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  1. Then again, as I think about it I'm doubting myself, but idk. I'm realizing that I'm almost picturing Shards as the earthquake Epics in the Reckoners. They work on such a large scale that they're not super effective. I know that Shards have more power than that consciously, but this is my subconscious thought process. In the end, I don't know. It was an idea I had off the top of my head that made sense in the moment.
  2. Yeah, I skimmed over Vivenna, because it was slow and only read Siri and Vasher at the beginning. Then I skimmed through Siri and only read Vivenna and Vasher Note, the only reason I always read Vasher was Nightblood. Nightblood is the best.
  3. I don't think that its possible for there to be a seventeenth shard. Brandon has confirmed that there isn't, like @Elegy said. However, I do think that there may be like a fraction of Adonalsiums' power in Hoid. My personal theory is that Hoid has power from Adonalsium, but not enough to elevate him to Shard status. A Shard works on such a large scale that it gets hard to control at different points. It seems like you would get better at control as you went on, but you'd never be able to work on the small scale as well as others could. I feel like Hoid wouldn't want the limitations, boundaries, or rules that being a Shard means. I think that Hoid would rather work on the small scale, than on the humongo-Shard scale.
  4. I don't think so. If you read the sample chapters of the Liar of Partinel, it gives the very first chapter and then skips to chapter 25. Note, as the Liar of Partinel sample chapters are subject to Brandon changing them in the final draft, so none of this is set in stone. However, I believe that at least the first chapter is an identifier that, no, the modern Hoids' master was not Adonalsium.
  5. That'd be the best.
  6. Yes, Ash seems like a Dustbringer, and it makes sense because of the 10 books and flashbacks like @John203 said. We already had our Lightweaver book with WOR, and it makes sense that we need a good Dustbringer. I really want to see their powers better, and I'd rather that not come through Malata - it would be against the good guys. Anyway, this theory totally has merit, and I'm excited to see if its real in Stormlight 4 (probably).
  7. I agree, I think Amaram legitimately believed that he was "Alethkar's only hope and salvation." It's interesting that Amaram is so easy to be turned by Odium, and it makes me wonder how much of it is his narcissism - which seems quite obvious - and how much of it is just the average lack of faith that the majority of the Vorin church has. It seems like there are a few strong Vorin believers - such as Kadash - but it seems like the majority does as Evi says. Either way, I strongly agree that Amaram is totally a narcissist. It's interesting to follow just him throughout Stormlight and to see the changes that he goes through. It makes me sympathize with him. Then I remember he bonded an Unmade and I feel better.
  8. Yeah, I know that he isn't, I just think that it would be kinda cool. I don't really want Brandon to write it that way, it'd be too fast, but I think that it'd just be a funny plot twist to throw off some readers.
  9. I'd need some serious evidence, though I think that it would be really great if Mraize was Kelser
  10. Wayne and Lopen would be awesome. I also just want to see the clash between Kaladin and Kelsier. Brandon has said they wouldn't get along. I just want to see how Kelsier would influence Kaladin and if Kaladin would end up changing.
  11. Ok, thanks, I searched Arcanum for this to see if anyone had asked anything like it. Guess I should've searched the forums too. lol
  12. Man, I was going to take "I am a stick." I guess just "You cannot have my pain." because I got goosebumps there.
  13. Could Nightblood be a nicrosil metalmind? Brandon has RAFO'd everything about what Nightblood is made out of, and has also stated that there is more to his astronomical amount of investiture than his breaths. Could this fit? Brandon has said that Nightblood was not black before being awakened. Anybody know what color nicrosil is? I'm not sure if this works, let me know what you guys think.