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  1. I'm always lightweaver and willshaper
  2. Alcatraz would be disappointed
  3. this one wins might as well give this a try while im here odium wanted to splinter a shard into 15 parts but they splintered into 16 so he just chucked the last one way into the spiritual realm.
  4. I second this
  5. i will try my best to answer these 4- nightblood is something else entirely, but it may have been inspired by shardblades, azures sword is... odd its like half shard but made kind of like nightblood i think, and investiture can be converted if you have the means to do it 5- no, not as far as we know, because shardblades are parts of spren, so summoning dead shardblades and sprenblades wiill just get a reaction from the spren. honorblades though i am not sure 6- I think it depends on if they knew his father or not, szeth gives the excuse of not soiling his fathers name and making things harder for him. 8- nightblood still turns things into smoke 10- nightblood is not a spren and yes, it is the same as breaths 11- maybe, copper hides things allomantic wise and stores memories feruchemical wise it stores memories so im not sure. and i cant delve into it deeper without spoilers for people not reading the preview chapters. 12- two things, bondsmiths dont really do violence, or at least keep it to a minimum, and also the stormfather dosent want to. 13- the metal that falls from the sky is aluminum, which is magically inert and will just absorb investiture. shardblades cant cut it like other things but will still cut like you were using a normal sword. 15- yes, which is all of them any blade or plate that is used by a non-radiant is a dead spren and will scream for people bonded with spren. 16- ico's daughter is probably timbre 18- its either lies or most of her physical form was destoryed and the rest was captured. 19- spren are native to roshar and so are the singers, but when the humans came to roshar from ashyn they started worshipping honor instead of odium then when the desolations happened honor and the spren sided with humans while the singers sided with odium. 20- my best guess is that it is because dalinar was both odium and honors pick to be their champion 21- vasher probably has been to the nightwatcher and might have shared something, the nightwatcher is also really old so it had ample time to talk to cosmere aware people who might have known a bit. 22- his wife's name, his curse from the nightwatcher was to forget everything about his wife, not just the battle where she died 23- yes, odium will look different to singers and humans mostly just to make them feel more comfortable 25- I dont think lift ever actually got her curse and boon as far as we know, but she asked to stay the same, or remain young, but what actually changed about her was that shes nnow partway in the gognitive realm and can touch spren. 26- amaram bonded to yelig nar bot thats all, and the red smoke is nergaoul or the thrill 27- bonding with yelig nar gave him access to all 10 surges. so it was either soulcasting into something or he shaped the stone into a more liquid like form 28- heralds are dangerous, and I think they also wanted to test if the knife would actually permanently kill one 30- yes 31- szeth lost it, then kaladin gave it to dalinar who hid it, then it was stolen by fused and given to moash 32- some men still learn to read just like some women learn to fight most of them bieng ardents, its more of a taboo than anything 33- if dalinar touches the cloth he will hear the screams of the dead spren the blade is made of. I hoped this helps
  6. I think somewhere it was said that adolin doesn't actually enjoy war, or fighting for the kill in general. adolin likes dueling, and unless completely necessary dosent really like killing and he does care about people he just also is kind of uninformed about how darkeyes are treated because he hasnt known anything besides bieng in the highest class. (I would love to see adolin having to disguise himself as poverty for a extended time or even something like what vivena went through in warbreaker.) sadeas was definitely an outlier though i still do belive that adolin wouldnt fit with the edgedancers but would enjoy seeng him trying to figure out sliding around.
  7. chouta, get chouta
  8. there is definitely a reason nobody has mentioned Rlain
  9. yeah I have a similar problem, a family member ordered it for me for my birthday and used the name I do not identify as anymore so I really do want to change that
  10. when I read that I had to double take and then screeched.
  11. I think its a fabrial? but like a soulcaster where they kind of just found them and dont know how they are made. Its also probably not aluminum, because of the quote above and aluminum is not native to Roshar.
  12. Amazing, I love how you draw Renarin!
  13. yessss more. fuel my want for wayne to meet the lopen!
  14. I love it already