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  1. I was definitely wondering who King of the Oreo was especially since they had so much content and so many upvotes but then I checked the name history and yay it’s you Cyni!! Anyways thanks for the follow, I can’t believe we weren’t following each other before!

  2. *poofs into existence* Yes, tis I! Truthless of Shinovar! However, Nameless, you’re bane is that you receive a name and it is Hubert Keagen III! (No offense if that’s anyone’s name here). Honorless, your bane is that you are also part of said collaboration, and the brunt of the responsibility and the work falls upon you. I wish for a piano teacher!
  3. Shadows darkened Truthless’ face. He walked to the frog, and knelt down on the ground. “What narrator is responsible for this?” Truthless asked.
  4. Truthless, with no idea of what was going on, made a dramatic entrance. Which included, but was not limited to, 58,021 fireworks going off at the same time.
  5. Happy birthday!

  6. Hey thanks for the follow!

    1. Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      your welcome, and thanks for yours.

  7. Happy birthday you stinkin’ mod!

    1. AonEne




    As is tradition, I’ll offer you the chance to join the ranks of the Truthless Troops and achieve glory and power!

    Here’s a normal uniform

    and a green one for May if you want it9E428D15-977B-4338-896C-9A7F439699E7.png.013630090165ed3061dcc353ff7eae5d.png

    Sorry this is a bit out of the blue:P:ph34r:

    1. Frustration


      Even though I never had the option to join at becoming Truthless it gives me no small amount of pleasure that this is a thing.

    2. Spren of Kindness

      Spren of Kindness

      Good grief, I have got to either check my profile more often, or set this thing up to get notified when people do this sort of thing.  I wasn't ignoring you on purpose, I swear.  :P

      Thank you for the wonderful offer!

    3. Truthless of Shinovar
  9. So what did you eat for breakfast this morning? *tap dancing*
  10. Woah, I forgot this thread existed. To be frank, I don’t even know 100% what my word was But, uh, no, you usually smurf outdoors
  11. Happy birthday to you too!

  12. Happy birthday to you too!