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  1. This is kind of stupid, but my cousin and I can never agree how to pronounce these names. There are probably other ways, but these are our personal opinions. Aside from how Branderson says them, what do you guys think?
  2. Granted. You are the best singer in the world. But the only person who can hear you died 437 years ago. I wish for my dream last night to come true.
  3. Granted. But no one pays any attention to it. I wish I had 100% in my math class.
  4. Granted. But it comes alive and eats you. I wish I didn't have to write an essay in English right now.
  5. Granted. They now treat you like a newborn cow. I wish I didn't need braces.
  6. Me right now!
  7. Granted. But it's two feet tall and all Spam. I wish for some reputation.
  8. Koloss be like
  9. Granted. But they're not Sanderson books. I wish I didn't have a bunch of end of term assignments and final projects due soon.
  10. I know I posted this somewhere else, but then thought I should put it here.
  11. Ooh! Katara swore an ideal!
  12. Granted. But someone steps on you. I wish to be great at composing songs that people liked.
  13. Yeah, probably...
  14. That looks really good! It almost reminds me of Anna from Frozen!