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  1. I personally think that Nohodon is "just" an idea.
  2. Perhaps. I think it more likely that the blessing would confer something more along the lines of attitude.
  3. The champions have always been spoken of in single terms. While I am sure more then one character will get a cool face off I don't think those contests will matter as much as the one between Odium and Honor's champion's(for one thing how would victory be determined?).
  4. Sad face.
  5. Cultivation has her own magic system. Radiant surgebinding is Honor's.
  6. I am more of a Vin's death fan. Good Harmony! That came out wrong.
  7. I am going to refer you to Vin and Saze in Mistborn: The Final Empire. The fact that Kelseir was an ordinary man does not mean that he lacks the authority to found a religion or that he cannot inspire faith and belief. I would also like to refer you to Lightsong. Lightsong does not inspire faith in Scoot because he is a God he inspires it because he is proof that goodness exists and that someone has a plan. Even the Kandra's faith is not based on any belife that preservation is infallible they just have faith that he is and do the best they can in the mean time. I personally would not except any of the shards or Adonalsium as God but that does not prevent me from believing that their is a God and I would keep that faith even if I did live in the Cosmere.
  8. That is quite odd.
  9. What is this?
  10. fused

    They likely need a large amount of food, a low population of predators(humans) and good places to form chrysalises(the Shattered plains). Spren are kind of around on Roshar. Rysn makes a point of how irritating feeding Chiri is "you just ate." If Chiri could fend for herself I think Rysn would know by now.
  11. fused

    Most of them were apparently destroyed during the scouring of aiimia. That is one remote island. If they can subsist on spren they should be much more widely available. Also if they can Chiru Chiru would not need to be fed. She(she is a she right?) could just eat the concentration or logic spren that periodically concentrate around the individuals in the accounting office.
  12. fused

    I am not convinced that a larkin can easily eat a spren. Spren have their own identity. That might make it harder. Also if they could subsist on spren they would be widely seen across Roshar but they are not.
  13. Nightblood can be deadly without even using it to kill people personally. Provided you can wield it safely you don't even need any sword training to use it. Just give it to your enemy as a present.
  14. The difference depends on your classification system. I personally would not consider inquisitors human because of their warped perception as apposed to any physiological changes.
  15. Access will not be a problem if she continues to associate with Radiants. Regrowth is no different from taking in stormlight yourself.