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  1. Hmm. I wonder if that relates to the mysterious black sphere gavilar has. Is voidlight red? I'm rereading Oathbringer but I don't think I'm that far yet. Also, stormlight being a plasma might explain how it condenses on shardblades whenever it is summoned.
  2. That is a really good point! I wonder if the lightning is in someway connected to the stormlight? That would make a lot of sense. Also, that would make the stormlight actually connected to the storms because as far as I recall stormlight doesn't appear in the storms, but appears in the spheres. How much detail do we have on lightning in the highstorms? Is it similar to Earthen lightning with thunderbolts? I recall strikes of thunder or at least loud rumbling associated with the storms.
  3. I feel like it is a gas or a plasma. But what would be good to know is if magnets or metal affect stormlight in any way. (Plasmas are affected by magnetic fields) As far as I recall, there are neither magnets nor electricity on Roshar. Lightning is made of plasma though. Hmmm.
  4. Left handed violins exist (bowed with left hand). Maybe use fingerless gloves? Gloves made of a very thin fabric could also work. I think a safepouch would make it impossible to play most instruments. A safeglove could maybe work, but it would have to be very flexible and tight to the hand (no random folds).
  5. When somebody holds your left hand and you do a dramatic gasp.
  6. Kharbranth, because of the library!
  7. When someone compliments your Doomslug shirt and you resist the urge to scream in joy that SOMEONE FINALLY GETS THE REFERENCE!
  9. Leona ran out the door with her backpack, yelled a farewell to nobody in particular, and jumped into the car.
  10. When you get someone to check out Mistborn from the library and anxiously wait for them to start it so you can send all your memes to them.
  11. Leona woke up to her phone's alarm at 6:15. She was absolutely exhausted after the events of the previous weekend, but it was time for another day of higher learning. She got dressed and almost fell asleep walking down the stairs. "Coffee?" she groggily questioned in the kitchen. @whoever is in the kitchen
  12. He is indeed. Welcome to the 'Shard. Don't accept any cookies, but cake is fine. Especially Leona's cake.
  13. "Yeah," Leona replied. "I'm not really sure what to do here. Only that we have it contained. Ish."
  14. YKYASFW... you apologize for wrong number texts by saying that you had your earrings in when you sent them you hear 'spiked' (insert food) and wonder why someone would want to give food superpowers, before realizing that's not what they meant someone asks you for book reccomendations and you wordlessly hand them a list of branderbooks you draw aons in your notebooks when you're bored you have alethi glyphs doodled on everything you own