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  1. That was perhaps the most storming beautiful thing I have ever seen.
  2. *wins is a newspaper*
  3. *weeps, but this time out of joy*
  4. *weeps*
  5. Well, I’d say that a lot of the world’s problems would be solved, considering there’s a infinite amount of something.
  6. *is flattered by both being rescued and having several sculptures made of himself*
  7. Thanks a bunch Salad! I’m not too worried about his safety; he’s been living on his own for years now, so he knows how to live without guaranteed food and shelter. But still, I’m hoping that he’ll come back soon
  8. **wins* orders the construction of a new Truthless*
  9. Thanks a lot Ene! (Yeah, I realized that I wanted the post to focus on Rain not the lawnmower)
  10. He’s definitely super cute Unfortunately, he actually ran away earlier today because he was a stray cat living somewhere else and we just took him in. Likely, he’ll come back because we gave him some food, but there’s always the chance he won’t...
  11. was the richest person alive. He made his money off of the people who had been ninja’d.
  12. However, it was only petty cash for...
  13. And it will be me!