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  1. I was thinking of something like blowing up Jasnah. Do we know how well Shardplate can stand up to something like that?
  2. The spren turned into shardblades because that is their base form in the physical realm. I believe that we have a WoB confirming this.
  3. Exactly and I doubt that a person could survive without their soul so if a shardblade removes the soul from the body then that could explain how they die.
  4. I have always thought that it is among the oaths of a truthwater to respect privacy. What with all that they know and from their abilities they can probably figure out almost anything about anyone but I do not think that forcing others to open up to you is appropriate. I have always thought that in the scene in OB where Adolin was talking to Gallant that Renarin knows that Adolin killed Sadias but does not say so because it would violate this oath.
  5. I always thought that shadeblades sever the soul from the body(otherwise Odium would have killed the Heralds a long time ago). I think that the smoke that leaves through their eyes is the raw investiture of the victum's soul leaving their body. Like how both Ati and Vin produced smoke when they died.
  6. Edit made. My point is that it was altogether possible for Ati to have visited Roshar either as a shard or beforehand.
  7. I am aware I meant is he quoting a line from each book and referencing the similarities between them or is their a larger meaning?
  8. Also Sazed also changed how the metalic arts work a bit and their are no more full Feruchemists(people can only store one metal not all of them).
  9. I assume you are referencing something. Do you mind breaking it down for the uninitiated?
  10. Perhaps shadblades weigh what the spren or radiants consider to be optimal. In fact it is possible that the bearer determines the weight of the blade unconsciously when bonding the spren or that the spren adjusts its weight to the holder's individual needs.
  11. Perhaps their souls are tortured?(Yikes!) It does not it is just something to consider.
  12. We know that this time was quite short. Hoid is crazy but I do not think that he is that crazy.
  13. Heralds go to Braize because of the oathpact normal people go beyond(we don't actually know what this means) same as in real life.
  14. OB end when he is seeking past a fused guard and recognizes her from the days of the dawnsingers. Perhaps humans are new arrivals but from what we know war started fairly quickly once they arrived.
  15. What kills me most about Moash is that he is not even self questioning. Even at all time low levels for Dalinar he still tried to understand and justify his actions he still cared enough to abide by his principles as he understood them even if it caused him pain. Moash has not a moral fiber in his body. He is morally an infant who kills people in what is the adult equivalent of a tantrum. The only reason that he does feels unhappy right now is because his father figure (Kaladin) who he does admire happens to be disappointed in him not because he feels he violated any understanding of human decency.