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  1. My new characters mind can't remember anything so any new skill he learns he will forget, his missing arm makes him virtually unable to function properly in any situation, and he can't focus his eyes so it obscures his vision. Since he is so OP I though making unable to remember how to use the weapons he has would bring his power down a bit @MacThorstenson. Forget the feruchemy, it was for another character I was working on and I typed it in this characters bio. Also @BookishOcelot thanks for the scoring!
  2. Here is my new character, tell me if he's a little OP.
  3. possibly a guild war

    Zekuri ran his sharpening stone over the edge of his huge sword wiating for the meeting to be over. He leaned against a tree and watched the mountain top warily, looking out for trouble. He watched Stormblunderer, or whatever he called himself these days, walk into the little hut followed by the Keeper ambassador, expecting at any moment for someone to pull a dagger.
  4. *face palms* I completely forgot about that. Even if it was the same wieght as a normal sized shardblade it would apply more torque so you would need a lot of leverage. My mistake.
  5. The books say that a shardblade isn't that heavy but when it changes into a shield it is the same weight. Now, shields are usually heavier than swords but in shard form they are equal. When Kaladin changes Syl to a knife I don't think Brandon said anything about weight but with the sword shield ratio we can assume the knife was the same weight as the sword. This would mean that you wouldn't need a lot of leverage with a 30 foot long sword as is weighs the same as a normal sword. But this point is moot anyway since there is a limit on how large a shardblade can be. (I actually haven't read the books in a long time so if you could come up with some text that would be great)
  6. Welcome Swiss Cheese!
  7. So, if a shardblade (that of a radiant, of course) could be summoned as a hammer or a shield, could it be summoned as a suit of armor? There's already Shardplate but since shardblades are indestructcable you could have an indestuctable suit of armor!
  8. Could I start a new topic this new to the Ally-Verse?
  9. Oh nice!
  10. Tinkering would be an acceptable talent but Smedry talents are funny and negative at first appearance (like Sunbringer said). Something like spilling water on the floor when your doing dishes or tangling ropes hopelessly together.
  11. Great character conflict!
  12. giant yeti battle!!!!!!!

    Zekuri stood and said, "or we could just charge the Roar with everything we got."