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  1. Can you do me a tiny favor regarding Nomic?

    i need your vote in a “settlers of disputes” thing soon (tomorrow?)

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    2. AonEne



      Section 9: Democracy

      31. The Beginnings of Democracy: We have a poll and whoever gets the most votes is the president, who gets the ability to give up to 50 points to anyone but themselves.

      36. The French Law: at any time, a member of the ‘public’ (ie a non-presidential person) may declare a vote to overthrow the president. If a majority vote is attained, the person who started the poll becomes the new president in the place of the old one.

      On 6/25/2019 at 8:49 AM, The Last Post said:

      I call for an observation of “the French Law”!

    3. The Last Post

      The Last Post

      It was for something I hadn’t done yet

    4. AonEne


      Have you done it now?