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  1. That is a highly ambiguous question. Some context would perhaps be helpful. I would say that a good citizen is someone who has a personal investment in a government or other political process and acts accordingly.
  2. Interesting. Hemalurgy being involved at all is technically speculative. I am not really sure what you are talking about. Could you explain?
  3. Southern Medallions remain one of the cosmere's most irritating mysteries. They are fundamental to an entire civilization's survival yet we have no idea how they work. Key to their creation is a mysterious item called an excisor. Again we have no idea what they are or how they work. Some context and a couple of statements by Brandon have gotten me interested again and I came up with an idea. It has been suggested before that hemalurgy is somehow involved. This does not make sense though in the context that a society with full understanding of how this magic works would be able to create bands of morning. Additionally southerners lack the metalborn needed to create large numbers of medalions so hemalurgy does not make sense in that context but it might with some slight modification. It would be difficult but not impossible. However what if you go the other way? What happens if you try and use a metalmind as a hemalurgic spike? A mostly full spike could still hold a small charge less then the full power. I get the idea from liver transplants. Rather then engaging in the ethically problematic practice of organ harvesting sometimes removing a small portion that grows back is possible. I also wonder if the resistance between feruchemy and hemulurgy would work like electrical charge. Perhaps the reason these medallions don't run out is because the power is pushed away into the center of the spike by the feruchemical charge and does not have a chance to leak out. I am still work shopping this so help please.
  4. Your analogy is flawed. A more accurate portrayal would be signing a contract for security. The firm is still not getting payed if we kill you instead of an outside force.
  5. Singer society is much harder to break then the human one. Remember they can specialize much more easily and rely less on knowledge and training then on forms. Roshar is a pretty big place and it did not always have a large scale information network. Trying to kill the entire population sounds implausible.
  6. More accurately it was "I and the diagram will serve you." Taravangian killed Rayse. I would count that.
  7. I would say no because Taravangian reneged on his end of the deal.
  8. Duralumin enhances the speed at which investiture is used but it does not necessarily use all of your investiture immediately. You would get a much more powerful and possibly more efficient lashing.
  9. In this case I see "damage" as a loose term. Odium's ability to control himself or put another way Rayse's ability to control his shard was sliding. Remember the shard has its own desires however it is a force without any native intelligence. It relies on the focused direction of its vessel to get anything done. The more intelligent and experienced the vessel the better. As we saw with Vin sometimes working with your shard's intent can actually yield results contrary to what the power is actually trying to do and vice versa(plugging the ashmounts and fighting Ruin). What went wrong with Odium was that he bet a huge amount on Dalinar falling. When this did not happen he was left in a bind. I think that trying to avoid fulfilling a deal of some kind with Dalinar was a lot like the experience of an addict. The shard by its very nature wanted to fulfill a promise contrary to its own self interest. With strength of will Odium managed to hold off for a while but he could not avoid the promise this way anymore then an addict could alter the chemical balance in their brain by trying. The slide was in my view how the shard's immediate needs kept overwriting what it actually wanted until Rayse fell off his game completely.
  10. In OB Venli questions one of the fused about this and they respond by saying that they will give up and rest once the humans are dead.
  11. Not for Taln but he was vastly outnumbered and in a hostile environment. I think it may have been mentioned somewhere that they could hold out for a year maybe but I may have just dreamed that.
  12. The stormfather says this yes. However the fused have a lot of time to get this working.
  13. The metal you refer to was created by something that invested on scadrail itself. You can't even more stormlight offworld.