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  1. Can someone make/post a side-by-side of cover/fanart for the characters and then who was casted for them?
  2. The cake fell to the ground. Leona swore. The cake’s icing had left a rather suspicious stain in the officials shorts. “Don’t believe me? Don’t think the world’s at stake? I can do much more than make cake. I can fill your lungs with poison. with a thought.” or argument with the air, she added. “I can summon fire, wind, and rain. I can turn you to stone.” She realized this sounded threatening. And the papers on the table burst into flame, before turning to more cake.
  3. “Okay. What kind of cake do you like?” Leona asked. “I make a mean chocolate.” ”Uh, that’ll be good.” Leona raised her hands and inhaled glowing light. Her eyes turned a deep blue. A slice of cake dropped into the man’s lap. “Now if you could just let us go, we have evil to slay.”
  4. Leona rolled her eyes. "Obviously," she said in her best ditz impression. "I never leave home without some." One of the officers gave her an worried look. "Is that some kind of drug?" "Do I look like a druggie to you?" "Well-" She cut him off. "It isn't a drug. It's cake material. And the cake is delicious, as my friends can vouch for."
  5. "I just made a cake. But without an oven. Or ingredients. I'm magical!" she exclaimed, putting on her best dumb brunette face. "Wanna see?"
  6. “Oh, history, huh?” Asger replied. “That’s really cool.” He felt his defenses slipping away. There was no way this man was completely normal. He was probably a -oh, what did they call it? - a soother. One of the guys the used in interrogations. He shuddered inwardly. “Just desk work. Nothing interesting.” He began storing information in his ring. What charles looked like, his accent. Anything NATO could use. NATO had a registry of all their magic users. Scrolling through his memories, Asger couldn’t find this “Charles” which meant he was likely working for the other side. NATO said nobody would leave someone with abilities on the roadside...
  7. Asger felt a sense of calm wash over him. How? What? Was this man another Feruchemist? "Yeah. NATO. Though I would hardly say anything good came out of the war. Millions died. Cities burned." He smiled sadly. "But however much good NATO does, they're still a military organization." and I'm military. He added to himself. I'll never quite be a true force for good. "So, uh, what do you do for fun?" he asked, twirling his ring. He didn't have it on his left ring finger like normal. He was hoping for a quick fling before he was shuttled off to Russia.
  8. “The only reason it happened was because two of our friends were kidnapped by them.” Leona said. “They were beaten up and then put in a van which I slowed down with a massive piece of cake.” Seeing their strange expressions, she added, “I can turn air into cake.”
  9. Leona just sat silently and let the others do the talking. She'd never been good at lying. Or with people in a position of authority.
  10. Outline is at 88%! Can't wait to see a cover for this... Any guesses on what it'll be?
  11. Leona's breathing sped up. This had not been how prom was supposed to go. It was supposed to be a fun night of music and dancing, not a fight and friends being kidnapped and blood. She definitely had not meant to end up in an interogation room. How were they going to keep the story straight?
  12. This is extremely well done. I love the detail. It looks almost exactly like an oil painting. The dull background, uniform and pose all just scream "DALINAR." 11/10
  13. Asger shook the man - Charles?- 's hand. "M'name's Asger," he said. "I work for NATO." True, but not the whole truth. But it was as much as he could share. @Wyndlerunner
  14. Leona stood up, and followed the medic into a van. She did have weapons on her, which would make them even more suspicious. Dang it. She followed them into a police car, and sat obediently in the back seat. "What happened here?" an officer asked as they drove off. "I want the whole story. And just the truth. No funny business." She paled. How was she supposed to explain this? The others would have different stories. It wasn't like she could just explain MAGIC to them. "I want to talk to my friends first. Make sure they're okay."