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  1. The Davar brothers are not Alethi, May Aladar is an Aladar, and the bridgemen have no experience in government(most of them lack any formal education). I do think we will get a few more Windrunners. However the ring only sent Wyndle so Edgedancers seem like a no. Also if we get too many high level Truthwatchers then we will start having illumination working and that could lead to TMI too soon. Practically impossible.
  2. They totally would have changed it if is not coming out. Also where would they have gotten the massive preview?
  3. Good question. Anyone have an ideas?
  4. Who? This still seems a lot like cheating from a narrative standpoint. Radiant training might be working better but I find it difficult to believe we just get + Radiants. What orders will they be from? How many oaths will they have sworn. Are we going to suddenly get entire groups of stonewards out of nowhere? Agreed. However I see Aladar as a more behind the scenes type. I think it will more likely be the Khals or perhaps Adolin leading. Agreed. Wow. Very bold. I don't see that happening but you do you. Hmmm. I don't realy see that happening.
  5. They have not. They have discovered the pieces of the puzzle and we will put them together during book 4.\ The Stump may come(we already know about her). I don't think any others will. It may be a political necessity to order Szeth to go to jail while the monarchs figure out what to do with him. And politicians never waste useful resources or make bad decisions based on fear...
  6. Welcome to the shard. What is your favorite work by Brandon Sanderson? It's nice to have you.
  7. I think we finally have it!
  8. Seems too significant to happen off screen. Sure but simply adding new radiants seems like cheating. Also should happen on screen. Same as above. Happy coincidence? Also same as above. They can't break it. Dalinar could just order him to go to jail. It is still in either crisis or denial mode. It is not the same power.
  9. I kind of doubt this one. Squire promotion I can see. New Radiants just showing up at Urithiru might be stretching things a bit. I doubt it. Maybe to Adolin under promises of secrecy. Put it under a microscope(metaphorically). Other then that nothing. My thoughts on what has happened Rock's novella(horneater king FTW). Szeth will have been jailed. Venli will have some singers she can rely on(to some degree). The bridge crews will have more training. Some rebuilding will have happened in Theylen city and the Alethi war camps. Potentially we will have a partial relocation there. Jasnah will have settled in as queen. More people will have arrived at Urithiru. Urithiru should at this point have group of laws describing governance, and succession. The Oathgates will now be largely a mundane convenience. Adolin will be able to do something extra with Maya(just a theory).
  10. I was pointing out the child endangerment aspect. Agreed.
  11. Sigh. Jasnah is now a queen so it would not work as well. Why not Shallan? She is a princess by marriage now and it would fit in better with their relationship.
  12. I have a hard time believing Navani would ever allow that or that Gavilar could do it without people noticing(where has our warlord/king been all this time?).
  13. Thank you for finding that quote it was what I was looking for. They could just levy taxes when you walked onto the gate. After all forcing or cheating your way past the Radiants seems pretty unlikely. Regardless. Odium does have an honorblade. This means he can use the oathgates assuming that he has oathgates is in his possession that are still functional. Odium also has the ability to fix a broken oathgate(per theylen field statements + he is kind of a god). Retaking Kolinar when both sides can summon thousands of reinforcements at any time sounds like a bloodbath. Additionally Odium has some nice travel options for his forces(he can get them across most of northern Roshar without much trouble).
  14. Her "lunacy" happened when she was a child. I seriously doubt that child Jasnah could have made the journey to the valley.