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  1. Ooh! Now I want to read this!
  2. This is so cool!
  3. Is anyone else getting serious Shallan vibes from Wanda? The way she seems to know what's actually happening but is shutting it out and creating new memories and life? Just me?
  4. Googly eyes make everything better. Trust me.
  5. Deep questions, my friend.
  6. Honestly, they mostly taste like nutmeg, cloves and sugar. Lots and lots of sugar (Though I did end up munching both heads in the spirit of the holiday)
  7. Hi

    Welcome, welcome! Which books have you read?
  8. Duuuuuuude...
  9. Welcome, welcome!
  10. Welcome! Who's your favorite character?
  11. Has anyone read the comics? They have several adventures that aren't in the show, and they're really good.
  12. This is so cool!!
  13. This is incredible!!!