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  1. Happy birthday!! I've seen your content around, but haven't really reached out to you before. Hope you have a great day!

    1. Lunamor


      Happy birthday!!!

    2. Rushu42


      Happy birthday

    3. Emi


      Happy birthday!

  2. Wow dang, coming back here after all this time is super nostalgic.

    1. Wyndlerunner



  3. "But it's not Ookla season...." Stick pointed out the obvious, like a loser.
  4. Stick wasn't sure that was how that worked.
  5. Stick hoped the splinters and burns Andy had received from eating a burning piece of wood didn't hurt too much.
  6. *Magically steals both and eats them*
  7. *Steals the stolen chocolate*
  8. "Oh, I did too!" Not-Doom-Stick waved to Jaywalk while holding a bowl of the icecream.
  9. He attempted to do it again, but most of it just smashed into his face.