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  1. There's a plant that's spelled "pilevine" in TWoK chapter 57 and "pile-vines" in RoW chapter 64. Really took me out of the story when I saw that.
  2. One thing to note is that the import function that pulls wobs from Arcanum into the Coppermind for citation purposes doesn't work right for suggested wobs. You won't notice this unless you actually try to import the wob before it is approved, but just a heads up.
  3. I asked Peter about this on Twitter, and Lux is indeed the three planned novellas combined into a single novel.
  4. I grabbed this at my local B&N a couple of days ago. The cashier was actually a Brandon fan and said that she had sold one to several other people that day. The poster is an enlarged version of the exclusive cover. The map is also an enlarged version of what is seen in the book. I haven't started reading it yet, but the quality of the binding and printing looks pretty good to me. One thing I would note is that the price was $5 less on than it was in-store, so I would order it online for in-store pickup or ask the cashier to price match.
  5. A good resource is It links to some other informative help pages. You can also stop by the Coppermind Discord; there's an #art channel where you can get quick answers. Once you have the piece uploaded, other editors there are happy to discuss where it would be useful on the wiki.
  6. Thanks for bringing this up! The Keepers discussed the article, and while there were varying opinions on who Edip might be, the consensus was that there is not enough information in the text to state whether or not it's a relation of Wayne's. I think the phrase "mistaken for" in the article implied that he was not Edip's son, when in fact we don't know. I reworked the article to use more neutral language and more explicitly state that a potential relationship is unconfirmed.
  7. I just noticed an old cameo easter egg that I haven't seen mentioned before. Some people know that a playwright named B. Sablerfils from the Mistborn Era 2 broadsheets is a cameo for Brandon, as "Sablerfils" is a sort of stretched French translation of "Sanderson" (sable = sand, fils = son). Peter confirmed on Reddit that Sablerfils was added by Isaac as a joke. However, I noticed something else about this cameo today. In The House Record broadsheet in Shadows of Self, there is an ad for an operetta named "A Hero for All Ages" by Sablerfils and a coauthor named Buissonommes. Using the same stretched French translation with buisson = bush and homme = man, you can get to Bushman. I didn't think much of this at first, but then I noticed in the WoR acknowledgements that "Bushman" is Emily Sanderson's maiden name and Brandon's father-in-law Matt Bushman is a musician that has advised Brandon on lyrics and poetry. So I think Isaac snuck a cameo in there for one or both of them as well!
  8. In the Way of Kings prologue, Words of Radiance interlude 12, and Rhythm of War chapter 50, the term "Beggars' Feast" is used, but in the Rhythm of War prologue it is punctuated "Beggar's Feast".
  9. In Oathbringer chapter 21, Ialai Sadeas is described as "...a short woman with thick lips and green eyes". In Oathbringer chapter 19 we also have "Navani slipped between tables, followed by the squatter form of Ialai Sadeas." So I think that's another indication that she is below-average in height. However, in RoW chapter 7, she is described as "...a woman of moderate height". This isn't an obvious typo, but both chapters are from Shallan's POV; if anything, I would think that Ialai would look even shorter than she had previously (given her otherwise withered appearance).
  10. There seems to be an inconsistency with the skin color of Sah, the former parshman and colleague of Khen who "captures" and later befriends Kaladin. In chapter 14, Kaladin sees Khen playing cards with a tall male singer. I will qualify this by saying this is not explicitly stated to be Sah, but context clues in subsequent chapters make it fairly clear that it's him. Kaladin thinks: Then in chapter 51, Moash sees Sah, and thinks:
  11. It seems very possible to me that Ialai's "rare vintage" wine bottle in her room contains one of Gavilar's black spheres, which we have already seen go missing on-screen in this book. Ialai was close to Gavilar and she mentions him multiple times in this chapter, including both his grand plans and the fact that he had his own wineries. She is very insistent that Shallan needs to find the bottle before "they" get it, echoing the way that Gavilar talked to Szeth and Eshonai when he gave them spheres. Given the fact that the black spheres do not "glow" in the same way that Stormlight-infused spheres do, I think a dark violet wine could be opaque enough to obscure one..
  12. Just wanted to say that these are well-written and a great resource!
  13. I was updating the Coppermind article on Mik, the abandoned boy who is healed by the Stump in Edgedancer, and there appears to be a slight inconsistency with the placement of his wound. In chapter 6, it is mentioned several times that he has a wound/scar on his head. Lift notes that she can see it because the hair has not grown back on the side of his head. However, in chapter 17 she refers to him as a "boy with a scar on his face". This is presumably the same scar, but it seems odd that it is placed both on the side of his scalp and on his face. I suppose it's possible if it's a long scar, but it's not clear if that's the case.
  14. Try this wob:
  15. I agree with Jofwu. If we are going to include them, I think it's only appropriate where a specific WoB can be cited. Brandon has noted that even for him there is ambiguity in some pronunciations, and as Jof mentioned, he often uses "incorrect" variations at signings or readings. Having a different pronunciation in your headcanon really doesn't affect your enjoyment of the books, so for me if Brandon confirms an in-world pronunciation it's really more of a bit of trivia than anything else.