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  1. My favorite metallic art ability would be Emotional Allomancy.. And I especially love Breeze's debate about the morality of what most people call "manipulation".. Don't have a firm stand on it myself, but it's a very interesting and compelling argument he makes..
  2. I have plenty of favourite characters - Vin, Breeze, Sazed, Silence, Lyft, Dalinar, Syl, Jasnah, Khriss, Sarene, Raoden, Siri and of course, Hoid.. The one I most relate to would be Shallan.. And I think I'd be a Lightweaver..
  3. Hi there! I'm Naveen.. I just joined the forum.. I've read the entire available Cosmere and the Reckoners Trilogy.. I've also completed 2 books from WoT!