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  1. Welcome! Dalinar claims to have not been much of a duelist. He also thinks that dueling in general is too sanitized so he does not care for it much. However one of the ways Gavilar got rid of people he did not like was having them challenge Dalinar so he was at least effective if not up to Adolin's standards. I do as well although there may have been political reasons why Sadeas was chosen or perhaps Dalinar was not present. Additionally Dalinar generally drank heavily at feasts so having him challenge another man to a duel might not have been a good idea.
  2. In some ways that is not a bad thing. Having subordinates compete for influence insures that they all remain creative and subordinate. Ideally you want them all to work for you out of loyalty but I don't think that would work particularly well on candidates as ambitious as your average highprince. Not exactly true. He was certainly respective to Dalinar's approach and beliefs he just(correctly) believed that none of the other highprinces would be on board with it. Agreed.
  3. But could anyone have done anything differently? Would abdicating have made things better or worse? That is certainly true in many cases although not all of them. Could you elaborate?
  4. It is an interesting question. Elhokar made a large number of highly public mistakes during his reign. From the Roshone affair to the paranoia surrounding and the subsequent saddle girth investigation he succeeded in embarrassing himself as well driving away his loyal subjects and supporters. The question remains however "was he a bad king?" A critical problem with monarchy is that no one knows what kind of person the next guy is going to be. Also since monarch can easily rule for many decades there is no way of telling if the temperament of the person in charge is suited for the current crisis. Plenty of the worst monarchs were not actually bad people. They simply attained their thrones at times where their skills and temperaments proved a hindrance rather then a help. In theory a monarch can step down. However doing so is generally a highly disruptive move that can result in some really devastating consequences. Also the abdicated monarch is often assassinated. As such many monarchs have good cause and incentive to not step down even if they are objectively terrible at their jobs. With this in mind let us turn our attention to Elhokar. How bad was he as a king? What made him that way? How would we see him if he had inherited a better kingdom? To start with let us gather what we know about him personally as well as the policies he championed during his reign. According to Danalan(one of Adolin's numerous exes) Elhokar made a complete mess of the royal codes. Those who new how to cajole him could get anything passed into law. He also is known for his role in the Roshone affair where he allowed an unscrupulous man to manipulate him for personal gain and then get off mostly free(what Roshone did was probably treason by exerting an improper influence over the throne for personal gain) and for the girth fiasco which gained Sadeas personal power at the expense of Dalinar positioning matters so that his two most loyal supporters were acting against each other. He kept the kingdom together by declaring the war of reckoning with mixed results. He also had a buried humility. According to his wife "Your father had grand plans, but you... all you ever wanted to do was sit in his shadow." . It is also worth noting that he asked the captain of his guard, a darkeyes, how to do a better job. While he may have claimed to Kaladin that he wanted to be a good king the truth of the matter was that I think he would have been happier as a well off scholar or artist. He may not have been a great king but the truth is that he was at least a good person. To examine what this means a little bit further lets us examine an alternate world were no desolation was coming and Gavilar was not assassinated. In this case would Elhokar have been a bad king? Assuming Gavilar had lived he would probably have set up a more successful independent bureaucracy that was loyal to him(like in Azir a nation he studied and admired) the same for military. Many of the highprines were of age with him and would also have passed on leaving another generation of people who did not have clear memories of what it was like to be truly independent. Dalinar's legacy(assuming he did eventually pull himself together) would have resulted in a strong Alethi military with many elements loyal to the king rather then any highprince making open revolt difficult. Additionally Gavilar(with the aid of Navani and Jasnah) could insure that his son was surrounded by competent and loyal advisors who could keep his mistakes to a minimum and minimize the repercussions of those mistakes. This is an optimistic view but is it an unrealistic one? In summary was there anything anyone could have done differently?
  5. I learned from the best.
  6. Welcome!
  7. Unintentionally in this case. This is from WoA epigraphs. It is currently canonical. My argument is that Hoid is super strong and skilled. I don't really need to make it well.
  8. I am using the older definition. The new one is technically not canonical yet.
  9. My point was that he has probably expanded his use of all the metals to the point where he can easily access all of them at a higher level of power.
  10. Pattern would say your version of the truth is valid because of your perceptions and I agree that if you want to you can find all sorts of potential for intimacy and relationship in Shallan and Kaladin's interactions. However my point really does still stand. Kaladin is not in a place where he can accommodate a partner in his life and neither he nor Shallan put any real time into building an actual relationship like she did with Adolin.
  11. My point was that the cloud would be stronger.
  12. He did not then. He is lerasium level and probably a savant as well.
  13. Welcome!