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  1. But it should probably not stay in the gem. The gem must have some kind of release or the spears would easily be overloaded by the windrunners.
  2. Or it just might be the general weirdness of Aimia(very frustrating) but that does confirm it happens sometime during the OB timeline when the Everstorm has been around for a while and was starting to be understood. Since That is only a 96 day period and I think we can safely rule out the first 30 days or so. I am also going to be lazy and just say that it is around the middle of that period day 67. Five months from that (Rosharan months) is 250 days latter would be around four months after OB ends. They should make landfall about a month latter so this novel should take place sometime near the middle of the two SA books.
  3. I don't think either of them are ready for the responsibility. Also maybe a bad idea during wartime. What about them both leaving to go to shadesmar(most of us think this will happen in part two)?
  4. If you worked out with stormlight it would actually undo all the progress you make as you make it. Forgery could save you a work out certainly. Just make a stamp that said you worked out previously and exaggerate a little.
  5. With Navani's lecture on fabrail construction I think we have some clues on what is happening when a radiant draws in stormlight. During her lecture Navani explains the Arnist Method This seems fairly similar to how a radiant sucks stormlight from gemstones. However for it to happen in an identical manner humans there would have to be some other form of displacement. Basically the radiant would have to temporarily shrink of move their soul from their body. Spren only appear fully in the PR when they don't appear fully in the cognitive. To do this radiant spren bond humans. I think when drawing in stormlight radiants are doing the reverse. The spren is drawing the radiant's soul into the cognitive and perhaps spiritual realms(more on this in a bit). The stormlight moves to inhabit the radiant's body and can be commanded by the radiant using the talents of the spren(gained through spirit web intertwining). This is supported by Kaladin catching a sight of the cognitive realm while training in the chasms. As a radiant progresses through oaths they gain increased abilities. It seems reasonable that they pull themselves further thus gaining an increased ability to draw on larger amounts of stormlight. It also explains what bondsmiths do when charging radiants. A bondsmith spren is much more powerful and spiritually oriented then a normal true spren. As such they can move a bondsmith's soul a bit into the spiritual realm thus opening a partial perpendicularity that charges the radiant. Dalinar can go the full way(because of the Stormfather's new Honor derived powers) allowing him to open a full perpendicularity. This might also explain why Jasnah say that holding too much stormlight is not good for a radiant(OB). The body and soul of the radiant could become dependent on the constant influx(we see this with savantism). It also explains why Dalinar finds opening the portal so tiring. He is straining the bond between soul and body. I worry that if he tries to hard he might break it.
  6. Roshar does not even have roads. I don't think rail tracks are going to be a thing that you can keep around for very long.
  7. They are probably reserving them for upper level fused. Also the fused might not want to risk using them. We don't know if they are retained on fused death.
  8. They seem more or less standard issue. If Kaladin can ID them so easily and most of bridge four have them then they should have captured a few by now.
  9. Not quite. Somebody did the math and Jasnah turning the bolder to smoke in WoKs would have killed everyone in the area. I was thinking you would just soulcast something out of the air. If you had nail shaped molds you could rain down nails.
  10. You could still make iron blocks rain down by soulcasting air.
  11. Contextually. It was because he was smiling at the waitress while on a date coupled with his reputation of being flighty that made his partners overly agressive. He also made a number of mistakes. The fact that these were not mistakes of dramatic importance but rather the more quiet sort of mistakes that plenty of people make when they are in a relationship do not make them any less important to Adolin personally. The two of them were separated for most of that book. I am assuming that their relationship still requires some work and that work is going to happen on screen. He still has to work out why he did it and come to terms with what that means for him as a person. Agreed but I don't think that is a bad thing. He was not supposed to be a major character like Kaladin or Dalinar. His job was to help us understand SA in general and help the characters understand themselves and each other. There is room for expansion if you want to go that way depending on what happens in SA4 but that does not indicate that he is either flawed or pointless.
  12. By that logic the metal could be almost anything.
  13. Soulcasting does not preserve mass it preserves shape.
  14. I think it could be both. Their honor is probably important to them(a point of pride as well as a good touch stone for their own sanity). Additionally warfare often does involve negotiations with the enemy. It is beneficial for Team Radiant to be able to trust Team Odium during a parley so Odium allows them to keep their sense of honor such that it is.
  15. I think at the very least Shallan, Kaladin, Szeth, and Dalinar should all do ideal five during the first five books. Szeth doing so could prove that he is more correct then Nale, Dalinar is going to have a huge arc in book 5, Kaladin is our main and deserves a finished story arc, and I want Shallan to be a happy self actualized person.