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  1. My best guess right now: Vasher uses his Breath to heal Mayalaran. Maybe this happens in the 5th book, at a low point when we think Adolin is about to die?
  2. I reread OB after the reveal of the separate personalities and the "Three" system. It shocked me how much better Shallan's chapters read knowing that she is developing/uncovering personalities. It completely changed how I considered her as a character and made her parts of OB much more enjoyable.
  3. Dalinar should just pick a Sleepless. Can't be killed, can just shove an army of bugs at Odium's champion until they fall off the edge of Urithiru.
  4. Oh I'd forgotten that! I have no idea how that power is supposed to work but it seems like there is something there. Maybe they can use light to banish the Fused? Seems powerful. I don't remember who it was but someone on the forums has a theory that Truthwatchers, as the opposite position from the Bondsmiths, may also have some Spiritual shenanigans they can use.
  5. I actually think that Pattern is telling her she was using the Surge of Transformation then. However, I know that many readers agree with your take as well. I wonder if Hoid's re-telling of The Girl Who Looked Up may also have been an example of the Surge of Transformation, a small alteration of Shallan towards her Spiritual Ideal. That's more far-fetched since we don't know much about Yolish Lightweaving abilities.
  6. Yes. Originally I thought of this as a type of Spritual Transformation and thought that every surge had a physical and spiritual version. However there is a WoB that shows he doesn't agree with the term "Spiritual Transformation" and it even could mean that there is no such thing as inspirational transformation.
  7. Interesting! So Elsecallers are generally better but Lightweavers can be that good, presumably with more practice. Maybe I am putting too much into Shallan's personal struggles with it then.
  8. Lightweavers & the Surge of Transformation Summary: Lightweavers use an alternative form of the Transformation surge. While they may be capable of using the traditional version that Soulcaster fabrials and Elsecallers perform, they have an additional form of the surge. Further, while it is hard to spot in the moment, we can recognize this Transformation when: 1. We see a character act differently from how they were introduced to us; and 2. That character unconsciously refers back to an interaction with a Lightweaver; and 3. That interaction served as the catalyst for the change in their behavior. TLDR – Lightweavers can use Transformation to “inspire” people to change in the way the Lightweaver thinks is best. Origin of the theory: https://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/86250-can-shallan-make-people-more-receptive-to-healing/ Surges shared between orders: Surgebinders share their surges with another Order. However, we have mixed evidence as to whether each Order uses the surge in the same way. On one hand, we know that Windrunners and Skybreakers share the surge of Gravitation. We also know that they use the surge functionally identically. On the other hand, we know that Windrunners and Bondsmiths share the surge of Adhesion. While Dalinar is able to use Adhesion to stick things together like the Windrunners do, he also uses Spiritual adhesion to speak new languages. He also uses some form of Adhesion to heal inanimate objects. There is no indication that Windrunners are able to do these things. We know that Elsecallers and Lightweavers share the surge of Transformation. We know that Jasnah is exceptionally skilled at using this surge. While we do not know of any other Elsecallers to compare her to, she far outstrips what the practiced Soulcasters are able to do, even though these people have trained for years or decades. For example, there is no indication that the Alethi have ever considered using Soulcasters to fight yet Jasnah is nearly unstoppable in battle. It may be that Elsecallers have an affinity for Soulcasting, which Lightweavers don’t have. (Perhaps this is their Resonance?) We have been led to believe that Shallan has struggled with this surge, comically at times. (See: Stick.) However, all we know is that Shallan struggles with soulcasting. Distinction between the different expressions of Transformation: I believe that Shallan (or Lightweavers in general) may continue to struggle with the traditional use of Transformation, i.e. Soulcasting. Instead, I believe that Lightweavers excel at inspirational Transformation which is what we see happen when Shallan is drawing people and which we [maybe?] also see when Hoid is telling stories 1-on-1 with someone, or any other time that we see Lightweavers inspire others to act in a way that (before that moment) was out of character for them. Three potential weaknesses in this theory: First, in my opinion the use of inspirational Transformation is a different ability from the passive, inherent ability to make people feel better, which Brandon has ascribed to both Shallan and to Tien. However, initially I thought those abilities were the same thing. My biggest reason for coming up with that distinction is that I could not explain how a proto-radiant like Tien would be able to actually use a surge. If Brandon confirms (or someone is able to prove) that they are the same ability, then I don’t think we can call this ability a Surge. I don’t think that proto-radiants (different from squires) can use surges. Second, it is not clear whether stormlight is always used in these situations where I think Shallan is using inspirational Transformation. I think any use of the Surges must require stormlight. In these situations where it is unclear, I think Brandon is