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  1. The Knights Next Prequel is a roleplay set in 70's Europe, focusing on the events of the Cold War. Rules/guidelines/random setting things: The two primary magics are the Metallic arts (Allomancy, Feruchemy, and Hemalurgy), and the Sellish magics. The perpendicularities are all connected/in one place. The plot will focus on the separation of these. They are in an unknown location NATO higherups know about investiture and send investiture users on espionage missions into the USSR The countries that make up NATO keep the knowledge of magic to themselves. Civilians demonstrating the ability to use investiture are immediately conscripted The USSR probably knows about investiture, but NATO isn't quite sure yet You can play anyone on either side Normal RP rules apply All 16 allomantic metals are in play. Lerasium and atium are only known as myths, but NATO has a team dedicated to finding them in an attempt to make super-supersoldiers Anyone with knowledge about the cold war, please let me know if any of this seems off/anachronistic. History will be followed closely, but dates of things may change. NATO is probably more of a military organization here than it was in actual history You can have as many characters as you want, provided they are all well-rounded and contribute something useful IT is currently 1972 Character sheets: Use the ones from TKND. Characters: Bookish - Asger Sorana - Wita Itiah - Marcel Wyndle - Charles Dapper - Quinn
  2. I feel like Kaladin looks too old for the age he is (twenty, IIRC) but maybe that's just me. Where'd his slave brands go? I can't see them. I also imagined his hair being longer and wavier. The way the background looks and the stormlight make up for it 10000% though.
  3. Leona sat down at the counter and started working on her homework. Math was hard, so she ignored it.
  4. I realize I typed it wrong. Whoops. Also, the alphabet mafia is exactly why GRSM is needed.
  5. Interesting. That makes sense. Except that condensation is exothermic, so it should be hotter.
  6. No, I meant that it uses the energy from the heat generated to form the blade somehow.
  7. Can you link the WoB? As for the Cherenkov Radiation, the amount of radiation you would need to get that kind of glow would kill you, or at the very least give you radiation poison. Unless Rosharans are all somehow resistant to ionizing radiation. Perhaps the heat from the compressed air is used to form the blade? If the blades automatically pull from the surrounding air's heat, they could (in theory) draw enough out to form frost.
  8. I've been using GRSM (Gender, romantic, and sexual minorities) and SAGA (Sexual and gender minorities). SAGA rolls right off the tongue but it isn't as inclusive. Anyways. I do think that there is a long way to go in terms of GRSM representation in adult sci-fi/fantasy (Meaning books not marketed as YA). The YA genre has actually done pretty well in terms of this - there are lots of popular fantasy books with non-straight leads or side characters. In fantasy books marketed towards adults I have seen 0. Unless you count The Priory of the Orange Tree. Brandon is a very popular author and has lots of influence. Surely he could use his platform for representation?
  9. The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon. It's a stand-alone epic fantasy with DRAGONS!
  10. "Yup," she replied. "Guess I'll leave you to it then."
  11. Leona led Fadran upstairs. She pointed to the third door on the left. "You can have that room," she said. @Channelknight Fadran
  12. "Yeah there should be an open room on the second floor," Leona said. "Follow me." @Channelknight Fadran
  13. Maybe it's like the spren. Brandon said somewhere that the surges are based more in the human idea of what a concept is rather than pure science. If stormlight is spiritual, it would obey some but not all laws of physics. For example, it's visible as a mist, unlike normal light.
  14. "Whenever they show up. Speaking of which - Doc? Have you seen the others?" @Dr. Dapper
  15. "Believe me," Leona said to Fadran, "We haven't even scratched the surface of weird-sounding words." @Channelknight Fadran
  16. Brandon: I'm going to write a short story Also Brandon: How about 30k words that sounds short
  17. "Your order and Doc's order overlap. You share the surge of tension, I think. Or is it cohesion?"
  18. "Five ideals, and ten orders," Leona said.
  19. "I think I won that round," Leona said, spotting Doc out of the corner of her eye. "Oh hey! I didn't see you when I came down. This is Fadran," she said, pointing at him. "Fadran, this is Doc. He runs the place." @Channelknight Fadran @Dr. Dapper
  20. Leona snorts. "Nobody is intrinsically good at sword fighting. It's hardly something they teach in schools." She ducks under Fadrans blow and comes up with her sword at his neck.
  21. Personally, I think it's Shallan. Her face looks too young to be Jasnah or Navani. Lift doesn't wear havahs. Speaking of the havah, it's more loose and flowy than I remember them being depicted. What's in the foreground? What's she pointing at? Is that a column? A tree?
  22. Leona raised her sword, parrying. The force of the blow made her arms quiver. "Nice," she said, dodging right.
  23. "Alright then," Leona said, surprised that he had agreed. Had he had any formal training? "Hold your shield a bit higher, and stay on your toes." Then she lunged forward, slashing at his left shoulder downwards. Involuntarily, she inhaled sharply. Azriel was heavy. And she hadn't stretched. idiot, Onyx said.
  24. "Alright," Leona replied. She grabbed Azriel, her longsword, from its sheath in the corner. It was a gray-blue metal. Leona had no idea what it was, only that it was good at cutting things. "I'm assuming you want to spar?"