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  1. Name: Ihishia

    Age: 29 Rosharian Years

    Nationality: Darkeyed Alethi of the Second Nahn

    Appearance: A petite Alethi woman with dark yellowish eyes, and reddish-brown hair. Ihishia has a few dark scars over her body, and another large scar over her stomach.

    Skills: Ihishia is skilled at communication, and is generally able to convince people of her trustworthiness. Her skills in writing and reading are also semi-advanced. Finally, Ihishia is able of body, and relatively good with a sword.

    Abilities/Powers: Ihishia is a second ideal Dustbringer.

    Backstory: Ihishia was born to a family of merchants in the city of Rashir, within the Sebariel Princedom. Her family trained her to follow in their path, and she proved herself skilled as she and her father traveled to Kholinar in order to peddle their wares. On the trip to the capital city, Ihishia started having seizures, which worried her father enough to believe that she had a Voidbringer possessing her. Once the pair reached Kholinar, Ihishia’s father was worried enough to contact the Vorin Church establishment, and Ihishia was taken away for an exorcism. This scarred the young girl so much that she developed a hatred for the church, and thusly bonded her Ashspren, Nevai, on their shared passion. After her captivity with the church, which happened for years, with much torture, Ihishia was finally declared as “cured” and she migrated towards the Shattered Plains, in order to become a merchant. After the battle of Stormseat, Ihishia moved to Urithru and began to learn about her Radiant nature, but shied away from such things at first. Finally, Ihishia confronted herself at the Battle of Thaylen Field, and swore her second oath.


  2. Yeah, there are four left, and one of those four has been claimed. One can only request that you please don’t make another evil order, because I think we already have four of those. Otherwise, have fun!


  3. It was about three minutes before a Team briefing when Isri frantically burst into the room that everyone occupied. She looked ruffled and was carrying a large satchel that carried writing supplies, praying that she wouldn’t be late again. Especially when she given such an important role for such an unruly Radiant, one who had already accidentally shamed her order before. Still, even though  many looked upon her with exasperation, some even looked at her with exasperated fondness. Isri and Fidelity were charming at points, though they weren’t meant for everybody.

    Anyways, Isri sheepishly shuffled toward the seat where she would write down the proceedings of the meeting. She attempted to sit primly, and started writing about the relationships she saw between everybody. That was her specialty. Whilst other Starseekers saw the information someone held, or importance that they held themselves with, Isri saw the people themselves, and the connections between them. Isri saw this point of view as a gift, but she knew that her supervisors would see it as a distraction. That still didn’t faze Isri, even though she took it too far when she wasn’t paying attention to herself, like she was doing at the briefing. Fidelity bobbed up beside her human, and started whispering in her ear. “I know what you’re thinking, and I want to do it too, but we can’t treat these people like our own characters.”

    Isri casually waved her friend off, and turned towards the captain, watching as she started the real stuff, and told the actually important radiants about what they were doing. Isri, aside from just doing the minutes, was going to tag along with everyone, learning as much as she could. This would normally be the lesson of a first, or second ideal, but Isri wa sa strange case. Still, that didn’t make Isri less excited for the mission, especially as she was working with potentially fascinating people. One of her teammates was even a Worldshaper, which was extremely rare to see.

    With a slight giggle, Isri got down to work, and she knew that she was probably going to have fun.


    (I’m sorry if it sucks, I have strep and I’m kinda disoriented)


  4. Isri grinned as the Spren beside her started glowing and whirling at the absorption of Stormlight. She continued pulling aside some of the rubbish and debris that littered the bar. Beside her, Fidelity started dancing around the room, twisting in excitement, because she knew that Isri loved what she was doing. Before the two were found by the Radiants, Isri and Fidelity had spent their time doing this. The Radiant War had destroyed thousands of locations like this, and Isri found them fascinating, especially visiting the places that had otherwise been forgotten. She had never had this opportunity after she had sworn her oaths, but she was now in trouble with the other Starseekers. Honestly, Isri didn’t think that they cared about her anymore. Anyways, this was where Isri belonged anyway, alone with Fidelity and their thoughts.


