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  1. Granted, but’s it’s just a dress suit that is impossible to take off, leaving your head entirely exposed. On the bright side, you look really snazzy! I wish I enjoyed the taste of eggs.
  2. In the end, this thread will *wins*
  3. WSAT (We’ll see about that)
  4. No bromance, just brotherhood
  5. Just a friend who has not read any Cosmere books. Or anything by Sanderson for that matter
  6. Weelllll, first he’d have to read Way of Kings
  7. He said he’d like some powers
  8. If we’re talking about controlling storms, you could do Zekerom. Or Raikou. Or Zapados.
  9. He does, however, claim that only the best cookies have metal spikes in them
  10. Done
  11. *wins by having friends type a message below:* Todd: Honestly, I don’t think Atlantas is that good of a book Taylor: I love galletas and I love Truthless Ben: EAT becomes FAT when you don’t draw the line (When asked if Taylor claims DA membership, he replied “Yes sir.”)
  12. Me neither.... I wonder if Brandon will post anything about the winners?
  13. The time has come and gone; did anyone win??!
  14. “Wait one moment please!” Truthless said. “Oh, and if you try and leave the theater, mimes will attack you!”
  15. So Butte Venture brought her some. It was a long story of how he had become her servant.