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  1. This is puntless. The puns will keep on coming, no matter what!!
  2. Ice?! Did someone say ICE?!! Well, icy what you did there, even though I snow you didn’t mean to make a pun. I’ll have to give you the cold shoulder now.
  3. I’m punstoppable you fool!! I am the Shard of Extremely Specific Goals (Puns), AND I CANNOT BE STOPPED!!!
  4. Oh I know. As you can sea, my puns are unstoppable as the tide. My conch-science says I should stop, but I shell never stop!!
  5. I’m starting to get punbearable, aren’t I?
  6. Yes... I am truly the Punisher.
  7. Yes, I have a voice said in Lunamor's head. You shall be hearing more puns from me sooner or later.
  8. "Yes!! YES!!!!" I'VE CONTRIBUTED TO THE PLOT BY USING A PUN!!! MY LIFE IS COMPLETE!!!! MWAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!!!!!" Truthless yelled, suddenly rising into the air, and beginning to glow. After rising up about ten feet, Truthless grew even brighter, until he was impossible to look at, and then with a flash, he was gone.
  9. He was unstoppable, as he couldn’t peel pain.
  10. I wish it was canon
  11. Truthless are more bananas still. Soon he became, the Banana Knight.
  12. However, the sandwhich had a trace of banana on it, so Truthless reached down Jacob’s throat, took the sandwhich, (sanitized it) and ate it.
  13. Can it fit in a microwave?
  14. FT had ascended to the Shard of Narration.
  15. Oh my gosh, these are all so awesome