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  1. "That's really interesting. Wait, didn't you say 3? What's the third one?"
  2. "Hereditary? But wouldn't people just marry for powers?"
  3. Flid shrugged. "You seem really excited about something."
  4. Cassie seemed really excited about something. Wonder what that's about, Berk thought. "Hey Cassie, you okay?"
  5. "Is that what your magic users are called? We're the Knights Radiant. So, how do your powers work?"
  6. "So, are there others with your kind of powers?" Flid asked.
  7. spy thriller

    Wait, who are you talking to?
  8. spy thriller

    I might do this.
  9. Granted, but they screwed up the movie and it's absolutely horrible. I wish that Avengers: Endgame will be better than Infinity War.
  10. Granted, but it has a Moash redemption arc. I wish for Moash to never be redeemed.
  11. Granted, you're tiny. I wish there was a Skyward movie.
  12. granted, but its an evil pear. I wish Mistborn Birthright hadn't gotten canceled.
  13. Granted, you're the best fortnite play in the world, but also the cringiest. I wish fortnite would die already.