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  1. “Well in that case, who am I to ignore somebody’s requests for cake.” Leona raised her hands and inhaled. There was a platter on the table. She concentrated on the air above it. With an exhale, the air formed into a slice of cake, and fell six inches to the platter. well done said Onyx. not very useful for combat, but you no longer need to have a whole freaking conversation every time you do that.
  2. “I don’t think Ive ever heard of Elantrians. I’m an elsecaller, which means I can teleport and make things into other things. And also cake. Never forget cake. Would you like some?”
  3. Leona turned to Draug. “Who is this? How does she know about spren?”
  4. “So Jamie and Cassie brought you here?” There had to be some reason for this. Evelyn obviously wasn’t a radiant, but then what was she. “Was there a reason?”
  5. “It’s good to meet you as well. I do live here. If you don’t really mind my asking, how’d you end up here?” She didn’t have a spren, which was odd. Maybe she was a -what was it called?- twinborn.
  6. Leona walked in and saw an unfamiliar girl sitting in the dining room. “Hi! I’m Leona. What’s your name?”
  7. “Oh no. What if philosophy doesn’t love philosophy?”
  8. "I hate philosophy."
  9. A shardblade set of eating utensils. Fabrial jewelry. Slave brand temporary tattoos. Lerasium/metal vial candy. Aonic phone cases.
  10. "That - that's what I said." Narrator Ocelot said.
  11. Narrator bookish nodded. The Shortest Thread would achieve immortality.
  12. Bookish screamed in agony. Narrator Ocelot realized there were now SEVEN WHOLE PAGES!