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  1. Rudo shrugged. "I ain't Bob, I don't know percentages and all that. Always hated that guy, all that 'oh I'm so much smarter than you'. Besides, I doubt they'd be able to keep us for long."
  2. Rudo walked along the canal, having given up on catching up with Lance. As he patroled, he noticed tracks on the ground, leading away from the main canal. "Lance! Down here." @Invocation
  3. They have 2, since they're a Kandra.
  4. @Wyndlerunner
  5. One more thing on the topic of Alleytravel- Since RaiSeel was a DA experiment-soldier, would they know how to Alleytravel?
  6. *Ducks* That makes sense. We should probably get back to meme-ing, or however you would spell it.
  7. Why hasn't Voidus obliterated TUBA anyway though? In the RP I mean.
  8. Soothing is manipulation, and afterword the subject will recover, and likely will return to their previous belief. Although spikes could wor- *Falls over dead*]
  9. I don't think changing people's posts is changing their minds, only their word
  10. So wait, is he a dragon or a person who can turn into a dragon? Either way, I'm not sure if we have dragons in the AV, and I'm going to ping @Voidus.
  11. I do not support Voidapple in any way, shape or form. Voidus is trying to succeeding in silencing me!
  12. Here's a bunch of SA change my mind memes:
  13. Lately, I've been playing tons of Hollow Knight on my switch, and Papers, Please on my PC, because my graphics card blew and I can't play anything else.