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  1. Well, we know that there aren't any more beads, right?
  2. Yeah, I'm wondering if this is something like the "air in Shadesmar" thing, and the exception to the 3rd order of Radiants for Shallan is just for narrative reasons. For those who don't know, someone asked Brandon why people didn't need to bring air into Shadesmar. In short he said, "There is air in Shadesmar because I needed there to be air in Shadesmar." The plot with Shallan and her family is HUGE, and her shardblade is at the heart of it. Brandon would need Shallan to get her blade early for the story to make sense. For that to happen there may need to be exceptions to Radiants swearing oaths to get their blades.
  3. First off, there are 10 planets in the Rosharan system. It's just that there are 3 in the habitable zone, but I don't think the "habitable" rules play into the equation for shards. Well, we know that Honor and Cultivation were both involved with spren. Spren have a certain degree of Cultivations investiture, and since we have seen her on-screen removing Dalinars memories, I'd say it's a safe bet to go with the obvious answer and say that Cultivation is on Roshar. Besides, humans destroyed Ashyn while they were of Odium, I don't think Cultivation would want to be around that kind of influence.
  4. Well, it's not really an interpretation thing. Brandon has explicitly confirmed that Honor and Cultivation arrived to Roshar at the same time. However the idea that Odium may have granted powers to humans before migrating to Roshar is a good one. It's one of mine, and I believe that it's been mentioned on Shardcast before. We don't know a lot about what caused the destruction of Ashyn, so it's a decent idea that surgebinding could've been around pre-roshar.
  5. Yeah, this is kind of weird, I don't know how this works. It doesn't seem to make sense for him to be jailed, but I can't think of any good reason for him to be at a jail unless something happens in the next book. I'm wondering if this is like the chapter in WoR where they jail Kaladin, just to put up a show. Maybe Dalinar has to keep his people happy, so he puts him there with the promise that he will release him, and that this is the only way for him to help. Anybody have any other ideas? Or reasons as to why they would keep him there without his permission?
  6. I just assumed that it meant that he gave him lots of stormlight to use, to lash himself many times toward skar and drehy, but I have to reread it again soon. I think Brandon is likely to save Aimia for an actual book-there's so much foreshadowing, and so little that we know. Aimia is super cool, I'd be kind of disappointed if they figured it all out off-screen. I agree with Oltux on this one, in WoR they talked about jailing Amaram, but ended up not because it would be pointless as he's a shardbearer. I picture something similar happening here with Szeth. Also since Szeth is a squire and fought on the humans side, so they're even less likely to jail him.
  7. I'd want to be an elantrian that's able to store connection, but that might be pushing the "realistically attainable part," so if not I'd want to be a nicrosil compounder. We know so little about compounding nicrosil, it seems like it'd be interesting.
  8. Do we know if Dalinar can open the perpendicularity at will? Like if he can repeat it? My impression was that he did it in the moment, without REAL knowledge of what he was doing (it seemed mostly instinctive).
  9. First off, Brandon has confirmed that if a mistborn/misting is actively burning metals, then Nightblood can feed off of those metals, (see However, he only cares that about investiture, so I don't think that the type of metal isn't going to really matter. Second, Nightblood feels closer to a spren to me than a human, so it's probably going to be near impossible to give him any kind of powers that he doesn't already have. It is an interesting concept though.
  10. Sorry, guys, this is a crackpot theory here, but is it possible that a super charged lashing could be where the legend of the radiant teleportation got started?
  11. Yeah, I'm printing this off and doing this, this's great.
  12. Vin and Elends death. I will say that Sazeds line about how they are happy helped a little.
  13. Then again, as I think about it I'm doubting myself, but idk. I'm realizing that I'm almost picturing Shards as the earthquake Epics in the Reckoners. They work on such a large scale that they're not super effective. I know that Shards have more power than that consciously, but this is my subconscious thought process. In the end, I don't know. It was an idea I had off the top of my head that made sense in the moment.
  14. Yeah, I skimmed over Vivenna, because it was slow and only read Siri and Vasher at the beginning. Then I skimmed through Siri and only read Vivenna and Vasher Note, the only reason I always read Vasher was Nightblood. Nightblood is the best.
  15. I don't think that its possible for there to be a seventeenth shard. Brandon has confirmed that there isn't, like @Elegy said. However, I do think that there may be like a fraction of Adonalsiums' power in Hoid. My personal theory is that Hoid has power from Adonalsium, but not enough to elevate him to Shard status. A Shard works on such a large scale that it gets hard to control at different points. It seems like you would get better at control as you went on, but you'd never be able to work on the small scale as well as others could. I feel like Hoid wouldn't want the limitations, boundaries, or rules that being a Shard means. I think that Hoid would rather work on the small scale, than on the humongo-Shard scale.