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  1. Everything he did was inverted, however.
  2. Therefore it was 25 minutes into the play that Grandpa Smedry finally arrived. The audience was confused as, to the best of their knowledge, the play centered around an invisible, mute protagonist.
  3. Absolutely I want to play! I didn’t know there was a website, I’ve just got the app for the game.
  4. The cast of Rebellious Orange Wombats went on stage in just five minutes.
  5. “””Q’uick!‘ T’ruth”less’ ‘said’ w’ho ‘ha’d just ‘wa’de’d thr’ou’g’h infec”ted’ quo’’’’tes “‘pu’t on’ ‘a’ ‘mas’k!’”” A’s Tr’uthl”ess s’lap’ped on’ a m’ask, slow’ly the apostrophes’ began to disappear.
  6. Truly.
  7. I just ate the Travis Scott burger. It was delicious.
  8. “I like war,” Bob the Warmonger said. Read the same way that Donkey says “I like that boulder”
  9. “I like war,” Bob the Warmonger said, looking crestfallen as he examined the damage done to the tablecloth.
  10. So... you are a robot? Yes, there are, in fact, 22 gerbils singing Bohemian Rhapsody slowly advancing towards me.
  11. I’ll be honest, I’ve got no clue where my memes come from. Most of them are ones that I’m digging up from a group chat.
  12. Hey, thanks for following me!

  13. Sir, my respect for you just shot through the roof. (Spongebob was literally the best show to watch growing up!)
  14. Granted, but your bane is that you can only use it to dig military grade latrines. I wish for my car to never run out of fuel. Look up “the wind phone“, it’s this really cool thing in Japan that kinda lets people do that!