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  1. Kingdoms of the West: A Travel Guide for Elsecallers and Willshapers, by Jasnah Kholin Killing Wit, an incomplete tragicomic manuscript found in the private drawers of, idk, Elhokar? The Killer in White: An Unauthorized Biography of the Killer in White, by, like, Navani or something. Knights, Wettened: A Beach Adventure. By Lift.
  2. Revolution, Redemption, and Apocalypse all fit what you're saying, just with different flavors. edit: Revolution would be a particularly clever Intent, I think, because of the parallel meanings of change and stability, as in political revolution and the revolution of a planet in its orbit around a star. Redemption would be a little too on the narrative nose, I think. And Apocalypse I doubt as a Shard for, eh, plenty of reasons.
  3. I don't think it would result in technical savantism, but the characters have a lot to learn about what those strange blades are and how they work. As their perceptions shift, so presumably too might the ten heartbeats thing, along with who knows what else.
  4. So, we know Sanderson has a lot of history with the Elenium books by David Eddings, and the series contains the Dawn Men, described as the common ancestor from which the various humans, as well as the trolls, were descended. The Singers in general have a lot in common with the Dawn Men, including unusual hearts, some form of natural armor, and, comparing now to the parsh, social status as basically herd animals following a magical intervention by humans. Maybe this is just a neat point of influence, maybe there's something about the Dawn Singers to glean here, rafo basically. The obvious question from comparison seems to be "What if the Dawn Singers were a third party from the humans and the singers as we understand them?" Could that be a thing? Distortion of knowledge over time is a thing, but that seems like a lot. Unless magic. There are a couple systems under-accounted-for in our system, and we don't know much about the Dawn Singers switching to Odium's side, like, the ground floor details. This leads us deeper into rampant speculation of course. But, say voidLight-Weaving accomplished disguising the Dawn Singer precursor race as parshendi-singers. Suddenly it all sounds like ancient aliens conspiracy theory, which idea Sanderson's played with before (not the Shards, well yes the Shards, but I mean The Ones Above who put the ancient aliens in the 'present'). Perhaps this is getting toward the Aimians? Rysn calls those shadows cast in the wrong direction voidbringer shadows, so if there could be a connection between the dawn singers and voidlight, the Aimians could be a reasonable guess. Siah Aimians can shapeshift somehow, after all, and they're extremely long lived and functionally immortal. What do you think? Any reason to read into the Eddings connection? Anything to read into the idea of the Dawn Singers as not actually parshendi after all? An Aimian connection, or one to some other type of beings? I hate to think Jasnah's wrong, but it's to me an interesting line of inquiry.
  5. Silverlight is going to be so rad, spren cultures and civilizations seem fascinating, the Ire, Trell, Roshar's moons make me nervous, Endowment's long term plan should be interesting to uncover, and the fallout of the events around Ambition seem super important for everything. More than anything I guess I just want more stuff to happen on-page in Shadesmar, and I want it to get weird(er).
  6. Very cool. I can see this working a couple of different ways. Cohesion to liquidize the earth and illumination to project a frequency through it seems the best. Am I imagining this being somehow in imitation of Adonalsium having done cymatics of his own? Or perhaps that's how they were made when they were in the earlier book, but now that it's in SA it was Radiants?
  7. So, Brandon's a man with a giant plate and it's still so full! Since we know we probably maybe won't get series that explore all the shards like we have so far, what do we make of "the rest"? Six unknown Shards feels like a big deal, right? I suspect we'll get the stories of their original Vessels at best second-hand. I say original because some or all of them, I think, might be having their exploits totally off camera, and will be replaced by new Vessels, maybe in true Sazed style with Shard fusion action. I think these new Vessels will be very important endgame players, for whatever the decision becomes: forge a new Adonalsium, end the Shards and let investiture do its thing, whatever. Further I think that the fact that they are not the original Vessels is going to be a huge problem and tipping point for Hoid, leading him to show whatever his hand is, wrapping him in as a perspective character with motivations both old and new. All wild speculation, of course, but the idea of six whole series happening totally off screen but alongside what we're shown feels mighty Sandersonian to me. For the bit about new Vessels I rely on extrapolating from Sazed, Odium's fear of merging with another Shard, the Honor issue, etc. As to Hoid: I love the character as he is, but getting those perspectives one day worries me. All that backstory, all that time Hoid has spent doing stuff, all the new stuff to care about. Will I care by then, or will I think, Hoid, man, you don't have to be an extremely cool version of an Anne Rice vampire forever? So by radically changing the circumstances on him, he'll need to adapt and even develop, find new meaning in his long life. Anyone else have thoughts about what might become of those untold tales? Or my take?
  8. As a gay person, I thought a lot about how I'd live in Alethkar while reading SA. Kaladin's reaction to Drehy surprised me by being so familiar to my reality. His reaction was really not so bad, but it's so prevalent in our world as to be omnipresent. I think it's less prevalent in Alethi society, maybe much less, and almost certainly much less dangerous for me. I'd probably like it there; I'd love to hang out with Bridge 4, which is not something I've said about maybe any military outfit or sport team or similar in our world. [edit to add: I'm sure I'd still need to exercise caution; I wouldn't stop reading every room before I spend time amongst its people. Warlike is warlike, and Kaladin's a hero; worse is out there, I just don't expect much of it or for it to be as normalized in Alethi society as it is in ours.] As has been mentioned, the weight of Vorin social mores about this sort of thing tend toward bonds and honor. Those are genderless, transcendent notions, and as someone who finds bonds and honor outside of the context of official state or religious marriage, I think I could live the exact life I'd want if I were to have been born a gay Alethi. (this paragraph pulls from ideas in the second post's WoB). Thanks for that, Brandon. Really. Not that you'll see it, I guess, but. Thanks.
  9. Brandon talks about word count a lot (a lottt) in this context, enough that I generally assume his percents are out of the total projected word count for the finished product. Dunno if I'm necessarily right, but it makes an amount of sense.
  10. Hi! I've been thinking a lot lately about what Radiants from different orders might do using their surges in conjunction with one another. I suspect it's inevitably going to be a considerable focus of especially the back five books, when time and training have given our Radiants a more full sense of what they can do. Some of my book specifics are fuzzy, and listening to the audiobooks as I go to bed hasn't been the best re-read strategy, so I'm interested in kind of a 'food for thought' thread; I have some ideas and questions, and I'd love to see your ideas and thoughts too. Have we seen much of it yet? I think we know that |edit: some] Radiants of the same order can work synergistically on a task, and we see Wit's Lightweaving interact with Shallan's (different kinds of Lightweaving, but an interesting data point at least). We could do this for all the shared-surge order-pairs, and it would be very interesting and maybe productive for thinking about something else. I'd love to see some of that in this thread! Where my imagination starts to hyperventilate is interaction and synergy between more disparate surges, or combinations of more than just two surges. Going really dramatic really early here, I could theoretically see a cadre of Radiants, with three Bondsmiths at the helm, building a planet for themselves to live on, given the devastation of Ashyn and the humans' settler colonialism of the planet Roshar. Leaving Roshar might mess with the bond, but hey, there are options there. Restore Honor. Put Odium in a new Vessel somehow. Get Cultivation interested in the idea of a whole new planet to, um, cultivate. [edit: At least you probably still get some kind of magic on your new planet]. I'll come back with smaller scale thoughts (I know I've seen threads about airships using these sorts of principles!) when I'm not on my phone, but I'd love to for now maybe start a conversation, if it's one yall are interested in having! And thanks for reading!