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  1. Seems like a kind of messy method. Given the number of safer shape change methods available I wouldn't recommend this one even if it works. Hemalurgy is like a surgical transplantation. It is going to leave scaring and there is a risk of compromising the body's integrity. Even just using metalic arts you might be better off if you can figure out how to tap someone else's identity along with healing or store particular components of your own identity so that you can heal the remaining characteristics more strongly.
  2. It isn't a good comparison. The force is a soft magic system. Stormlight is a hard magic system. Given enough time the jedi would develop methods capable of countering the radiants. The better their understanding of radiants, spen, ideals and investiture the better able to counter them they would become. Sure you can't force choke a knight radiant in armor very easily. Even if you could stormlight would keep them alive. The thing is the force's strength is more subtle then that. Its a source of knowledge rather then power. Sure radiant x might be able to cut through jedi but a good jedi would contemplate the radiant understand them and, if necessary, find the inevitable weak spot.
  3. I don't think that would work. The shards derive from the dawnshards not the other way around.
  4. Other reason that the stormather is giving more information to Gavilar then to Dalinar might be his comment on not trusting the Kholins any longer. It does raise the question of why spren are attracted to Kholins in the first place but that is a separate issue.
  5. More of a Gavilar discussion thread. I should probably make the title less inflammatory...
  6. But it wouldn't be a surprise. If you know all about radiants you know she has one don't you?
  7. All of the Herald's were fighters. The restrictions are on their attitudes not their abilities. Ash can figure out Hoid's drawing style, Nale still has excellent legal knowledge and Taln's combat skill are still ludicrous. Channah might avoid fighting but she would still know how to fight.
  8. I haven't seen this in the thread yet but is it possible the death of the Herald the stormfather saw was in the future? Gavilar's death was Connected to Jes's death in the future. You might even say it was directly responsible for it. Without him around and the highprinces off at the shattered plains the fused easily took out what had once been some of their greatest enemies. If Alethkar had not fallen Jes would have remained alive after all. The stormfather even says that he is having a glimpse of the future and that he cannot let anyone know what is going on. Gavilar's legacy is the fall of Alethkar and the death of mankind's greatest defender. It all happened because he could not trust any of the brilliant people in his life who loved him. Meanwhile while the fused thought they could capture Jes they ended up killing him instead. Almost like what was really going on with his connection to Honor had been hidden by someone.
  9. A Herald would know a radiant could summon a shardblade. Ishar(an average fighter by radiant standards) is able to fight off multiple windrunners using mostly just blade skills. Channah is a fighter probably in the top three. I find if slightly difficult to believe that she cannot handle an attack on that level even if she is taken by surprise. That is a potentially more important point. Locking a soul in a box is actually how one kills Heralds. However you need Raysium to make that work. A different point. If you are wondering why the stormfather is acting a bit different then with Dalinar it is because of how Gavilar views him. Spren take on different shapes based on the perception of those they interact with. Gavilar often saw the stormfather as an opponent(human) to be overcome. Dalinar sees him more as an abstract force.
  10. It is an interesting idea but it has several problems. A herald loosing in a fight to an eight year old girl and an ordinary man is pretty hard to get your head around. Also I have a hard time understanding how physical death would matter. Wouldn't it just send them to braize? If Channah broke right afterwards wouldn't that start the desolation instantly?
  11. I'm not sure who else it could be since he had the same visions. I think it more likely that Gavilar deliberately misunderstood the stormfather. Gavilar was appears to be a sociopathic high functioning narcissist. While this is a manageable problem in of itself I think he was a victim of his own success. While he had to use his considerable talents to unite a kingdom he apparently got to used to winning afterwards. Thadikar even warned him about the danger of what he was doing due to the similarity of their experiences. The major difference was that Thadikar actually kept confidants and trusted others despite everything. Gavilar didn't ever trust anyone.
  12. I missed it because it was in the cosmere discussion area. However I do think a separate Gavilar discussion thread is a good idea.
  13. No one has made one of these yet so I thought a spoiler thread for the stormlight 5 prologue might be a good idea. I can summarize my own thoughts on this chapter with the title but what do you all think? Gavilar was so close and yet so far. Did the stormfather lie to him? He wanted that guy to succeed him? I honestly think that the stormfather was a lot less frustrated then I would have been. Can Brandon please write a chapter about Gavilar having a full round sparing session with Dalinar? I need to release some of my aggravation. Gavilar remains a highly complex figure even after this chapter. What do you all think of him now that we have seen his mind?
  14. Typo. I meant would allow them to track down and attach it to Hoid.
  15. That is possible. It seems kind of like an intent the way Odium described it in SA4.