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  1. So I already read your post Calderis. While I have some issue regarding burning spikes I think your theory had some merit! That still doesn’t get to the root issue. In BoM Allik talks about how they figured out the other types of medallions from the heat ones given by Kelsier. While it is feasible (I’d say unlikely) that Kelsier gave them unkeyed medallions for Aluminum, Duralumin, and Nicrosil (in regards to your post), the issue still is Feruchemy Metalminds would require a Ferring for each metal at least initially. Does my response clarify at all?
  2. I just finished the Bands of Mourning and one question that keeps bothering me is the role of Feruchemy in South Scadrial. From my understanding only the Terris people had Feruchemy. So unless Kelsier brought Terrismen with him to breed with the locals, the only way for the people of SoScadrial to create open Metalminds would be Hemalugical Spikes. However, over the course of 300 years the Spikes would wear their charges out even transitioning from person to person. Thoughts or solutions? This is really bugging me!!! Also, this is my first post so if this is in the wrong thread let me know.