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  1. Vasher makes some sense. More likely he just intercepted a report by Navani.
  2. A full mistborn could gain feruchemy using southern scadrian tec. No need for him to do any kind of body mod. Also Kel is a sliver so he might be able to work out how the Teris were granted feruchemy to begin with. It is possible that the manner in which he joined his body granted feruchemy as a byproduct but that is its own kettle of fish. I would need to make an entirely new theory about the nature of investiture and the way magic systems develop. I think he just needed a bindpoint and thought gaining stealsight at the same time would be a good idea but there may have been multiple possibilities and that was just one trade off. Exactly. Also Allomancy by nature is a preservation power. Vin and Kel note that this type of investiture is designed to shore up cracks in the spirit web. Use it with enough skill and he might just be able to pull his body and spirit together just by burning metals although the exact way in which they were put together might be a bit weird Nalthis spoiler
  3. Thanks. Good to be back Just breaking the lifeless would also work but it might also leave him vulnerable to others who are capable in the same ways(powerful awakeners, soothers, and so on). Not having his body under control would be a problem. Also just having your body on a remote control control might not be satisfactory. A hemalurgic spike may make openings but if Kel himself is in all those openings the problems should be mitigated. The close connection between Kel and his body would make breaking it as a lifeless much more difficult and Kel could probably block someone using soothing(after all even TLR could not force him to quit).
  4. Who or how Kelsier has managed to reconnect with a physical body is a constant question for the fandom these days. Thanks to some recent WoBs I think we can now at least come up with a full theory at least. + If Kel were to have someone get a few breaths and animate his old bones as a lifeless, then have the lifeless tap an unsealed metalmind of healing he could have his body back in perfect physical condition. After he does so the only problem is "making a new string." If you bring the new body into the CR one could preform hemalugy of the same type he uses to gain a connection to Spook. A lifeless does not have a force of will capable of resisting outside control so Kel can then move his lifeless body as if it were his own making it that much easier to connect them even more firmly(compounding connection for example).
  5. No. You can get up to date on everything we know about the cosmere(read all the cosmere books, unpublished works, and WoB) then put together the information available from deductive reasoning. However the cosmere is constantly growing and becoming more complex. High level cosmere scholars like those of us on the shard can sometimes anticipate future changes but even we are surprised fairly regularly.
  6. Navani. She was just there for a while but as we learned more about her she became a fun character.
  7. While we eventually realize that it is possible for good people to do bad things it is much harder for us to get our heads around the idea of bad people doing good things. Understanding that good people make mistakes, have bad days, possess blind spots, and are capable of anger and viciousness is an important part of growing up. On the other hand it is very easy to simply right off someone bad as incapable of doing good or treat their good deeds as somehow incidental. Lin Davar might have been faced with tragic circumstances but abuse is always a choice and he engaged in it regularly. The fact that he was a person who was capable of love and compassion does not change the fact that he was a human dumpster.
  8. Wow. Thanks for jumping in off the deep end and reading my theory even though you are new. I would categorize that as old style magic(supported by the fact that Raboniel considers it an "old trick"). The lifespren are induced to turn light into extra fast growth by the fact that people are acknowledging them through their rhythm.
  9. Define die. The fused can just will themselves to leave their bodies and the Heralds can probably manage the same trick or a similar one. I personally think they meet up again for a post battle report and analysis. It might be a good idea for them to stick around for a while and reintroduce some concepts like sanitation depending on what type of damage the humans took. Of course that does risk the more depressing thought of the Heralds all willingly teleporting to torture world after spending a few days celebrating/commiserating with the victorious humans. I actually covered that in my theory if you are interested. I even have a few ideas about why Nale and Ishar acted the way they did but they would derail your thread.
  10. The odds of a civilian attempting to fight Szeth are pretty low. No matter her surgebinding Shallan was not combat capable and would have been evacuated from any area that Szeth was in immediately. Dalinar saw nine honorblades in vision. Given he has seen Amaram's on at least two occasions and no two are alike he would have recognized it if it belonged to Shallash.
  11. In that case sure. The voidbinding you are referring to may actually be one of the best proofs of my theory there is. On Roshar humans and singers have come to believe in the ten surges. On Braize however there are no humans or singers, only the fused. On that planet they only believe in nine surges and "acts of Odium" so their magic system took form that way(a what could have been if humans thought differently). What we are seeing with Renarin is the two magic systems colliding. Odium's tone has become part of roshar and the fused still consider themselves a part of the planet so they are importing their own variant. A derivative magic system you might say.
  12. Winces. I am not convinced we have ever seen any voidbinding at all so I really don't have anything to go on here. Since we know absolutely nothing about voidbinding I really don't have anything concrete. Also because of the several ways it is used I am not 100% sure what exactly you are referring to when you say "voidbinding."
  13. Exactly. Another theme is the re contextualizing of memories. Kaladin seeing loss and pain rather then heroism in his brother's actions or Dalinar seeing his treatment of Evi as purely as an example of how terrible he was rather then accepting how large an effect she had on him. In Ba-Ado-Mishram's case unmaking her would be like taking an idea that is important to communal identity, say patriotism, and turning it into something hateful out of spite or a sense of grievance, a la the confederate flag. It is also a rather chilling example of what Odium does. The singers became so deeply connected to Ba-Ado-Mishram that when it was gone there was nothing left of them.
  14. Welcome to the shard. I actually had an entire spin off theory about Ba-Ado-Mishram and what the Heralds were trying to do but I did not make that particular connection. It would make a lot of sense though. An old theory that has been nattering around in the back of my head is that Ba-Ado-Mishram was originally the spren of poetry and culture before her unmaking(that comes from translating the name as "child of the light of mishrim" with mishrim being the clever and tricky moon known to inspire poets with her faint violet light in the evenings). The loss of the singer traditions would have been like loosing childhood memories during a traumatic experience.
  15. Thanks for picking up on that. I was not trying to imply that Ishar made the ideals. More that he made it so that the oaths had to be sworn to enhance the connection between spren and radiant. Before progress for a windrunner might be dependent on how honorable you were feeling(how much your emotions were in line with your spren's intent) but after it was about a clearly stated interpretation of that idealized honor. Am I making sense?