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  1. Is it possible to get a copy of Dragonsteel?
  2. Thank you!
  3. 1. Are there Words of Brandon about the Reckoners series?
  4. Thank you sooo much for this! What a great organizational tool for Cosmere fans!
  5. Happy Shrove Tuesday. Hope you are enjoying your pancakes!!!
  6. Favorite book in the Cosmere? Whew! That’s tough. I think I was the most gripped by the beginning of the Elantris 10th anniversary audiobook, though I am not sure if it was any different than the original. I think my favorite SF series ever is Mistborn. And of course, the Arcanum Unbounded was tremendous! I will also have to say that Stormlight is REALLY growing on me. Not that I ever disliked it. They were the only ones I actually read—listened to all the others. My schedule doesn’t give me much time to sit and read, so it took FOREVER to get through them. Having said that, I am impressed with how much depth Stormlight has, more than Wheel of Time, in my opinion. I think too that Kaladin is my single favorite character, all things considered.
  7. Because of this podcast, I had a dream about Adonalsium the other night. I feel like there was a MAJOR reveal in the dream. But now I can’t remember it.
  8. @beantheboy12 I think I’m ready to try that cookie...
  9. @beantheboy12 I think I am too curious to NOT trying the cookie. But before I say yes, is this a cookie for my computer?
  10. Have on?
  11. I found something on Mr. Sanderson’s website. One of the things he said was not to pester Mr. Ahlstrom. Unfortunately, I had already sent Peter a private message. So I went back and apologized and asked him to disregard. I also found that that if you can spot typos that Peter has NOT around yet, you’re probably a shoo-in to be a beta.
  12. Is taking the cookie more like taking the blue pill? Or the red pill? ☺️
  13. @Child of Hodor , you got me thinking. Were the original humans in Cosmere, prior to the shattering of Adonalsium, all located on Ashyn? Or were there other planets where humans existed? Also, what do we know about the causes of the destruction of Ashyn?
  14. @Child of Hodor , you rock! Thanks so much!!!
  15. Thank you @Scion of the Mists !