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  1. The " oh-my-storms-that's-a-really-big-sword"
  2. you know what it is, but you can never remember it when you want to. I want to be able to visit every Shardworld
  3. I don't think I'm the only person that, when I hear songs, there are songs that remind me of characters from books and films When it comes to Stormlight, or the cosmere in general, I don't usually find this happening, but it might just be the music I listen to doesn't match the characters. Anyway, when I was listening to a certain song, it really stood out to me that the character it fits is Elhokar, one of my personal favourite characters, especially throughout Oathbringer. The song in question is Bad Liar, by Imagine Dragons. It's because of his struggles and how he started to overcome them. Anyway, I made this so I could see if anyone agreed with me, and to see if anyone had any other suggestions for characters Thanks for reading!
  4. There has been a lot of theories on this, so I'm sorry if this is either completely wrong or said already, but I just had some thoughts. We already know Kaladin has problems with accepting the deaths of those he tried protect, which we see multiple times throughout the books We can also theorize that this is a big problem for not just Kaladin, but for other Windrunners as well, judging from the gemstone entry from the unnamed Windrunner, who states that he is unsure that he can progress along the Ideals, because he can't get past something about the fourth ideal. He says that he is supposed to help people, which gives a clue that the next Ideal has something to do with not helping some people One key thing we see with Kaladin is his recklessness when it comes to protecting people. he constantly risks his own life so that others can survive, such as Bridge 4, the Singer's human prisoners in the highstorm, trying to fight a chasmfiend alone and with no weapon but a broken spear just to give Shallan a chance of making it back to the warcamps. we even see it when he volunteers to join the army, just to try and find and help Tien. With these three points: 1. Kaladin cannot put the deaths of those he failed to protect past him. 2. Windrunners in general seem to have a difficult moral decision to process with the 4th Ideal 3. Kaladin is reckless to the point of self-destruction when it comes to protecting others Based off of these points, this is what I think the fourth Ideal (at least when it comes to Kaladin) will be: "Before I can save others, I will first save myself" This would force Windrunners to get other the deaths of those they failed in the past, but would also mean coming to terms with the simple fact that they just can't save everyone. This, alongside Kaladin's depression, could explain why Kaladin and the unnamed Windrunner had so much trouble stating it. Please tell me if you agree or disagree, or why Thanks for reading!
  5. Ryshadium are nothing more than the horses originally brought from Ashyn after it was destroyed by the humans at the time. They, over time, managed to form bonds with spren, like Skyeels and Chasmfiends with mandras/luckspren. The spren they bond with are theorized to be musicspren, due to them being seen at their hooves while they were observed by Dalinar in west Alethkar- although he noted it was rare to see them that far west, perhaps saying they are not usually found in Alethkar
  6. We know that shards have a cognitive shadow: Fuzz for preservation, the Stormfather having absorbed Honour's, possibly the Nghtwatcher for Cultivation. It's not a stretch of the imagination to resume every Shard has or had a Cognitive Shadow, although ones like Dominion and Devotion's may have been Splintered alongside them. However, what we don't know is if Harmony, which is two shards in one, has a Cognitive Shadow. Maybe it has two, one for Ruin and one for Preservation, or perhaps it has one, more powerful/developed than other Shards? it could be interesting to see in Era 3, or maybe The Lost Metal, how that all works, and how it would interact with Scadrial and the people living on it or worldhoppers.
  7. I agree, Kaladin has effectively decided at the end of Oathbringer that he will not think about Shallan, or possibly any woman in a romantic way until he gets himself under control in terms of his depression
  8. If it was a mistwraith, he would of had to get his own bones back somehow to look exactly like himself. Maybe he persuaded Harmony and/or TenSoon to keep his bones safe until he worked out a way to get back into the physical realm? because at the moment we have no idea how a single spike could be used to Connect a soul over another beings, even if it is a Cognitive Shadow, or what attribute it would be, although it could be atium somehow, as atium has I think been said to copy any attribute from another person.
  9. yeah, the blue lines are most likely the lines that comes from burning steel or iron. Judging by the amount of blue lines, I think it's probably lerasium as it allows the person who ingests it to burn all the metals, so maybe a misting or mistborn can sense the different metals inside it?
  10. yeah, until Era 3 aluminium is still really difficult to come by, but when they discover electrolysis and they can create large-scale amounts of aluminium, life will become harder for all those mistings and twinborns out there.
  11. yeah, awkwardness could be used to describe a lot of scenarios: walking in on something you shouldn't, an uncomfortable silence, even just describing something that is a little out of the ordinary. Spren are shown to only be attracted to specific emotions or events, which awkwardness does not cover
  12. Yeah, if you reread knowing that humans were the original invaders, you start to see things don't quite add up, such as everything else having both a gemheart and having adapted in some way to life with the highstorms, while humans just.. haven't.
  13. we all know that what Syl did was, at the time, what the spren considered to be the worst thing possible. However, with Lopen and Rua, along Teft, Drehy and Skar, we see that they have begun the process of lessening the divide between humans and Honourspren. This is, at first glance, perfect. More spren transitioning from the Cognitive to Physical realm equals more Windrunners, which makes protecting people much easier for Bridge 4 and Kaladin. But Syl? She is still ostracised from the others, her friends and (sort of) family. She has been drummed out of Lasting Integrity, the honourspren capital. It's ironic that the other spren can renege on their ideas, the oaths they swore to stay away from humans, while at the same time ignoring the bravest of all of them for doing exactly the same thing: the right thing, which is what honourspren focus on in the first place! I just want to see Syl be accepted back into their ranks, or at the very least acknowledge her presence. Hopefully Brandon develops spren relationships in Stormlight 4. Maybe Syl and Rua can be best friends or something.
  14. granted, but it reappears every time somebody tries to remove it. I wish I could explore any part of the cosmere I wanted at any time
  15. okay, so we all remember Mraize's souvenirs from shardworlds: the vial of sand, the santhid skull, the preserved flower etc. however, the one that stood out the most (to me at least) was the branch with carvings on it