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  1. Hey, where you been?

  2. main plot

    The grunt, while still holding Kendul, fell off the building, onto a helicopter. She dropped him on the ground, and he coughed. The grunt handed him a canteen of water, and Kendul greedily grabbed it and starting drinking it as fast as he could. The grunt dropped clothing on the ground. "Take off your clothes. All of them. Put this on." Kendul glared, but complied. "What do you want? Where are you taking me?" He asked. @RayOfSunshine
  3. first verse

    Truth was annoyed, this was taking too long! As he stood there, wishing that Entropy and Tion would stop antagonizing each other, he looked over to Tion, who was readying a knife. Fine, I'll play along. He thought. Tion threw the knife at Truth, while making an illusion of Entropy, making it look as if Entropy was attemptig to stab him. As the knife flew at him, he moved slightly to the side, so it wouldn't hit him, but close enough for it to look real. Truth doubled over, gasping. "Entropy... Why..." He fell to the ground, and hoped his performance was convincing enough. @Archer @AonEne @BringerofShadows
  4. You can recruit post-timeskip? How? I was never able to get Gilbert, is it a house thing?
  5. Wait, you recruited every student? (Also yes, Seteth is post time skip)
  6. Yes! I have successfully created a meme!
  7. Yeah. Although, upon further investigation, it looks like this might've been a bot? Idk.
  8. GASP, IDEA THIEF! Seriously though, at first I thought it was a coincidence, but look at my post, and then theirs:
  9. Ooh, did you finish Before The Storm? How was it?
  10. Welp, I beat the White Palace. Also, I finally beat Traitor Lord, and got Voidheart, so now I'm trying to beat our favorite evil Moth.
  11. main plot

    It worked! The sand managed to get into the suit. Ha! Kendul thought, I win! Prepare to die, you weak little- The Grunt coughed, but still stood there. Wait, what? The air suddenly started to heat up, making the situation even worse. No, wait, this is wrong! he screamed in his head. I can't lose! Not to him! He struggled,but to no avail. NO! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE WEAK, I'M STRONG! In that moment, something broke. This hadn't happened before, he trained for years, he was supposed to be strong, better than them, better than everyone! Yet, fighting against this mere grunt, he was utterly decimated. He swallowed his pride, and did the one thing he thought he'd never do. "P-Please... Someone.. help..." @RayOfSunshine
  12. I triple this. (Wait, what do you mean it's third? Whatever, triple sounds cooler)
  13. Ah, cool! So then, I hurt DoomStick. Stick - 0 Luna - 10 Snip - 10 Itiah - 10