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  1. ...So, I'm going to assume this is dead @Oduim’s Chmapion
  2. Kendul followed the other scouts into the next cavern, wary, while Corrette and that strange Steel pusher talked of resting. "Are you kidding me? Was your first instinct seriously to take a nap, after walking into a dangerous cave, where in which it's predecessor had an enormous worm hiding inside of it, ready to eat us for dinner? How foolish can you be?!" He asked incredulous, although he couldn't deny he was also feeling strangely drowsy. @[email protected]
  3. Note: I am not a mod, this is just how I would grade it. Experienced Shardblade and Fabrial combat (I used as skilled Melee combat) 50 + Hemalurgy knowledge (I used as handiwork) 25 + Disguise (Also Handiwork) 25 + Shardblade 30 + fabrial 15 + Duralumin 5 + weakness -5 = 145 150 - 145 = 5. Should be good, I was torn between putting the weakness at -10 or -5.
  4. Do you mean like a Radiant Surge fabrial? If so, it's in the index as 15 per surge.
  5. I meant the second one.
  6. Ethan rolled his eyes. "Calm down, wolf-man. I'm on your side." he responded, tone condescending. "So, you gonna give me details on what the hell happened, or should I just stand here confused?
  7. I love Calvin and Hobbes! I have like 4 of the collections in my room I think.
  8. So Furret decided to send him a message telling him that.
  9. What if you have an epic whose power is to duplicate objects spiked, and use that on a cake? It's technically the same cake.
  10. What if you make two cakes?
  11. Yeah, I'll probably do that if this doesn't go anywhere.
  12. Ethan creaked open the door, and looked inside at the group assembled there. He squinted, trying to remember who was who. He was pretty sure they were all Ghostbloods though, except for dead girl on the ground, were they the assassin? He walked up over to them, scowling. "I heard what happened. Is she the one who killed him?" He asked, gesturing to the girl.
  13. See you on the discords, I'm really going to miss your awesome posts. I hope all your university stuff goes well, I'll have to buy a bowler hat in your honor.