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  1. Back five SA will open with Gawx cleverly capturing Lift with a food baited trap so that he can keep her still long enough to propose.
  2. Converting investature is difficult. Also Odium might not want that. Finally it might actually decrease utility for example I don't know if it would work on oathgates anymore.
  3. The two constructs are extremely similar. A lightweaving is very similar to a lifeless.
  4. Didn't they give it to him first. All investiture should be corruptible.
  5. I doubt that is going to happen. Although I do hope he and Lift visit. Slippers?
  6. If you say so. However my statement still stands. Online polls should not be relied on for actual data. I know right? You come up with a well reasoned detailed theory and then you get Brandon WoB smashed by the god beyond themselves. You feel like a fly that just got hit with an assault weapon.
  7. Sure if the real world was a work of literature. It is actually more of the beginning of a new plot line. Adolin has now admitted he can't be the person Dalinar wanted him to be he now has to figure out who he actually is. This is also a possibility. I want to add that it is not like online polling is particularly accurate.
  8. Agreed we are still at the climax stage.
  9. But as a shardblade you can just dismiss it at any time no?
  10. 1 hour ago, ILuvHats said:

    The fact that this is the only decent theory I've made makes me want to come up with more.

    Then do so.  Everyone on the forms will be happy to help!

    1. ILuvHats


      Thanks for the encouragement. It's mostly a matter of a busy schedule, and the fact that it's been a while since I've dived deep enough into Brandon's books to hit upon nuggets worthy of theory crafting. Sometimes it feels like all the good theories have already been thought of. I'll definitely post anything good I think of though. I generally try to. :D

  11. I get that she rubs you the wrong way and no character can please everyone however with characters whose are not obviously terribly written cough cough Anekan(whose name I will not even spell correctly) it is often a good idea to separate your perception of the character with who they are objectively. For example many people like Dany but if you view her objectively you should either pity her or be scared of her destructive potential. I am also with @Config2 I really don't like Dany(she scares me) but that does not mean that she does not deserve a cheer for her breaker of chains moment. Right but with Shallan the cleverness is usually temporary. Sure she outsmarts the ghoostbloods but then they catch up to her similarly. This one definitely comes back to bite her. Shallan has friends? Did I miss something? She is actually. I would probably have stayed catatonic after the first event in her life.
  12. Both really.
  13. I think he is more of a Dustbringer honestly. The lantern core is very big on different kinds of bravery.
  14. Also most of the shards we have seen tend to think themselves invincible.