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  1. Thanks, that actually makes a lot of sense. Now all I need to do, is find the Free Kingdoms, find a Smedry willing to adopt me, hope it will work in my case, and then I'll have a Talent! Super easy
  2. Thanks, I would assume that too. So, does that also answer the adoption question? Like, if the adopted child doesn't take on Smedry as a last name, they don't get a Talent? And obviously vice versa
  3. If a Smedry marries someone, that person gets a Talent because they're legally a Smedry. So what if a Smedry adopts someone? Legally, they would be a Smedry, so they should get a Talent, but I don't think it was ever addressed in the books. And what if a female Smedry marries someone? Does she still have a Talent if she isn't legally a Smedry? And does her spouse get a Talent?
  4. Hi!

    I actually heard about Apocalypse Guard before I read Steelheart, and it was cancelled after I finished, when I actually wanted it. On December 19th, when I saw he was still working on it, I was pretty thrilled
  5. Hi!

    Thanks I love pretty much all Brandon's world's, but if I had to choose one, it would probably be Steelheart's. I'm not sure why though
  6. Hi!

    I've been reading Brandon Sanderson for a few years now, but only just finished all of his books, so I thought now would be a good time to make an account. My user name is BastilleSpren because she is probably my favorite Sanderson character, which, I know, is super random