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  1. Thing is that any one or two feruchemical powers are pretty beatable as weaponry gets more advanced. Additionally switching leaves you vulnerable like a video game boss. In short while it is a problem it is not unsolvable.
  2. Only the quantity of investiture is really different.
  3. The everstorm has a spren. Everything in the universe thinks about itself as is though about by others. If it does not then it cannot really be said to exist. A synthetic gemstone is possible although rosharans don't know how to make them just yet. Imprisoning large spren is possible. It is also generally a very bad idea as a certain even in rosharan history makes abundantly clear.
  4. To your first question. We know of no reason why they cannot work this way. In fact there exists some evidence that they do given the existence of large quantities of freely available feruchemical attributes on the southerner's ship. The problem is that you cannot make use of multiple unsealed metalminds at the same time so you cannot freely compound multiple attributes simultaneously.
  5. Well sadly the answer will very between Feruchemists based on experience, aptitude and situation. We don't actually know much about Fortune itself. I have a theory about it here but that is just some guesswork I came up with based on some vague hints. Brandon has been coy about canonizing anything. I do believe that coppermind storage can be used at a high degree of efficiency(something like 90% although I can't find the WoB atm). So in order to gain 50 times the normal amount of fortune for one second you could probably accomplish that in a few minutes. Unfortunately the effects would probably not show themselves in any significant way although you would catch the attention of every shard in the system and maybe of the spren or gods if you were on Roshar and Nalthis respectively.
  6. Sadly Brandon likes to troll us. Unless he actually confirms the answer I don't think a RAFO with a wink confirms much of anything.
  7. You are correct.
  8. I would say that Preservation would still be fueling the ability. Ruin supplies the investiture needed to make the acquisition of a spike possible. In general Ruin does not like to output large amounts of energy for any reason.
  9. Her intention was clearly to give herself just cause to act in self defense. Jasnah's intention was to kill those four men. Under the circumstances you may or may not consider her behavior justified. Those four would almost certainly have killed her if given the opportunity and most people would say Jasnah was within her rights to defend her own life regardless of her intentions. I personally think that since she could easily have just immobilized them and handed them over to the authorities that her actions were unethical as she personally made the decision to kill when she did not have to.
  10. I liked the interludes but not my favorite skyward novel. Still good though. It was nice seeing the rat slayer cut loose as champion pirate. The additional lore was good too.
  11. I don't recall that either.
  12. Source? All three moons seem to predate Honor and Cultivation
  13. It is not a profoundly silly question. Evidence points to no though. Using cosmere linguistics Ba-Ado-Mishram's name seems to indicate something along the lines of "child of the light of Mishim"(Mishim being the moon Wit told his story about)
  14. Felt a bit like a low budget trailer but a worthwhile read. Objective score B/B+. Brandon adjusted score C/C+.
  15. Think of Kandra as the software that runs on the mistwraith hardware. Koloss are human software but the hardware has been heavily modified(to the point where most of the original programing does not work). Mistrwaiths don't normally support Kandra software and must be modified with hemalurgy to run propperly. If you destroy the hardware of a physical being the software goes to the beyond. It is possible to tamper with or remove the software in either case and leave the hardware behind but in the cases you are talking about the hardware is destroyed both times. Once freed from incompatible hardware the koloss revert to their original specs.