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  1. Haven’t heard anything for a while. When is it supposed to start?
  2. True. They might augment the remaining heralds to replenish them to a full complement of 10 rather. Good point.
  3. I like this theory a lot, although it differs from my own. I think Vyre at the order of Odium will continue to kill heralds and eventually kill them all. The fight will not be going well, and Jasnah will need time to figure out how to beat Odium once and for all. Shallan will help. To buy time, Dalinar, Kaladin, Szeth, Renarin, and others will become new Heralds and create a new oathpact, while Jasnah steps down as Queen to focus on research while Adolin takes up the mantle of King. Not necessarily what I think will happen, just what I think would be cool to see
  4. I understand why you think this. I think it’s hinted at a bit in some scenes(sorry no specifics, haven’t read SA in a while). But to me, more than anything, it’s a gut feeling that if he was in a relationship, he wouldn’t let his partner be themselves. I feel like he’d always be overprotective and be scared over every little thing that had a chance of hurting her. Maybe possessive and controlling is a bit harsh, but I can’t think of a better way to describe how he’d be in a relationship at this point. Just my opinion and gut more than anything tbh.
  5. Granted. You have a Go Cart. But once it starts, it can’t stop. After all, it’s a go cart, not a stop cart. I wish for the ability to draw Stormlight.
  6. Good news. I’m on a no cookie diet. How convenient lol.
  7. Hey, another new fan. I’ve loved reading for years and read Sanderson for a couple years, I’ve read everything except Warbreaker, though this is my first fandom. I also play high school football, which I know I’m in the minority here. So, a few questions... Top 5 favorite series ever? Favorite series that doesn’t get a lot of love? Shoutout to any other football players on here. I hope this is the start of an amazing experience as part of this fandom, and to discuss many books with you all.
  8. *This is all my own opinion, me giving my two cents I don’t feel like Kaladin is ready for a romantic relationship, especially with Shallan. He is so possessive and controlling, and blames himself for everything. Shallan is a Knights Radiant, and will be in danger. If she is on a mission, he will be unable to focus on anything else. And if she is hurt, he will blame himself. I feel he needs to grow to let others make their own choices and accept he can’t keep everyone from harm. Then he’ll be ready. And Shallan, right now, isn’t in a great place, and having a relationship with Kaladin, who’s just as broken, might not be the best thing for her right now. While I could see Kaladin and Shallan getting into a relationship, I don’t really want it to happen. I like Shallan and Adolin. And I think there is love there. I know people are saying Adolin doesn’t think of her, but a couple things. One, it is the middle of the apocalypse, and he just killed Sadeas. Two, I feel like though it’s never stated he’s in love, I feel it can be read in between the lines that he has feelings for her. And three, has he ever been in love before? He switched between girls before so fast, he never has felt love before. Attraction? Yes. Real love? No. And even if he doesn’t feel love yet for Shallan, I think he will grow to. The multiple personalities is probably disconcerting. And they haven’t had a ton of time yet to really get to know each other, because again, the Desolation. So, as they spend more time, I think they will grow to really, truly love each other. A lot of people say that Shallan shouldn’t be with Adolin because she doesn’t love him. But, she doesn’t love Kaladin either. Relationships don’t start with people in love most of the time. They start with attraction and grow into love. I know people say she shouldn’t have married Adolin because she doesn’t love him, but it was a political one. And there is attraction, it just hasn’t had time to be nurtured into love. They have problems, like Shallan’s personalities and Adolin’s confidence. This relationship has immense room for growth, which I look forward to. Shallan growing to not need the personalities will be really nice. Like, really really nice. And Adolin’s confidence is something I really want to see explored. Because once Adolin saw Shallan and as Radiants, he feels small, which has never happened before. Plus, I feel he is tired of failing at relationships. He wants this to work, because he is attracted to her, more so than any other girl before(imo). This is what I believe causes him to be so hesitant to accept Shallan likes him and give her so many outs at the end of OB. He is a genuinely nice guy and doesn’t want force her, but he’s also unsure. He feels Kaladin is better than him, and is not accustomed to the “best” not winning, being Alethi. He sees himself as inferior, so doesn’t understand how Shallan is picking him. Finally, he is so tired of failing, and wants this to last long term. Therefore, I believe that he gave her every chance to walk away and think what a relationship with Kaladin would be like now, so if she picks him, it will last for the long haul. All just the feelings and opinions of another fan waiting for SA 4. I’d love your responses, and if you disagree, remember, these are opinions not facts. If you disagree, great, we can have discussion, but don’t attack me, just peacefully disagree. I saw this tread has gotten heated in the past and don’t want that to happen again. Thanks, and have a great day.
  9. Two things. 1. I don’t think Kaladin needs a partner. I’m not opposed to it, I kind of like Tarah as the best option. He ends up saving her during a battle or is part of the land he inherited or something like that. I don’t like Jasnah, she seems too serious and seems like she has chosen not to be in a relationship. I feel that Syl and Kaladin is just wrong. The people here have good points for Slyadin, but she seems so young. The captain from OB said something like her body is old but her mind is young because she was unconscious for so long, and I think it shows. In too many ways she seems like a child at times, and a romance between the two seems of to me. Also, it could be a character we haven’t met yet. To my original point though, he doesn’t need one, though. He has his duty as a Radiant and Soldier to be enough. It will be interesting to see what unfolds. 2. I think the new Oathpact will occur after book 5 to give the world a chance to find a way to defeat Odium. I see Jasnah and Shallan staying behind with most of the other knights to research a way to stop Odium, while Kaladin, Dalinar, and Szeth for sure becoming new Heralds, along with maybe Venli, Renarin or, possibly Lift, though probably not. I see Jasnah stepping down as queen to focus on research, and Adolin steps into the role. While I don’t see Shallan swearing to the New Oathpact, if she were to, I feel like Shallan and Kaladin would end up together. I don’t feel like that will happen, though. Then one will break, and book 6-10 will end up with another desolation, but in the end, Odium is defeated, whether it’s him being destroyed or becoming part of Unity, I can’t say. Thanks for reading my two cents on the subject.