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  1. Guys, I need to know I'm not the only person on this whole frickin' website that watches Over the Garden Wall. Please. And if you haven't watched it... well, I'm pretty sure you have lots of time on your hands.
  2. Ooh! Now I want to read this!
  3. This is so cool!
  4. Is anyone else getting serious Shallan vibes from Wanda? The way she seems to know what's actually happening but is shutting it out and creating new memories and life? Just me?
  5. Googly eyes make everything better. Trust me.
  6. Deep questions, my friend.
  7. Honestly, they mostly taste like nutmeg, cloves and sugar. Lots and lots of sugar (Though I did end up munching both heads in the spirit of the holiday)
  8. Hi

    Welcome, welcome! Which books have you read?
  9. Duuuuuuude...
  10. Welcome, welcome!
  11. Welcome! Who's your favorite character?
  12. Has anyone read the comics? They have several adventures that aren't in the show, and they're really good.
  13. This is so cool!!
  14. This is incredible!!!
  15. Daaaaang!!
  16. AGGGHHH!! I want it!!!
  17. By Harmony's scudding forearms, this is awesome!
  18. Stupendous Man forever!
  19. My mom got my brother a deluxe collection as a graduation present, and it was one of the four times in my life I've seen him cry.
  20. I'm desperately hoping Nazh's actual name is something like "Fight The Good Fight Of Faith" or "If Jesus Christ Had Not Died For Thee Thou Wouldst Be Damned". (There are actual records of people with those names. I kid you not.)
  21. Whoever did the movie would have to be careful not to make it too slapstick. It's a fine line to walk, with Alcatraz being all stoopid and cracking jokes throughout, but with the undertone that he really did go through some stuff. And you'd have to be careful to not make the narration too constant or annoying, 'cause that would just be frustrating.
  22. I just watched Little Women (1994) with my mom to celebrate her birthday last night. That movie makes me inexpressibly happy. Also Emperors New Groove. That movie puts a smile on my face just to think about it.
  23. Fall colors on the mountains, when my doggo nibbles my ear, jumping in a freezing cold lap pool, this one brand of face wash, my pumpkin plants, waterfalls, Thai food, fish tacos, sunsets, rooftops, seals, spaghetti.