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  1. Mistborn sort of has three magic systems and don't even get me started on Roshar. Also Oathbringer technically has some awakening in it. However if you are talking about meaningful interactions between the magics of different planets that the closest I can think of is likely the silverlight novella.
  2. I think that is pretty normal behavior for an 80 year old philosopher king honestly. Well Odium also gets to rechoose his champion, so the wording is something like. "Odium if you come before me right now I will let you choose a different champion to fight against us and liberate you. Should you win I will submit to you should you loose you must consent to being bound as always."
  3. Enough to pick up alomantically. Elend also gets all the metals when Vins fuels him. This is basically the same thing. The giving of preservation's power/
  4. Pewter is a poisonous metal. It also burns extremely quickly. If Elend had that kind of metal in his system he would die. Also pewter is what poor people use for utensils. The rich used silver.
  5. First of all we are drawing on a fairly small sample size. The KR used to have hundreds of members in each order and now we maybe know about 20 of them total. I do agree that the nurturer is often important to Cultivation. Additionally I would say that Cultivation likes people who are more adaptable(children) while Honor is more interested in people honoring their commitments, and who will not change easily(adults).
  6. Everyone else has one of these so I figured why not me? Not sure if this is more of a fan work though. I think that at the end of SA 5 Dalinar will have put together a decent plan to get Odium. Only one problem. This plan requires releasing Odium first. Dalinar does so and Mr. T informs Odium so Odium is ready for this plan. However once Mr. T does so he has another intelligence day followed by a supremely empathic day. The intelligence day gives him a few cryptic words that he is supposed to relate to Jasnah. He does so and then spends the rest of the end as a drooling but very sympathetic idiot. The plan involves the contest of champions. Basically Dalinar offers Odium a deal. You can get out now if we have the challenge of champions Radiants vs your champion. The s in this word is key. Odium allows this to go forward and all the radiants team up against him. However Odium supercharges his champion will voidlight allowing him to disable or destroy everyone. Except for Szeth who Jasnah keeps back until the last moment. Do to his sort of dead nature Szeth can see Odium and using the power of a 5th level Bondsmith(Dalinar did his thing here) he draws Nightblood and kills the vessel himself. Dun Dun. Taravangian realizes that the desire of the fused for dead humans is too dangerous and so he takes up the shard himself vowing immediately after ascending never to hurt another life. What do you think?
  7. Stormform gives powers somewhat reminiscent of adhesion in some ways. However I think all forms power or otherwise are actually closer to fabrials which is why I can't wait for Navani and Venli to compare notes.
  8. It can be burned in place of any metal. This is how Elend burns pewter when he does not actually have any in his system.
  9. Spensa actually reminds me more of Veil. I also agree that Veil is closer to who Shallan would have been if she had left her home early and fallen in with a rougher crowd.
  10. sa 4

    Ah. That makes more sense thank you.
  11. sa 4

    Alright I can see your interpretation. I would like to point out however that Brandon usually does not correct a questioner's wording. As such this is a bit inconclusive Heralds could still be powered by Honor directly just as they were before his death.
  12. OK lets break down all possibilities. 1. Scadrail. Scadrail is the obvious choice. It has a a lot of well educated people who know more then most about their invested arts. These invested arts are also being mechanized and work at unlimited range from scadrail and they can make FTL somehow. It has the economy necessary to sustain some serious industry and the ones above have not demonstrated any abilities that the scadrains do not have. Assuming no major disasters scadrail in space is only a matter of time. On the other hand scadrail has two perpendicularities. This means that they have no need to invent space travel. In addition to this scadrails especially northern ones have been remarkably lazy these last few centuries and they don't have any pressing need to leave home. 2. Roshar Roshar (assuming it is not destroyed by Odium) is an extremely energetic culture on the cusp of an industrial(fabrial) revolution. Fabrails may easily allow any of the powers we have witnessed. Additional the surges will soon be better understood thanks to Radiant revival. Rosharans also do have a pressing need to get off planet(Odium's forces) and only one stable perpendicularity(which is currently under siege). FTL could well be possible with fabrail tec. On the other hand fabrails are based on spren who can't leave Roshar. In fact even Hoid does not yet know how to circumvent this. This problem is almost certainly fixable but it should still be taken into consideration. 3. Nalthis Nalthis is a nice planet. With a growing population and only one stable perpendicularity. This perpendicularity is also under the control of a single country with a powerful lifeless(zombie) army. Any other country would need FTL to compete with this kind of monopoly. We also don't know the full capabilities of breath commands. If I had 80,000 breath and told a can of beans to be a hyperdrive it probably would listen. However even the Nalthians themselves don't really know the full capacity of breath and breath itself is quite expensive. 4. Sel Sel has a dozen magic systems and a bunch of plasma in the CR. Ample reason to invent FTL. The magic system itself is capable of anything and the population is both large and increasingly well educated. The only problem really is the region locked nature of Selish magic systems. This is cercumventeable but should also be noted. 5. Threnody I thought it bore mentioning. We have no idea of this planet's magic system or what it is capable of. It does not have a stable perpendicularity and someone on this planet must have some ambition. 6. Taldain Dayside magic will not do anything here(so far as we know) but we have no idea about darkside magic. The planet is also technologically advanced and is effectively under siege. This could be interesting. 7. Silverlight If anyone has the tec the Silverlight will have it too if not first. What do you think?
  13. I spoke in terms general enough that I seriously doubt anyone could figure out any meaningful spoiler information.
  14. sa 4

    Do we have conformation on that specifically?
  15. You are correct. The sand in the ghost vault in SA is a kind of alarm.