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  1. Perhaps but a rod of pure investiture would explain some of the problems we have with the system. If you create a rod as you use it...
  2. "If they are spren then the subscribe to the uncertainty principle." If we can define them we can know them if we know them we can beet them!"
  3. It actually kind of make sense if you accept TLR implicitly as a deific being.
  4. You could make it so that no one knows where the power comes from and as such a bunch of different people have different theories on the source of the magic. Alternatively magic could take energy from the natural world(the biosphere is weakened when magic is done) from any source of energy that humans normally use(wind, solar, various fuels, the winds) or even from within your own body. You could also just break thermodynamics and say that magic comes from whatever controls it and that is that.
  5. They could actually use glyphs for everything on the PC sheet and mathematics are somewhat masculine.
  6. No actually he is Honor's. Tanavast was the human holding Honor's power that produced the Stormfather.
  7. Alright here goes. Atium allows an individual to glimpse the future via the spiritual realm in which all times are one. Because it is Ruin's essence people believe that it makes them better killers via allowing them to see the future in combat. I don't think it tracks the spiritual aspect I believe it tracks a person's intentions if that makes any sense. Alternatively it just tracks the body but in the future. Either way I don't think that Szeth could fool it(although we don't realy understand what Nale did that well).
  8. Alternatively it could just be that individuals who know more about Honor use his given name while others just use Honor as a generic.
  9. Luther complied immediately
  10. So, under this system the more you did magic the more magic you could use.
  11. Luther swung with his blade missing but then slapped the attacker with an open hand and and a full lashing upward.
  12. Similar problem. Brandon generally does not talk much about unpublished works and he has so far refused to answer questions about Trell.
  13. Intriguing. Care to elaborate?
  14. Luther summoned his shardblade and rushed to engage irritated that he had not planned appropriately for this confrontation by mastering shardblade stances.