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  1. Roshar has some.
  2. I seriously doubt that any native ducks exist. All forms of Rosharan chickens seem to be imported.
  3. Vin at the time only knows 13. The 10 she learned with Kel that all Mistborn know +1 for his eleventh metal. She learns aluminum when it is used on her so that makes 12 and she learns duralumin by deducing that aluminum has an opposite making 13. So yeah it is a typo.
  4. The chapter also used to be online at Brandon's website. It may still be there.
  5. We don't actually know much but the three bondsmiths each bond one. https://coppermind.net/wiki/Order_of_Bondsmiths#Theories_and_Speculation
  6. It seems fairly clear that they were not. The "obvious" answer is that they were the three great spren.
  7. Seems like a decent assumption. Pulling the spike out does the same thing.
  8. This is how I see him so go figure.
  9. Spensa shall behead your favorite champions!
  10. Um. If two health consenting adults are trapped together with nothing else to do...
  11. In raw power I say about twice as powerful. Because of the inquisitor vs Elend scene.
  12. To be fair her entire culture is very aggressive and cringe worthy. Your average defiant is probably not what we would call well balanced. Really? To me he looks nothing like that.
  13. So with Venli and Eshonai flashbacks we will actually get their perspective on events in the upcoming Rhythm of War. I personally think that reading from the perspective of a generally doomed people would be super depressing. (Although if told with Rlain as the main character you really could do something. Oh great now I have started to outline the book...). It is a testament to Brandon's writing that the books would work validly from either perspective.
  14. Chapter 34 OB. It is pretty easy to spot Dalinar is talking to the Windrunner.