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  1. So in other words if you had a perfect crystal structure, it WOULD give off light perpetually given that it continuously pulls light from the spiritual realm. The amount of Stormlight pulled into the gem initially IS finite, but it continues to access energy from the spiritual realm to give off light. That is my understanding now; correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. I assume Rayzium (the investiture conducting metal the fuzed use) is the god metal of Rayze (Odium). I also assume that given how spren both come from shards and manifest in the physical realm as metal, this metal is the god metal of the associated shard the spren came from. If this is the case, could a mistborn burn a shardblade? If so, what would that do to the spren?
  3. So I know this is fantasy, but Brandon Sanderson always tries to base everything around actual physics (which i love!!!); so I wonder if there is an explanation for this. Light is a form of energy, which can neither be created nor destroyed. We learn in the Stormlight archives that a perfect crystal structure can pretty much hold a set amount of Stormlight indefinitely while continuously giving off light. Is not this a violation of the Conservation of Energy? Once a set amount of Stormlight is infused into the gemstone, should it not countinuously diminish in light over time given the simple fact that it shines. Unless there is a connection to the spiritual realm i don't understand yet, it could not give off light indefinitely as that would make it a perpetual energy source. My reasoning says that if a gemstone can hold Stormlight indefinitely, it would have to give off no light whatsoever. I am not trying to troll here, but am honestly curious to see if there is an explanation for this.
  4. What form do the listeners have following the Everstorm? It isnt dull form given how easily they can speak and interact. Do they have spren in their gemhearts? If not, how can they be in an intelligent form? I could be completely misunderstanding the nature of their beings, but does someone have some insight?
  5. If Dalinar could reforge honor, could he reforge devotion and dominion? If so, what would happen to the Seons and AonDor?
  6. If a sandmaster were to wield nightblood, would he be able to fuel it with water? Would white sand have to be around in order for this to work? Or would nightblood simply consume the sandmaster?
  7. Would a sand master be able to control sand on other world or only where that organism grows?
  8. In white sands, are the people invested, or is it the sand that is invested? The first being that only certain people can master sand while the latter being anyone can learn (including worldhoppers). Additionally, if it is the sand that is invested, could only sand from that planet be used with this form of investiture? I believe this is the case given that Khriss finds a film over the sand particles (if I remember correctly).
  9. When one elsecalls, they move their whole self into shadesmar. That is my understanding. Somehow only this is different from soulcasting when the person looks into the realm in order to communicate with the objects. However when an individual looks into shadesmar to soulcast, they are still exposed to all the dangers of the place (like drowning). How are they not fully entering shadesmar if they are interacting with the place like someone who is fully there would?