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  1. The orders making cookies: Elsecaller: Takes a poll of everyone’s favorite kind of cookie, then goes shopping and makes sure they have all the right ingredients. Willshaper: Doesn’t pay attention to the recipe and tries to add what they think would taste good. Skybreaker: Follows recipe exactly and gets annoyed at Willshaper then banishes her from the kitchen after she tries to add hot sauce. Stoneward: Insists on using a family recipe of his and sides with Skybreaker on stopping Willshaper. Lightweaver: Tries to aid Willshaper by lightweaving them to look like normal ingredients. Dustbringer: Is constantly sneaking dough from the bowl and turns the oven up high. (She likes her cookies crispy) Windrunner: Protects the dough from Dustbringer and turns the oven down. Makes sure everyone washed their hands befor starting. Edgedancer: Remembers all the ingredients they forgot to add including an extra half cup of chocolate chips she swears was in the original recipe. Truthwatcher: Foresees Edgedancer and changed the recipe so it calls for a half cup less chocolate chips. Bondsmith: Oversees everything and makes sure it all runs smoothly. (As much as can be expected)
  2. I’ve always wondered how much Renarin knows. I mean he’s very observant without him being able to see patterns and observe the future and such. He doesn’t talk much and if he knew, I don’t think he’d be the one to go telling everyone. However, If he did know, I don’t think just let it pass without confronting Dalinar. It’s too big a thing to let go unnoticed even for him. Hmm... I don’t know.
  3. Granted, you become a Cabbage Merchant and are peacefuly selling your cabbages when all of a sudden a large gust of wind knocks your cart over! Aang quickly darts by followed by five firebenders all shooting at him and consequently you. This isn’t the last time something like this happenes and you now have no peace for the rest of your life. I wish to see a Broadway play.
  4. I have also learned woman’s script. True, I’m a lot better at writing it than reading it, but I know enough to translate it when I see it. I thought your writing above looks great and I can easily read it. I also liked how you used the number glyphs.
  5. I always liked Hrathen. Both his character and motives are so interesting to me. I was literally crying for him at the end of Elantris. Still am, every time I read it.
  6. Was anyone else reminded of Elantrians when Callum and Claudia started drawing glowing lines with their fingers?
  7. Wow, that’s impressive! I can hardly make a bracelet with those things.
  8. The orders adopting a dog. Windrunner: Adopts a large strong dog then trains it as a service pet to help protect people. Skybreaker: Makes sure he’s adopting from a credible source and that all the animals are well provided for. Dustbringer: Adopts the fiercest looking dog they can find and doesn’t listen when is told the dog might be too much them. Edgedancer: Goes to a shelter and adopts all the lonely dogs that have been forgotten. Truthwatcher: Adopts a quiet dog that loves nothing more than to cuddle and lay in patches of sunlight. Lightweaver: No one knows what kind of dog she adopted. It changes every time they look at it. Elsecaller: Spends months researching dog breeds before finally decideding on one. Willshaper: Chooses an energetic dog and takes it everywhere with her. Stoneward: Adopts the same breed of dog that he had as a child. Even names it the same name. Bondsmith: Adopts a large family of dogs that all love each other and can’t be separated.
  9. I just want to meet Lyn. I feel she and I could be friends.
  10. When you’re typing on your iphone and it keeps suggesting Brandon Sanderson related names and words.
  11. I don't know about anybody else, but I often get random Cosmere thoughts and questions that I want to share, yet they're not important enough to have a whole discussion on. Well this is the topic for all those random questions and thoughts you have, Cosmere related or not. Anything random that just pops into your head is welcome here! I'll start. The Returned in Warbreaker are vampires. The definition of a vampire is basically a dead person that sustains itself on the life force of someone else. Yup, totally vampires.
  12. Yeah, I read the abridged version. The only part that really bothered me about it was that they left out most of Fantine's story. Apparently it's "not appropriate" for teenagers to read. Made my teacher mad. we spent an entire day just talking about her story.
  13. I feel like a half Griffindor half Ravenclaw with a sprinkle of Slytherin. Hmm... I’m a Slyffinclaw.
  14. I just finished reading Les Miserables for school. And well... I think my life is over now.
  15. Yeah, It’s a struggle. On one end you want him to finish writing one book, and on the other you know the reason it’s taking so long is because he’s writing other books that you like.