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  1. Whoever did the movie would have to be careful not to make it too slapstick. It's a fine line to walk, with Alcatraz being all stoopid and cracking jokes throughout, but with the undertone that he really did go through some stuff. And you'd have to be careful to not make the narration too constant or annoying, 'cause that would just be frustrating.
  2. I just watched Little Women (1994) with my mom to celebrate her birthday last night. That movie makes me inexpressibly happy. Also Emperors New Groove. That movie puts a smile on my face just to think about it.
  3. Fall colors on the mountains, when my doggo nibbles my ear, jumping in a freezing cold lap pool, this one brand of face wash, my pumpkin plants, waterfalls, Thai food, fish tacos, sunsets, rooftops, seals, spaghetti.
  4. I do really love all the POV from Bridge Four. Rock's chapter is a favorite of mine. I also like it when we get interludes of people elsewhere on Roshar, and we get to see how other cultures and people are perceiving Alethkar, Dalinar, and the whole Desolation.
  5. Welcome! Those are some awesome costumes!
  6. This is spectacular!
  7. Yeah, I've been reading Fellowship for about a month, but I actually found a really awesome audiobook of it on YouTube, so I've been listening to that while doing puzzles.
  8. Hello! I'll join! I like makeup when I have reason to wear it. Plays, church, girls'-night's-where-it's-me-alone-in-my-room-with-makeup-and-chocolate. To be honest, I haven't worn any makeup for about 4 months, since I only go out in public to get milk from Walmart. Speaking of pockets, does anyone else hate it when their jeans have frickin fake pockets sewn on? Maybe it's just me, but that's one of my biggest pet peeves.
  9. Welcome!
  10. Ah, yes. Adorable, tormented, literally-spiked-through-the-head Marsh. What a cutie!
  11. These are SICK! Some of the best fan art I've seen!
  12. Wow! This is impressive!
  13. Aww... the original home page was such a pathetic 2000's website!
  14. Welcome! Would you like a cookie?
  15. Just wondering, do y'all think it's wrong that every time I read the books I skip The Scouring of the Shire? I promise I don't skip anything else, it's just that chapter that I can't stand. Throughout the books, the Shire represents everything they're fighting for, the goodness and innocence. It just doesn't feel like a victory to me when they have to continue to get rid of the evil that's infected the land that has always been safe even after they've defeated Sauron.