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  1. "Uh... no." Not seriously, at least, and she wasn't going to mention the huge bruise she was going to have right in the spot where it hurt most to sit. @ShadowLord_Lith @Kingsdaughter613 @Ookla the very snazzy
  2. "Um... yes. Yeah, I'm fine." They were all looking at her funny, which Lisse did not appreciate. She wasn't a child. "We should go. I'd like to find my horse..."
  3. Lisse breathed a sigh of relief. She tried with as much dignity as she could muster to climb out of the bushes. Her adrenaline was still pumping, and she felt tears in her throat. But no, no. Stupid Gallen had already embarrassed her tonight with his comments about her fighting abilities. She wouldn't start crying now.
  4. Do you plan on RPing in TKND anymore? 

    1. Merlin


      Not really. Sorry.

    2. AonEne


      Good to know, thanks for the answer.

  5. Lisse had never tried so hard not to breathe. She'd run into two stray bandits, who had, unsurprisingly, spooked Tom for the millionth time that night, and he'd tossed her off his back and into the trees. Lisse had scrambled away as the bandits calmed Tom enough to harness him. She'd been crouched under some bushes for the last half hour. Lisse froze suddenly. She heard something from close by. A... scuffle, and a shriek, followed by a girl's voice shouting in Elvish. Lynn.
  6. Woah. Wait, what? Didn't Gandalf travel into the West with Frodo? @Ookla the very snazzy
  7. That's amazing! Shallan looks just like I imagine her!
  8. Lisse started to turn around, but hesitted. They couldn't fight all these by themselves! Then Lynn impaled a bandit, and Lisse panicked. She kicked poor Tom harder than she should have to get away, and he startled and bolted down the road back to Bree.
  9. Lisse blushed a little. "No, I can't use a bow, but... I've been told I'm good with a knife." That was technically true. She'd been told by her great-grandmother once that she had a steady hand while cutting vegetables. (Her grandmother was an odd one for compliments.) @ShadowLord_Lith
  10. Lisse had ended up hiding behind Gallen as he slaughtered bandits like her cousins smashed tiny bugs. When he asked why she didn't carry weapons... "WHAT!?" She yelled, "Is that what you people expect of me? To- to constantly be ready to kill anyone who stands in my way? And of course, I don't know these things! Since the War for the Ring, there aren't supposed to BE any vagabonds along the trails!" @ShadowLord_Lith
  11. A dirty bandit screamed as Lisse kicked him smack between the eyes. Lynn was busy impaling another fellow, and Gallen was shooting left and right. Did normal people carry around multiple weapons all the time? No! For the fourth or fifth time that night, Lisse found herself regretting ever coming to the Prancing Pony. Another bandit (Where did they keep COMING from?) snuck up behind her horse. Lisse shrieked and startled Tom, who wheeled around in panic, tossing the bandit to the side. Poor Tom... he was used to plowing fields and giving little children rides on his back, not fending off dirty highwaymen in the dead of night. Come to think of it, so was Lisse. @ShadowLord_Lith @Ookla the very snazzy
  12. "How'd we get here, Bombadil?" I mutter into my horse's ear. "I wanted a little drink to clear my head, and now..." I trail off, looking down the road a little ways, where the girl, Lynn, is riding near the blond guy and the shady fellow who I swear is a Ranger.