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  1. main plot

    “What are we waiting for then?” Tels asked.
  2. main plot

    Tels made a bow. “My deepest apologies. But yes, what you said is correct. I don’t know where Lord Ajax is, but I have the feeling the Eiran over here does.” Turning to Max, Tels asked, “Is there anywhere else we can get you more nicrosil?”
  3. main plot

    Tels turned to Althea and simply raised a sleeve to show a Ghostblood tattoo on his own bicep. “With all due respect, I saved Max because the fate of the Alleycity is at stake. Not for any other reason. I’m happy to save a life, but first and foremost, I’m concerned for this city.” Turning to everybody, he continued. “I’m willing to cooperate, especially now that I’m not the only one calling the shots. Max, you said you can distract the Phoenix, but what about control it? There was a reason I contacted you for this job- you have a skill set unlike anyone else’s, the perfect set to deal with the Phoenix. Frankly, if we could kill both the Phoenixs, the world would probably be a much safer place... Anyways, if we want to set our plan into action, I have enough ribbons of sand to fly us to Ajax, or perhaps if there is enough stormlight, Althea, you could teleport us there.” @Sorana @Silva @I think I am here.
  4. main plot

    Tels fell off the roof in surprise when a woman suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Rusting Radiants. Flying back up to the roof, he hovered for a moment before landing back on the roof. He opened and closed his mouth several times before deciding what to say. “I’m using your husband for bait,” Tels said simply. “The Phoenix wants him dead, more than it wants the Alleycity destroyed. My thought was to lead it away using Max, and try to bring him someplace safe, I just don’t know where yet. I apologize for using Max, but I’m not sorry for trying to save the Alleycity. Either you’re with me, or against me with this plan, and I’d really rather not try and take Max forcefully from you... Will you help me?”
  5. NECRO TIME!!!! Waffles
  6. *is tired, because of previous quotes*
  7. main plot

    “The name is Tels,” Tels said, “and yes, I’ve got bait for the Phoenix over here. Far from controlling it, unfortunately. Why do you need to know?” Tels felt slightly uncomfortable around TUBA members. They always seemed to be doing something good, and Tels was sure it was a front of some sort. So many people couldn’t all be doing the right thing all the time....
  8. main plot

    As Tels continued his flight through the Alleycity, he pondered. First and foremost, he was glad he had made the trip to Taldain to gather more invested sand. It was hard to come by in the Alleyverse, and you could only recharge it by the light of a very specific star. Now, Tels was using that very sand that he had stored throughout the city. From in a trash can here, underneath a stone there, even some scattered all throughout a seldom-used road. That had been had been mostly to clear his head, and to think of things other than his current problem. That problem filled all of his other thoughts, and Tels had no idea what to do about it. His decision was a rash one; it had been intended so, because thinking about it now very nearly made him put Max down and run away to some distant corner of the world. Tels pondered how he could escape the Phoenix, or survive the wrath of it. While thinking, he noticed a man on top of a building, jumping up and down and waving his arms frantically. Tels hesitated for a second, but without a plan, Tels swooped down on top of the building, setting down Max. ”Who are you, and how did you know I was coming?” Tels asked. @Silva
  9. The infamous “Shoot” appeared out of seemingly no where, killing everybody.
  10. main plot

    “Yes,” Tels said, “and she will be fine. Hopefully. I doubt Lena would poison her without reason, especially if the Phoenix chases after us instead of eating her. The stuff she’s got in her right now is long lasting, and probably can be reversed. Right now, we’ve got to leave the Alleycity, and try to draw the Phoenix away. More accurately, I’ve got to use you as bait while avoiding that giant flaming abomination, with a slim chance of survival for either of us.”
  11. Wait, wasn’t it a simile that used “like”or “as”, and a metaphor that just compared them? Simile example: The sky was like blue paint. Metaphor example: The sky was blue paint.
  13. Yeah! (But don’t tell me anything about them, I want them to be a surprise!)