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  1. This podcast doesn't happen to be on Spotify, does it?
  2. The Cosmere is extremely complex, but the bare-bones basics are that long ago, on the planet Yolen, within the dwarf galaxy known as the Cosmere, the deity/force (nobody knows) Adonalsium was broken, in an event known as the Shattering, into sixteen Shards of immense power, each taken up by a mortal, who Ascended to near-godhood via their power. These Shards of Adonalsium are the sources of the many magic systems in the Cosmere, and often play a large role in later works in any given series set in the Cosmere. Within the Cosmere are Shardworlds, planets visited by the Shards of Adonalsium, and most of Sanderson's Cosmere works are set on them. Lots of other users can explain it better than I can, and the Coppermind is a great resource.
  3. Sick, thanks!
  4. Hi!

  5. So I know the last desolation was four and a half thousand years ago; but I'm trying to analyze Vorinism, and I cant remember an exact date for the fall of the Hierocracy and the formation of the ardentia. Also, on a side note, are ardents forbidden from violence? It would seem logical, but Zahel did teach Dalinar how to fight, so I dunno. Any WoG on this? Besides that, any reference frame for dating systems used on Roshar would be much appreciated. thanks!
  6. Ok, thanks for the warning. any other tips on how/what a new member should do? any warnings? dont wanna break any rules
  7. habit from reading other forums
  8. ok cool
  9. Shadows for Silence in the forest of Hell, i think it was called.
  10. I have, yes. All of the rest of Arcanum Unbounded as well.
  11. the Mistborn books were fantastic
  12. The Stormlight Archive as a whole is honestly my favorite right now, but the first Mistborn book was my favorite for a long time.
  13. Good old Mr. T, back at it again at the krispy crem
  14. Yeah, I agree. The Interludes can be annoying, but also incredibly interesting. And Travangian is also among my favorite characters.
  15. All the Aimians are awesome