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  1. Good choice! I just started reading it again for the second time. It's been awhile since I read it, and I forgot how much I liked it.
  2. For a non-destruction person, I’d say Harmony fits it pretty well. Except, of course, destroying Wax’s mental health.
  3. Welcome! We’re glad to have you here. I agree the Windrunner powers are awesome. Are you thinking of reading any other Cosmere books?
  4. I think that in Stormlight 4 or 5, a group of people are going to sail Rysn’s ship, Wandersail, to the Origin and discover something there. It’s crazy, but I feel like I’m the past books the mysterious Origin is mentioned a lot. I feel like it might be foreshadowing for the later books. We know that Rysn is going to be appearing more later on and now she owns a ship called the Wandersail. In Wit’s story he mentions that the Wandersail set out to find the Origin. I think maybe Rysn or someone is going to try again.
  5. Granted, you’re curse is *Unfortunatly, your sound-blocking headphones keeps you from hearing the rest. I wish I didn’t simultaneously feel like puking and fainting.
  6. I thought that was real for a second, and got really excited.
  7. I don’t know, I could sense tension between them last time they met. I could see them getting into a fight and her losing it.
  8. I think the part about Kaladin returning from Alethkar is more about him returning without Drehy, who is dating Dru. At this point we don’t know if he’s alive or dead. I like the theory though. The line “loving a soldier was not easy,” makes me wonder. Maybe not Kaladin, but someone else...
  9. Granted, but you’re always cutting it. I wish for a good haircut.
  10. Laral punching Kaladin.
  11. 700 rep. Woot woot!

    I haven’t been on here much because I’ve been really busy these past two weeks. I had midterms and the play I’m doing opened this weekend.

    Now I just want to sleep.-_-

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      We’re doing Clue.

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      Truthless of Shinovar

      Oh cool! I’ve got a friend who’s in Clue! 

      Wait a minute...

    4. TheGirlWhoLookedUp
  12. I agree with you that OB wasn’t as good as the first two in the series, and I think you would enjoy the second Mistborn series, Wax and Wayne. I liked it better than the first ones and they were a lot shorter and more up beat. Also, to read them you don’t have to remember everything that happened in Era 1
  13. Welcome! We’re glad to have you here. Which do you like more, the Mistborn trilogy or the Stormlight Archives?
  14. When doing tech for a play you have to mark spots on the stage with tape. This is called spiking. I’m new to tech and recently learned this. When they called out to start spiking, I got really scared for a moment.
  15. I could be wrong here, but with Rock I think we have already seen him come close to his 2nd Ideal. When Kaladin was about to be stabbed by Amaram during the battle of Thaylen City, Rock used the Shardbow to kill Amaram. He was protecting Kaladin, but also he was fighting. We saw Rock obviously conflicted about it later. He didn’t swear an Ideal there, but I bet he’s coming close.
  16. Hey, thanks for the follow.

  17. Bonus points if they’re dressed as Adolin as well!
  18. Oooh, I like it. I was going to do this for Halloween, but didn’t have enough people. Three people go together. One is dressed as Shallan with a satchel and loose hair. The other is Veil with a white coat and hat. Then the third is Radiant with fancy hair, makeup and a sword.
  19. Just think though! We don’t have to wait for him to have his own kid. When Kaladin goes back to his family he’ll get to be with Oroden. I can just imagine him playing with Oroden and using his powers to make him laugh.
  20. *laughs maniacally*

    I’m now a Torturer of Heralds!

    Anybody got a spare Herald I can use?

    1. Truthless of Shinovar

      Truthless of Shinovar

      *gives upvote* (:P)

  21. When someone popular starts following you...
  22. Those marbles look amazing! I’m glad you got them to work. I hope your friends like them.