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  1. "But it's not Ookla season...." Stick pointed out the obvious, like a loser.
  2. Stick wasn't sure that was how that worked.
  3. Stick hoped the splinters and burns Andy had received from eating a burning piece of wood didn't hurt too much.
  4. *Magically steals both and eats them*
  5. *Steals the stolen chocolate*
  6. "Oh, I did too!" Not-Doom-Stick waved to Jaywalk while holding a bowl of the icecream.
  7. He attempted to do it again, but most of it just smashed into his face.
  8. He chomped it out of the air, and ate it in one bite.
  9. Yee, it's been too long Luna! Stick waved back sleepily.
  10. Stick awoke from a great slumber of inactivity, and was very confused."Wait, what's going on? I've been gone too long...."
  11. Wait a sec- Why was I not told of this?! I am the Grandmaster after all.
  12. Hi Per! So I know you're not RPing right now; should I take Flid off the TKND list, or leave him on in case you want to come back soon? 

    1. Emperor Stick

      Emperor Stick

      Yeah, you should probably do that, sorry.

    2. AonEne


      You're fine! I was just wondering :) 

  13. All I thought at first was "Wait someone mentioned me? Weird."