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  1. And now, for the story of the scraggly dog. (also, today's my last day of school so *implodes and explodes at the same time from the sheer amount of happiness and freedom*) There was once an old couple who had an old dog. The dog had lived a very ragged life, and didn't look so nice. He was the scraggliest that you would ever see. His fur was a poop-brown color, matted down in the wrong places, missing in some places all together. He had one eye, half a tail, and five legs. An overwhelming stench lingered around him at all times, and he barked constantly, except that his bark sounded more like a dying man coughing. Needless to say, this dog was incredibly ugly, and it was a wonder the old couple had kept him so long. One day, the couple had an idea. "This dog is so scraggly, he must be the scraggliest dog in the county! There must be some sort of contest for this, some way to put the dog to good use." they said to themselves. So, a few days later, with a conveniently timed scraggly dog contest in town, the old couple took their scraggly dog to the contest to see if he could win. At the contest, there were some dogs with no fur at all, oversized dogs, undersized dogs, dogs with patterns in their fur, and everything in between. None, though, were as scraggly as the scraggly dog. When it was the couple's turn to present their dog, the judges were aghast. "This has got to be the scraggliest dog I've ever seen!" the first judge exclaimed. "This dog.. it's so scraggly!!" the second judge said. "First place, hands down!" the third judge cried. And so, the scraggly dog won the contest. Please note, that this story is far from over, but will rather be added onto at random intervals of time to add even more suspense!!
  2. ahh yes, sorry about that, I had to post it in a hurry, plus on mobile
  3. I’ll tell it tomorrow. To build suspense
  4. From the album Wax and Harmony

    Wax and Harmony near the end of Bands of Mourning, overlooking Scadrial. (Me: This is a good piece of art Pattern: Mmmmm..... powerful lies)
  5. From the album Wax and Harmony

    Me: this is good art Pattern: mmm... powerful lies (sorry they’re upside down)
  6. @Rebecca you ever heard the story of the scraggly dog?
  7. Luckily, Truthless helped him out; he loved puns, and could still try to be witty on mobile.
  8. Tels turned to Neumark, and then to Ark. “PlasmaCore? Ghostbloods? I’m new here, what’s the big deal with these names anyway?” Tels asked, panting as he finished chugging another two pitchers of water. @Ark1002 @ElendVenture
  9. Imma pull a stick ^in regards to how long it’s been since I posted
  10. The chipmunk burst from the ground, a blinding light surrounding him. “Whomst hast buried me?” It demanded. The landscape around the chipmunk began to erupt and fissure, boulders flying everywhere with lava spewing forth from the depths of the earth.
  11. “Hmph, even killing a beast like this?” Tels said, jumping over the second beast as it fell from the floor above him. Where were these things coming from? He was running out of sand, and couldn’t last forever. “You got a clue as to what this thing is, and why it’s here?”
  12. And suddenly, Truthless was on mobile. He didn’t like it very much.
  13. "Oh boy," Truthless said as he stepped into his recently created military-grade bunker, lined with aluminum. He also prepared the 50,000 missiles he had up top. He also summoned his army of Mr. Mimes that he edited into his text to counter the army of mimes.
  14. *because you can* *wins*
  15. "But(t) this is Butt we're talking about! We can't just stand by while he's threatened!"