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  1. Depends on the substance it is made of, that is extremely important in this situation/context.
  2. I would say that it wouldn’t be an immediate warping of the features, but as the person continues to grow and mature throughout life, they will take on some attributes of the spiked person. I doubt they would change enough to be recognizable as that spiked person, but it would be noticeable changes. I think the more major adaptations would be to their personality and other more supernatural things, like access to investiture and how their Spiritweb interacts with others.
  3. Way of Kings
  4. Generally, yes, but when you get bombarded by enough at once, it doesn’t matter your gear, you die.
  5. Oh yes. Caves are always so safe. Never dangerous. At all. No creepers. No skeletons. No zombies. No baby zombies riding chickens. No spiders. No enderman.
  6. 453. If you are the ruler of the land, don’t toy with your enemies and don’t underestimate them. Just kill them straight off. Don’t try to question them, bribe them, make them switch sides, or torture them until they die. Just kill them.
  7. I mean, not fantasy, but it does have a very unique magic system(ish) type of plot/powers
  8. Fablehaven, Five Kingdoms, Beyonders, Michael Vey
  9. 6DF17A3F-FFC1-4ACE-B9D1-4C214A906789.jpeg.82be8b6e4f5a57198f525ff1130e396c.jpeg

    Why does your name keep appearing like this, with different numbers

    1. King of The Oreo

      King of The Oreo

      this man's love of Taln is so strong that it changes reality

  10. Words of Radiance
  11. Happy Storming Birthday!!!!

  12. Well, I think they are saying that they have the potential to move from being a healthy introvert to an unhealthy recluse. There is a very fine line between being introverted to being closed right to all forms of interaction with others. But I agree with you, normal introversion is by no means a weakness.
  13. Final Empire I know it’s been a while, but I’m back
  14. This is the pinnacle of human achievement

    1. The Storming Stormfather

      The Storming Stormfather

      For the entire video, all I could think was "amogus".

    2. Spren of Kindness

      Spren of Kindness

      My brain this whole video: d'awww, look at the little squishy!  He a little squishy man, so cute!

    3. Danex


      that maze is lookin pretty sus idk