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  1. Ooh! Katara swore an ideal!
  2. Granted. But someone steps on you. I wish to be great at composing songs that people liked.
  3. Yeah, probably...
  4. That looks really good! It almost reminds me of Anna from Frozen!
  5. From the album Stormlight Doodles

    I recently found this drawing of Syl when I first started reading the Stormlight Archive, and thought I should post it.
  6. Granted. It consists of whipped fat and berries. (It's called akutaq, btw) I wish to set the Genie free!
  7. Be wary of the cookies!
  8. Woah! That looks AMAZING! The best I could do is a stick figure holding a spear, and even that wouldn't be very good! Great job! That's pretty close to how I imagined him!
  9. What does Dr. Seuss use to wipe down his kitchen sink? Clorax wipes!
  10. YKYASW you are making eclairs with your friend and she says making eclairs is a messy process then you respond with, "But that's what makes it so fun!" She hasn't read Branderson by the way.
  11. Granted. But they're really flowery hippie vans and no one will let you live it down. I wish for a pug named Paturdis.
  12. Woah. Coming from someone who knows next to nothing about black holes, (except something about spaghetti or the likes) this is pretty cool!
  13. Granted. But the only useful thing you can remember is how to tie a shoe. I wish my math teacher would give us more pancakes.
  14. Granted. But you oversleep and miss everything you had planned for the day, including a cake you had in the oven. It alights and your house burns down. Say hello to Evi. I wish I didn’t have a herbst.