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  1. I laughed wayyyy too hard at this
  2. OHMYGOSHYES IVE BEEN KEEPING A LIST OF ALL OF MY FAVORITE WORDS FINALLY A CHANCE TO USE IT *ahem* Archipelago Bauble Monotonous Convocation Tempered Yesteryear Culinary Oblation Cacophonous
  3. I need this in my life now... Meowth would obviously be a kandra though
  4. I’m game, add me in!
  5. You’re not wrong, it’s probably been used on the shard the most.
  6. It’s been too long since I reminded everyone about this
  7. My favorite talk was probably Gerald Causse’s or Elder Holland’s. What about you guys?
  8. Granted, but now you can’t play any sheet music. I wish that migraines didn’t exist. Specifically the one I have right now. (Any tips on how to get rid of it?)
  9. Uh huh.
  10. LurgsSandlingsTonks Eliminated Axehounds, they look pretty darn adorable if you ask me. Which would you want sitting next to you on an airplane?
  11. Only the know the answer of course.