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  1. Hi! I am pretty new to the Cosmere, but I think that I have read all of the published works, and I have been listening to the Shardcast (which is great). I have heard the hosts mention several times that we know Vessels can abdicate. I am guessing the this is from a WoB, but I haven’t been able to find the source. Can anyone direct me to where this information originated?
  2. I actually think Vin’s actions would be the closest, if you rule out Kelsier because of his unique situation.
  3. Yes, but even if it is, I think it tells us something. I know Brandon rarely says a direct “no”, but if the thought is too far off, he will. That is also why I am working on the wording, so even if it is a RAFO maybe something can be gleaned from it.
  4. Thanks for the responses. I think Calderis’s reply is the one being referenced in Shardcast. I have been trying to form a question for Brandon, and I wanted to have all the relevant info to inform my wording. The issue I have been questioning is whether any vessel has been so full of regret over the shattering of Adonalsium that he or she has abdicated his or her position as a vessel. My reading of Frost’s letter leads me to believe he regrets the incident, and that led me to wonder if any of the vessels might as well. I had considered the rapid Shardic transitions on Scadrial, so in my wording I intend to exclude Scadrial from consideration as those transfers do not fit into the reasoning behind my question. Also, I don’t know if they would be considered abdications but better to rule them out entirely.