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  1. I have a woodworking project, and I am thinking of inlaying glyphs from the stormlight archive into some of the pieces. I would cut out the inlays and mill the pockets with an inexpensive CNC mill, so I'm looking for something relatively simple. I need glyphs for Forest/Wood, Mountain/Metal/Ore, Hills/Clay/Brick, Pasture/Sheep/Wool, Field/Farm/Wheat/Grain, and maybe Desert. For wood, metal, and brick, I'm thinking of palah, kak, and tanat, respectively. Though tanat is pretty complicated. Palah could also fit with wheat/grain. There aren't that many glyphs listed in the coppermind, so I might just be out of luck, unless a 17th shard scholar is interested in phonetically constructing glyphs. And if someone is interested in stylizing glyphs for this purpose, I would be eternally grateful. To be clear, this is purely a personal art project. I will not be selling anything.