, something like a test of sorts.
  10. As the woman entered, she walked on into quite the loud scene. While the Tavern was far from bustling, there were still a good few patrons inside, most of them loud and rambunctious. At this particular moment, the barkeep, a tall man, vaguely Terris looking in his features, with jet black hair and a bit of stubble, wearing a zinc earring in his ear (although, notably not of the normal Pathian style, as would be common for followers of the path) was yelling at someone from across the bar. It was a young boy, with blue skin and a granite-like complexion. Quite easily identified as a Koloss half-blood. "-I swear, you put that damn radio down, kig! I don't care if it's half broken, I ain't gonna risk having to buy a new one! You break it, and I'll dock it from your wages!" His demeanor immediately changed as Alleine entered, putting on a smile and grabbing a cup as he looked her up and down. "Ah, sorry about that miss, what can I get you for? Need something light to drink, or maybe a snack for the road?" He was glad for the distraction, and a pretty one to boot. Most wanderers and travelers out in the Roughs were either idiots who didn't know half of what they were getting into, or a hardened criminal, looking for something or someone to exploit. Plus, she could have some good money, and Harmony knew he could use it. Now that he thought about it, he heard a lot of whispers lately about some aluminum mine, and the number of patrons around lately had increased as well. The man wasn't about to look a gift kandra in the mouth, but he was still wary about whatever it was that had sparked the whispers.
  11. The official thread is now posted!
  12. The year is 289 Post-Catacendre, the world of Scadrial is booming with the new advent of aluminum weapons and tools, new metals have been discovered in the nearly 300 years since the Final Empire's reign. The world is growing at a rapid pace in the Elendel Basin as technology advances, and life for it's citizens changes by the day. Meanwhile, in the Roughs, life is untamed and wild, crime is far from uncommon, and criminals run amuck as the few dedicated Lawmen do their best to chase them down and build some semblance of order in these chaotic lands. During all of this, several coalitions between various nobles, mercantile elites, and politicians from different city states have formed, and recently, all independently decided to try to take possession of a remarkably profitable aluminum mine in the Roughs, owned by an unassuming gentleman named Raven. Several of the more influential coalitions have indicated an interest in hiring so-called ‘specialists’ to further their interests. Raven, the owner of the mine, has also expressed interest in hiring aid to protect his investment from the various coalitions snapping at his heels. With this in mind, our heroes have congregated in a local tavern in the Roughs called The Iron Wheel, where they have settled for drinks and food while debating the merits of the many hiring opportunities. For now, a layer of calm is upon the world of Scadrial, the calm before the storm. Soon, the different Coalitions and the owner of the mine himself, along with our heroes will find themselves at the center of a new and bloody conflict. Current character list (Ping @Ookla the Stick or @AonEne if you need your character added!)
  13. Alrighty then, done!