simply not mentioning the stormlight or ascribing the loss of stormlight to her use of Illumination as a way of misdirecting the audience. For example, I think this is what actually happens when Shallan confronts Vathah’s deserters in Chapter 20 of WoR. She is using lightweaving but she is also using inspirational transformation, which strongly pushes them towards the more noble decision. Quasi-third weakness – The ability to change someone’s character or personality would be exceptionally powerful over the long-term. If Shallan, or any Lightweaver, were to realize what they were doing, the ability would have to be extremely limited. There would have to be rules in place, narratively speaking, or things could get out of hand. This would also be an extremely subtle power. I think this is a power that Shallan uses unconsciously, but it could also be that I am seeing something when there is nothing. Hoid may be the exception that proves the rule. We already know that he works extremely subtly and, conceivably, could use this benignly and with enough conscious skill to avoid problems. However, I could just be convincing myself that something is there. With that said, I feel confident that Spiritual Transformation is real and that Lightweavers can use this much more easily and effectively than soul-casting. Relevant WoBs: Oathbringer Chicago signing (Nov. 21, 2017) #1 Share Copy Play/Pause Zmann966 So, in Oathbringer, we see the Surge of Adhesion used in an interesting way, Spiritual Adhesion. Do all the Surges have non-Physical manifestations like that? Brandon Sanderson All the Surges do, slightly, in fact, but none of them, I would say, are as Spiritual as that. Zmann966 What about like, Shallan in Words of Radiance with her mercenaries? So, like, a Spiritual Transformation? Brandon Sanderson I wouldn't say Transformation, she is seeing a little bit, glimpsing a little bit, does that make sense? Wetlander The bit with the bandits out there, and the deserters, and she [Shallan] convinces them to all go... Was she doing Lightweaving? Was she doing Transformation? Was she doing some combination? Brandon Sanderson She was... You have seen what she was doing before, done by another character. Questioner My first question is about Shallan and whether what she does with her drawings and the deserters in Words of Radiance, kind of changing them, is at all similar to what Shai does in The Emperor's Soul? Brandon Sanderson Umm, that's a good question. There are similarities, but only so much that The Emperor's Soul is cosmere and is relying on the same foundation of magic. But good question. Are you getting at me saying you've seen somebody do it before? Questioner I talked to Alice. Brandon Sanderson So you have seen what she does before, but that is not what I was pointing at. It's someth-- No one is going to expect it. Footnote: This is a follow-up to this exchange. Firefight Seattle Public Library signing (Jan. 7, 2015) Relevant passage from the text: · Chapter 20 of WoR: “They listened,” Pattern said, buzzing from beside her. “You changed them.” … “You are lies and truth,” Pattern said softly. “They transform.” “What does that mean?” “You spoke of one Surge, earlier,” Pattern said. “Lightweaving, the power of light. But you have something else. The power of transformation.” “Soulcasting?” Shallan said. “I didn’t soulcast anyone.” “Mmmm. And yet, you transformed them. And yet. Mmmm.” So that is my theory on how Shallan can be so persuasive and inspirational. Please let me know your thoughts!
  9. Does Szeth get to use Nightblood? If so, I think he has to be on top. Otherwise: Dalinar Jasnah Shallan Kaladin Szeth Renarin Malata Teft Lift
  10. I don't think this is correct, or at least that's not how I interpreted it. In the flashback where he spars with the bigger boy, Brandon writes, in Kaladin's voice, "His thoughts about her had been complicated lately" and then teenage Kal thinks about how he understands what's happening to his body in puberty because of his medical studies. In another flashback, where he goes to Roshone's manor with his father, he sees Laral in the kitchens and is taken aback by how beautiful she is. I think that's enough to confidently say that Kaladin was attracted to her when they were young. I think they both had a major crush on each other and Kaladin was clearly trying to work through that when he met in OB. Given Brandon's comments on Reddit, I'm not sure we'll see him in a relationship in RoW but I think there is a narrative foundation for one between him and Laral.
  11. Restares will be revealed as Kadash. Confirmed!
  12. I know that a big part of my problem with Lirin is how he has let this poison his relationship with Kaladin. I also want to push back on the idea that Lirin's views on the current war are acceptable because he doesn't really know what is going on or what the real risk is to humanity. This is a storming DESOLATION! The voidbringers of ancient legend have returned. Their entire culture revolves around worshipping the Heralds that SAVED HUMANITY from the voidbringers in dozens or hundreds of wars that were so brutal humanity was nearly wiped out! Every single Vorin should be able to put this together. Lirin should not require verbal confirmation of the danger everyone is in. He may demand it because he doesn't want to know the truth, but that doesn't excuse his ignorance.
  13. Shallan prediction: She wakes up in a SoH lair and we find out she is being taken to Restares for interrogation.
  14. I have a joke about the 4th ideal of the Windrunners but I'm not ready to say the words.
  15. That's really cool. I love how seriously he takes his audience and his characters, to treat these issues with the care and realism that they deserve.