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  1. Ya, I have had this thought as well. There is some special relation between Kaladin and Tanavast, but we don’t know what it is. I think it is either a familial relation or Tanavast planned for Kaladin to take up his Shard eventually, possibly both.
  2. Maybe I am missing something obvious, but what is a releaser?
  3. I theorize that you get negatives when a trait of yours repulses a spren. For example, an honorspren would hate a lightweaver because Lightweavers are perfectly fine with breaking oaths and going back on their word.
  4. I can explain the brush strokes and engraving part pretty easily. In Ancient Terris they didn’t know that Ruin could change text, so they wrote everything. The Lord Ruler knew that Ruin could change text so he ordered everything important to be engraved. I found this
  5. The steel alphabet is the only thing that survived in common culture, but the terris/keepers had some records and the kandra had ALL the knowledge. If you look at an evolutionary tree, you can see that one thing can evolve into a different thing AND into something by that is similar to the original.
  6. Maybe it is the evolution of writing over time. On Roshar it is made clear that over time the glyphs have changed and adapted to the culture and environment. Perhaps as time progressed on Scadrial a similar process happened, resulting in a seemingly new language that is actually just a drastically altered version of the original.
  7. I think that Harmony used his knowledge during his first few moments of ascension to derive the Feruchemical symbols. I am sure they the keepers knew bits and pieces, and when Harmony ascended, he was able to collect it all together and then fill in the gaps with supremely well-educated guesses. Edit: Hero of Ages spoiler
  8. I don't know any poker tricks, but this would probably fit best in the General Discussion board.
  9. Most people have shard buddies, but I would like to note that I am a Shardpet to anyone who would like to own me in their signature.
  10. Actually, I had the 500th goat, you had the 501st Szeth son son Vallano wore white on the day he was to kill a goat
  11. Gets Kaladin’s boots Inserts chill dung soup
  12. Ya, sorry, I am trying to fix it
  13. Gets an infinite loop Inserts an otter