  5. Okay, I’m going to lay out a character sheet so that we can start soon. Also, regular RP rules apply. No godmodding.



    Character Name - Isri Whitebane

    Physiology - Short and Lean of body, with little muscle to speak of. She has jet black hair and dark blue eyes. Her arms are generally covered with bruises, as she enjoys to wrestle her fellow Radiants, even though she is not very good. 

    Personality - different from most of her order, Isri is a fiery woman who enjoys visiting new places and meeting new people. Isri also has a quick temper, especially around those that she is close with. Her friends are what usually keep her out of trouble, as she has a reckless streak. However, Isri occasionally falls into a spiral of self-loathing, based on her feelings of inadequacy. She also is generally laid back, lest she accidentally drives someone away. Finally, Isri is not self-assertive with her friends, so she could easily succumb to peer pressure.

    Backstory - TBD, as I’m hoping to maybe forge it as we go.

    Powers - Isri is a Starsinger Radiant of the third oath, and therefore is in possession of a blade, that she prefers to use as a staff or a dagger. Her skills in combat are underwhelming, to say the least, as most of her order looks down on violence. However, Isri is still keen to learn, so she often looks to other orders that could teach her. Isri also has skill navigating Shadesmar, which is one of the first things that Starsingers teach their recruits. At the moment, Isri is forbidden the surge of Amplification, due to an unfortunate accident on the training grounds. In regards to her oaths, Isri has promised to her Spren that she would never break them, but she also would not strive for them like most other Radiants. She has chosen to take every oath as it comes to her, and is nowhere near swearing her fourth oath. 

    Spren - The name of Isri’s Spren is Fidelity, and she is a female Guidespren with a personality that reflects her bond mates, though slightly more subdued. Fidelity looks like a vortex in the air, with a nebulous center, which represents her eye. Her voice is generally melodic, and expresses emotion very easily. She has a fundamental understanding of less concrete ideas, and has trouble with solidity. The kinship between Fidelity and Isri is powerful, and Fidelity definitely cares for her human. Once again compared to her human, they are both outcasts in their order, as they don’t always follow the rules.

    Alright! I have no idea if I missed anything, but I’m kind of proud of this.


  6. Alright! I think that I’m finished, so I’m going to post this 


    The Order of Starsingers

    Starsingers are among the more scholarly orders, though not all members fall into this type. However, the largest common factor between individual Starsingers is a fascination with the unknown. They are generally calm people, but there are some firecrackers in the mix. As said, Starsingers often have the compulsion to learn the stories or facts about the people around them. It is known that experienced Starsingers could often be found investigating other planets, or spending time in Shadesmar.

    Starsingers utilize the surges of Transportation and Resonation

    Transportation - mini perpendicularity creation

    Amplification  - amplification is a surge similar to the effects of duralumin on Scadrial, or nicrosil on Scadrial. It enhances the effects of any investiture around it, as well as investiture expended in the user of the surge. Skilled users of Amplification as a combative art can make vibrations and waves of any kind stronger.

    Oaths -

    Life Before Death, Strength Before Weakness, Journey Before destination

    I will give my all on the efforts of my work 

    My passion will guide me to be stronger 

    I will go farther than I ever thought I could 

    My passion will lead me to the infinite fruits of my labors, and I will relish that destination.

    Spren - Guidespren

    Minor Spren - Starspren

    Hope this is OK


  7. Hey! I was simply wondering if I could use the Transportation Surge in my order, as well as maybe borrowing one of your unique ones Dapper. Sorry, it was just that I had a similar idea for one of my surges, and every order shares it’s surge with another. If that isn’t okay than alright! I do have quite a few ideas ;)


  8. Admittedly, It seems that Spren do have personalized names that they tell their radiants when they bond. Sylphrena is an example, as is Pattern, who says his name is a lot of numbers, so Shallan instead calls him Pattern. My personal beliefs with Timbre’s name is that that is her true identity, and the bond granted Venli knowledge instinctive knowledge of this. However, this just may not be the case.