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  1. Sometimes. Bridge four would tend to disagree. In theory. Not exactly. Modern views of slavery are shaped by plantation slavery common in the Americas. However in Rome it was not uncommon for slaves to own property or be highly educated. Slave can mean a lot of things. Ardents are technically slaves. It was a precaution put in place by the sunmaker after he overthrew the theocratic government. They are also forbidden to fight, own property or participate in politics. However Ardents can leave at any time they wish and by virtue of training and place are too valuable to mistreat. The same can not be said for all slaves. Janah's actions may actually not even be a first. It was mentioned by Rosk that in Taravangian's Kharbranth there are no slaves.
  2. OK so it is finished. What is Sanderson waiting for? Is there artwork or a final polish that must be done? Does he simply want dramatic timing?
  3. A sphere that allows for extra security like Honor's drop because it is "perfect." Gavilar would not waste such a sphere on something that did not require it.
  4. Yes they are a different migration.
  5. The Ashynite expansion probably followed colonial patterns. This means that groups of people of similar ethnicity and customs travel together. The Shin stayed behind for the same reason and over time both groups grew more distinct.
  6. Sighs in resignation.
  7. I don't see this working unless Hoid is trying to be a triple agent. This would actually explain his relationship with Jasnah pretty well as he needs her cooperation for this to work. I also don't think Odium is aware of his involvement. Whenever we know Odium is paying personal attention to someone or somewhere Hoid is conspicuously absent.
  8. How do we know? Don't misunderstand I hope they are not but until someone does us the favor of asking we have absolutely no way of knowing. Jasnah probably wants to make sure the army is loyal to her personally. It is easily the most important political force in alethkar to this day. Also being a general is a good way to make absolutely certain that she is taken seriously as queen when participating in the "masculine" field of politics.
  9. Worshiping her might have been nastier.
  10. Jidious Hoid had better stay away from her. He is not the guy for our queen.
  11. This is obviously the most important take away from the chapter. It will probably become one of the most hotly debated topics until we get a strait answer but. Are Jasnah and Hoid a thing?
  12. JASNAH! JASNAH! JASNAH! I chose well in my celebrity crush.
  13. Hope so. We should at least get an update then.
  14. It would be slightly less frustrating if I was less invested in Brandon's work but I have moved past normal savant and I well... I can't stop doing an internal calculation. He said by the end of October. This means this week. He is only doing a line edit. It will be emailed Please don't be on the 31st... and so on.