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  1. " AHHH! Why do you always sneak up on people like that? "
  2. Pleeeeeaaaaaaasssssse!!!!!
  3. "Jimmy! " "Sir? " "I think something's out to get us. "
  4. More! I just know the eggnog. I meant ending.
  5. On the seventh day of winmas, my true win gave to me: Seven coloured Breaths Six soupy Kandra FIVE OOOO-KA-LAS Four calling chickens Three Honorspren, Two winning Ooklas, And an Ookla in a winning tree
  6. "Well Jimmy, " "Sir? " "Those dang potaters. " "Yes sir. "
  7. "Rising Empires! What a turn of events." said Garreth.
  8. Granted, you slowly waste away from sleep deprivation, but you never feel tired so you never take that much needed nap. I wish to make a perfect score on the ACT
  9. BLIZZARD OF '93!
  10. And if the Ookla's never go, let me win, let me win, let me wiiiiiiiiin!
  11. But the teacher would never admit it.
  12. C.S. Lewis brought up the point that if someone accidentally trips you, you will be angry for a moment, but not seriously angry with them. If someone tries to trip you, and fails, you would still be angry at them. In the first case you are hurt, yet you are not angry. On the second case you aren't actually hurt, but you feel as if there had been some wrong done to you.
  13. Granted! But my power does not come for free. Every time you use your ability, I must take something from your body. Payment, for the use of my power to fuel your manipulation of time. I'll start with your fingers, I wish to forget everything, get one million dollars, and to live in a country house in Ireland.