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  1. My favorites are Shallan, Dalinar, Kaladin, Syl and Teft.
  2. So what do you all think about this WOB, specifically the bolded part.
  3. Yeah that could work, and would be really fun to read imo
  4. Sanderson might not put them as Pov characters though because it would basically require you to have read Warbreaker and would be the biggest interlap between books that he's done.
  5. Azure/Vivenna and Zahel/Vasher maybe?
  6. So I've done some reading of what people have (extensively) discussed about this topic. I read the entirety of a 96 page thread that was closed around a year ago because it became a toxic environment (There was also a google doc there that was good) and listened to a Shardcast about this. After all that, there's definitely nothing I have to add other than state what I found interesting about what's already been discussed. From all I read there, I think it that the subplot really isn't over because of all the loose ends and stuff I mentioned, I also agree with all the people who said the arc felt overall really unsatisfying if it ended here. Anyway, I don't really feel there's more to talk about regarding this. (unless Sanderson said some things that might be more indicative of what's to come in the next book)
  7. Yeah, I agree. I also think it's weird that it's implied that Kaladin didn't having feelings for Shallan and she just reminded her of Tien, because throughout the book that definitely doesn't seem to be the case.
  8. Hmm, I'll probably go and read what other people have already said and then see if I have anything more to add.
  9. Oh, well I really don't want to add more to that then, I'll probably repeat what others already said anyway. Yeah, I'm leaning on it not being over, but I'm not going to get my hopes up.
  10. New to Stormlight Books and Sanderson's books in general and I was wondering if the ending of the Adolin/Kaladin/Shallan "triangle" was really resolved. Will it be further expanded upon in the other books or is this the end of the arc? Personally, I feel like Shallan's mental state at the end was much worse than it was in Words of Radiance or The Way of Kings and I don't really like the idea that Adolin just knows her. Also felt like a lot of foreshadowing for Shallan and Kaladin were ignored and rushed through. So is the arc definitely concluded or is there more to it?