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  1. IRE

  2. It has been confirmed that when an allomancer tries to burn a feruchemical metalmind that they themselves stored, they can sense a new power. This new well of power can be tapped without burning the actual metal itself, thereby creating a HUGE increase in power. Let’s say someone was a full Mistborn and a full Feruchemist. What is they stored some Investiture in a Nicrosil metalmind, they tapped the power with Allomancy. While getting the already boosted power, if they burned duralumin, would it affect the Allomantically tapped metalmind, thereby giving them enough Investiture to become a Sliver?
  3. Inherent feruchemical power can’t be taught, but creating an unkeyed metal mind that can be tapped by anyone is possible.
  4. Let’s say Wayne puts up a speed bubble. Generally if a bullet is shot out of the bubble it’s directional velocity will get changed. If Wayne were to have an aluminum bullet, would he be able to aim and shoot accurately without the bullet getting distorted? There is a quote from Brandon saying if there were an aluminum tube were at the edge of a bubble, then the bubble would collapse. My hypothesis for the bullet situation is that he could aim and shoot accurately, and as soon as the bullet hits the edge of the bubble, it would collapse. The bullet would be unaffected and stay on track to hit its target.
  5. Sazed! I love Feruchemy and the idea that I can store any knowledge. I also would like to explore the benefits of things like strength, speed, and weight...
  6. When your brother finally starts reading Brandon’s Cosmere books. He asks one clarifying question about Allomancy. 29 hours later you are still telling him the intimate details of Intent, Connection, and Investiture, along with all your personal theories on books and worldhoppers
  7. Does anyone know what character archetypes Brandon used in the original crew of Mistborn?
  8. He kept stumbling over his paws and falling on his face, and people kept laughing at him.
  9. I would like to point out that Kabsal in The Way of Kings was an assassin who made multiple attempts on Jasnah's life.
  10. I just finished book one of the Stormlight Archives. What shard is the Almighty? Is Odium, hate, or destruction, or something like that?
  11. I don't actually swear in real life, I just came up with something to say. When you are being creative and stitch some designs in a shirt, and realize that they are allomantic symbols. You are in science and the teacher asks, "What is the name of our universe?" and you instinctively shout out "Cosmere!". In exasperation, she asks "What is the name of our planet?" and she gets varying responses. The responses are as follows-Scadrial, Sel, Roshar, Nalthis, Taldian, and Threnody. You sit back in satisfaction, your work here is done, and the Almighty's will has been taught. (The Almighty is also called Brandon Sanderson)
  12. What exactly is an upvote?
  13. You know you're a sanderfan when suddenly you stub your toe and swear in the Lord Rulers name
  14. When Vin completely soothes emotions the person gasps and it is said in the book that they immediately feel terrified and lonely, even though Vin soothes all emotions.
  15. I am new and confused about the reputation titles. What is the list of titles and the number of posts needed for each? Who assigns the titles or is it automatic?