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  1. No, it was not. But, you are right. I was mistaken. If the repulsive force decreases in magnitude with distance to the source, there will indeed be compressive tides.
  2. This is not exactly what I meant. I meant that the effect would reverse from streching to compression, which does not happen. Though the apparent direction of the tidal effect changes, never would negative tides, compression parallel to the field, be experienced.
  3. I’m afraid you are mistaken. A repulsive force would also cause stretching tidal forces. The effect is caused by a difference in force from one side to another, if the effect could reverse like this, it would reverse if you circled to the other side of a gravity source, which would not make sense. This would not happen completely, but you are correct, the effect would be reduced. Allomantic forces must act on an object almost equally, as Allomancers do not appear to experience tidal forces from a single push, and are able to tolerate large forces on their bodies with little effect. Note, that they do experience the crushing and ripping effects mentioned in the first post whenever they are subject to multiple pushes. This could only be explained if they interfere with each other in some way, not through Newtonian mechanics. However, there is one scene with a Duralamin push in WoA that contradicts this, where Vin blacks out. This seems to suggest there are indeed tidal forces but which are very small under ordinary pushes. But, more likely this is mistake. There is a similar blacking out scene in Oathbringer while freefallling under gravity, which should never happen.
  4. You are all correct that many explainations could be provided to explain these. But, in my opinion, the evidence you have provided is not satisfactory. These require some further comment. In particular, we do know that ReLuur’s memories would not have returned completely. It has been stated multiple times that the Kandra sustain permanent damage the longer their spike has been pulled.
  5. I thought it would be useful to gather a list of potential plot holes in the Cosmere, in the same spirit as the typo threads. Here are the questions that I have. What have you all noticed? To clarify, I mean problems in character motivations and plot, not physics or magic. The Way of Kings Why did Dalinar’s visions not reveal that the Voidbringers are Parshmen? With the amount of visions Dalinar saw of the desolations, what are the odds none of them showed that the voidbringers were Parshmen? The only explanation I can think of is that Honor wished to conceal this fact. But, why would he want this? And surely this would become obvious when the Desolation actually started. Why did Honor not create an avatar to answer Dalinar’s questions? Yes, I know it is theorised in Oathbringer that perhaps he could not create a simulacrum of himself. But he could have made an incomplete model like the others in the visions, with at least enough knowledge to explain what the desolations were. He should have known the Stormfather would hardly be forthcoming. Mistborn: The Final Empire Why did Vin not disguise herself when breaking into the Lord Ruler’s palace the first time? This risked her cover, and they were lucky that the only survivors who saw them were the Inquisitors, who did not generally mix with the nobles. Bands of Morning Why did MeLaan not mention ReLuur’s spike when the team considers what to do? This is not so serious, but I thought it was very odd that MeLaan, and none of the others, mentions the spike when they are on the ship and debating whether to go to the temple or back for help. ReLuur was losing his memories, and while the potential loss of the Bands would have been devastating enough to convince them to go forward, this is a serious consequence of their actions, and their original mission.
  6. I hope at the very least there is no Shalladin. He killed her brother! It is incredibly disturbing.
  7. 2. You’re probably right. I don’t think actually making the sword out of Atium would help, but there should be a way to make a sword that sees the future, if only because there are plenty of people in the Cosmere who can do it. 3. There would likely be some effect, though I doubt it would be all that great with the Awakening in place. But I think the sword would be largely his own sword.
  8. I do not believe stamping yourself first would help. Forgery only affects a single object/person. It wouldn’t change reality to make other forgeries more plausible.
  9. I would Forge myself to be a better Forger, obviously. I’m surprised it isn’t a standard practice for the forgers already, since it is clearly possible to gain new skills. I agree Shai is already probably at her peak power...
  10. I do know Nightblood is not completely of Endowment, but I have to disagree that this is affecting him. Even if Nightblood were completely of Ruin, which I know is not the case, he would not be greatly influenced by this. Each person on Nalthis has a Breath, and probably entire soul, of Endowment, but they appear pretty normal. Take also for example the Unmade, which are splinters of Odium. They are not unduly hateful, or even passionate. Sja-anat does not appear consumed by hatred at all. I think the command would essentially overwrite whatever the intent of the Investiture once was in any case. Awakened creations can do whatever their creator desires, regardless of Endowment's intent in the Breaths.
  11. I doubt this would happen. Sanderson would never write it, and besides much of their romance is based on the fact that Adolin knows who the real Shallan is, grounding her. This would be a step in the other direction.
  12. 1. Numerous WoBs (quotes from Sanderson) state that it is possible, but very difficult, to Awaken Invested objects, even ones made of metal, like Hemalugic spikes or Shardplate. So, probably. 2. Probably not. An Allomancer would likely be needed to burn the metal of the sword. And doing so would use up the sword's mass. 3. It would probably have its own personality. Nightblood's soul is (probably) made entirely out of Endowment, but he isn't affected by it. 4. I suppose one could give these commands to the blade, but the sword couldn't surgebind without a bond to a spren, if that is what you're thinking. Perhaps this would make it a good candidate for a bond with an Honorspren? But if it is like Nightblood, absorbing Investiture, it would destroy any spren attempting to bond with it I'm guessing. 5. If it can't be Awakened, it would be as effective as any other blade, perhaps less, because Atium is a soft metal. 6. I'm not completely certain, but it would probably be allomantically inert. It is not a usual metal. Perhaps, though, a mistborn could burn it for some effect. Good question.
  13. I was joking about Warrior of Fire. It does not make sense. I’m surprised that Warbreaker’s title has no relevance to the book. I had assumed it would be Vasher’s name. It is interesting the books are split in two like that, and the unusual title of the Era 2 mistborn books! These sound like random changes done for someone’s amusement. So, has anybody read another translation?
  14. Perhaps it is a metaphor. But I believe it is too suspicious that the name is that of a Shardic intent Sazed could very well possess. What do you all think Discord would desire? Would be seek to foster dynamic change, which the forces of Ruin and Preservation oppose each other as much as possible in society? Or would he be something like Nightblood, seeking to fight against “evil”, Ruining things selectively and violently, while Preserving others?
  15. You're right that taken as unrelated statements, the first two sentences probably refer to the Terris people during Era 1. But the last line is out of place.