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  1. During my recent reading of all the Mistborn books, I noticed (first in Era 1) the number sixteen show up multiple times, both in The Hero of Ages and the other installments. I kind of forgot about it until I read Shadows of Self, where I noticed the carriage that Wax had been trying to find was number '16'. There were probably others as well, though I didn't catch any more. What is the significance of the number '16', and did I miss any other mentions of it in the books (the sixteen Shards perhaps)?
  2. Apologies for the duplicates Chaos!!! My favorite is definitely Odium. The fact that he's basically pure emotion, along with the pure epic-fashion of his name... Every time I hear it, I feel goosebumps run along my skin.
  3. It's simple: what is your favorite Shard and why?
  4. Obviously, I'm not well read in the deeper components of the Cosmere. Does anyone know why he's doing all these things?
  5. Whilst pondering who Hoid could be, and what his place in the Cosmere might be, other than being a wanderer and researcher, I came upon an interesting thought that I'm sure has been thought of before, but I wanted to see what everyone else thinks about it. Did Hoid Shatter Adonalsium? Hoid always has been a secretive fellow, popping up at seemingly random moments in the Cosmere, and somehow knowledgeable of facts that even the people of the same world do not know. He was even said to have been offered a Shard after the Shattering. But could he be the villain of the Cosmere, the one no one saw coming, yet was in opposition to and powerful enough to destroy Adonalsium. It sounds ridiculous at first glance, but then, you never can tell with Hoid. Here are my thoughts on the matter... 1. Hoid has been seen gaining one or more spren on Roshar, which could possibly mean he is trying to gain power. 2. He is involved with not just one or two worlds, as some Worldhoppers are, but is involved in pretty much EVERY one. Could he be keeping track of the Cosmere in order to know what he was dealing with if/when he rose back to power? 3. How could he know so much about all of the magic systems, sometimes even aware of things inhabitants of the involved world don't know, and he sometimes mentions the Shards as if he knows them like friends. Is there a reason for this? Anyhow, I just wanted to se what you guys thought, as it was an idea I'd long pondered but finally wanted to put some evidence together just to se what you guys thought. Crush my theory. PLEASE!!! I really don't want Hoid to be evil!!!
  6. I think Kalladin still likes Laral, but she totally went a different direction in her thought process than he did, which made him unwilling to actually say something about it (not to mention she's married to that ugly old guy) and even make him more hostile toward her. All this is just guesswork, and I've always been terrible with guessing love relationships, but that would be my guess. Otherwise, I think he'll be a loner, despite multiple girl's attempts.
  7. For the interludes, it shouldn't be too hard to let them slip into the story naturally (if done correctly as flashbacks, that is). Of course, only the ones immediately relevant to the story, so far Dalinar, Shallan, Kalladin, would work this way. I do like the idea of some kind of holiday special, only I would make it like a bunch of miniature short stories. (like in Avatar the Last Airbender with what they did in midseason) A midseason special that would include all of the interludes from a single book.
  8. Or a two part movie, like the Deathly Hallows.
  9. I believe Jasnah would win simply due to experience, and because Kaladin doesn't have that experience he would lose. I do think he would give Jasnah a fight, though.
  10. Granted. But you'll die of exhaustion. I wish the Cosmere books were made into movies.
  11. I think the Way of Kings would be best interpreted with real people, though it would take a LOT of CGI, way more than LOTR, to get it right. Honestly, I think it would be watched more as a movie, but if the people at DMG want to get this right and include most of the plot, they should make a TV show.