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  1. What if Odium’s version of investiture is to simply corrupt other investiture. Void binding would be the equivalent of the corrupted surgebinding. Ishar’s crime then would be introducing people to void binding. That could be how Yollen was destroyed. That could mean that the original oath pact was as much a punishment created by honor for the heralds and their crimes as a way to protect the people. If the knights radiant found the truth that they are the void bringers (which we know happened) and weak to Odiums influence then they might walk away to prevent their power from being corrupted…… just my thoughts during the pod cast. I appreciate you guys!
  2. As usual, I love the discussions. I have been a MTG fan for a very long time. Despite that hobby, and my love of Brandon’s work, I like many others am getting frustrated with work outside the cosmere. I understand taking a break to stay interested but this has been a looooooong break. Can we please get some cosmere love for Endowments sake!
  3. As the cosmere begins to come together in the books, I look forward to all the different uses of Biochroma. I would like to see Vasher use it on screen in the stormlight storyline. It just seems the kind of powers that are perfect for world hopping.
  4. My favorite character is Vasher, or Talenel. I also like Waxilliam and Hoid. I realize that a bit all over the place but there it is
  5. Hello everyone- I am new to all of this, but I decided I had to join. I have been a huge fan of The Cosmere for a while now. I love listening to the audiobook performances of the books over and over while I travel, work out, or really anytime except sleeping. I have been in the Military for 19 years now and it’s hard lug a book collection with me everywhere. The iPad helps but it’s mostly audio books now. My favorite Cosmere book is Arcanum Unbounded because it is a little bit of everything. I think of the types of investiture, I like Biochromatic breath the best. I prefer it mostly because of its versatility. If I was a Knight Radiant, I would be a Stoneward. I look foreword to conversations with everyone. Always Faithful, BlackLeaf
  6. I greatly enjoyed this podcast! Jebus’ audio was not that bad.... no worries. The only thing I would add is a disscussion about the idea of using Biochromatic breath to make shardplate and the theories around it. I appreciate you guys working to make these podcasts great! Always Faithful, BlackLeaf