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  1. Hi Per! So I know you're not RPing right now; should I take Flid off the TKND list, or leave him on in case you want to come back soon? 

  2. My dog is just like that! (Except it has bigger ears and is older)
  3. All I thought at first was "Wait someone mentioned me? Weird."
  4. Ah. Yeah, I can see that happening, there aren't a ton of fighting or action scenes, and those that are end pretty quickly. A lot of it is just talking and planning, and then seeing the outcomes of whatever they planned for. I really enjoy it, but I understand if you aren't interested by that.
  5. I really enjoyed it, and can't wait to watch the new episode today. What about it turned you off?
  6. Hey, I'm an Artifabrian! Wonder what kind of Fabrial I'll make first...

    1. Honorless


      Make one that can destroy the world

  7. Go buy me icecream. Simple as that. Oh, and go steal all of Brandon's notes.
  8. Yep, plus my eagerness alone convinced my teacher to read Mistborn.
  9. Dang. For some reason I thought Rithmatist. The group of metal finger circles.
  10. YKYASFW you decide to make your 2-3 minute speech for ELA a general explanation of Investiture and its mechanics. Coppermind, here I come!
  11. I'm guessing Well of Ascension?
  12. So, I recently re-installed Skyrim, got tons of mods downloaded and ready, and naturally decided to re-play Shadow of War, because why not. I forgot how much I enjoy this game and the nemesis system, even if the free-run/climbing is really annoying sometimes.
  13. So basically, to make a semi-long story short, a while ago on discord, me and a few others make up an off-brand version of Brandon Sanderson, called Beandon Seanderson. We found this very funny, and continually made jokes about him, until one day I made the joke that he had written the book "Fogbirth", a basically rip-off of Mistborn. After this, we started Seander-izing book titles, and came up with several funny names, and we decided to make this a forum game. But then I got lazy and never did it, UNTIL NOW. TL:DR make funny versions of book titles (Doesn't have to be Sanderson) and have people try to guess what book it is. I shall start this off, with Terms of Shiny-ness. Answer is in the spoiler box.