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  1. Yeah. What investiture is your favorite? Also, would you rather be forced into a room with Moash or Amaram? Welcome to the Shard!
  2. Hi. I don’t really like Ham that much. He was a non-entity in the books to me. I also thought Tindwyl was too hard on my perfect boy Elend
  3. Also, I think that Szeth was a coward in the first two books, and a perfect anti-thesis to Kaladin in the Way of Kings.
  4. Yeah, Moash was my choice. However, I can also confidently say that I love to hate Moash. However, I simply HATE Straff Venture. There are many obvious reasons for this, such as the fact that he has a harem and ABUSES HIS CHILDREN. Also he threatened to deflower my sweet child Vin who I will protect forever.
  5. Yeah, sure! That was what I was thinking of as well, because I kind of wanted to use Transportation as a surge. We can also come up with new surges if you’d like, and maybe mix them with some of the old ones?
  6. If anyone cares, I’m gonna slip into my RP personality and start my own story. a reasonably tall young woman walks up to the door of a derilect building, with a run-down sign on the front reading Blackbane Tavern. The young woman smiles forlornly at her building and enters, careful not to get splinters on the broken wood. Her eyes dart around to the disgusting floors and few resources. She sighs, and then sets to work. There are many lit spheres throughout the room, bathing it in an ambient light. Isri always loved working by Stormlight. As she sweeps away a set of broken glasses, she feels a sharp pain in her hand. The sudden sting is enough to elicit a gasp, and the light in the room noticeably dims. Isri pays no mind to this, but small, floating spren beside her does.
  7. I’d definitely allow it. Please, make your story, and discover your order.
  8. A young woman enters the room, her eyes alight with excitement and mirth. She steps up to the person admitting Knights, and starts to speak to them. “Hi! My name is Ehela, and I would like to join the Knights Awkward. I’ve been following your group for a while now, and I think that I would fit in. I have been studying the surges that you use, and the Spren that support you, and I hope to help you all find out more information about Bookbinding. Anyways, I really hope you let me join” With this, Ehela withdraws to the back and waits for a response with her copy of Oathbringer.
  9. hey just doin this to see when this thread is updated
  10. Trapper - Last of the Dusk Vorin - Ississi (Reminiscent of my own name) Unkalaki - nah broooo Shin - Abella-Daughter-Daughter-Patria Sel - Ehelona (Aon for Fire/Warmth) Returned - Blazebringer (I am a passionate, energetic person, who likes Dustbringers) Kandra - IssTiir (I think it fits idk) Intent - Fidelity
  11. OH DEAR ADOLNASIUM HOW HAVE I NOT FOUND THIS PLACE BEFORE. I am serious shipper trash, and I feel for triad Shakadolin, but also maybe a Kaladin/Moash thing like Vin and Zane. I don’t know, there are just a lot of valuable pairings in Stormlight Archive.
  12. I can wholly agree with the whole Kalash thing, but kind of as a corrupted ship based off of the current canon, like Vin and Zane. Anyways, I am pure shipper trash, so this evokes something in me.
  13. I think I just found my new home. Also, this is what comes up when you look for Moash on Google Images
  14. I think that we can all agree that one of the best parts of Stormlight Archive is the world building. The way that every part of the story is perfectly crafted really astounds me. One large part of this is the idea of the Spren. They are (loosely) physical manifestations of thoughts and perceptions, plus also maybe being splinters of a god. Basically, the lore surrounding Spren is fascinating, and sometimes I feel that they don’t get enough credit, but that probably isn’t true. Anyways, this thread is really just talking about the coolest types of Spren, and possibly maybe ideas for new types of Spren. Personally, I am quite partial to Cryptics, and I think creationspren are pretty fun too.
  15. Alright, so I am currently re-reading Oathbringer for the third time, and I just came across the chapter with Shallans first (and only) encounter with Re-Shephir, and there was this one specific line of dialogue that fascinated me. I’m new to the forum, so I don’t know if this has been covered before, but the line in question is in Chapter 30, when Shallan gets to know Re-Shephir through a really surreal experience. Anyways, the exact thing that I’m talking about is this I don’t know. Re-Shephir is probably my favorite Unmade, (I can relate to her attempts to understand humanity) and I can’t help but wonder what would happen if she had managed to bond with Shallan. Any ideas?
  16. Hello! I am an Angry Mistspren. I have read most of the Cosmere books and have finally decided to immerse myself in the fandom. By the way, I haven’t read his short stories, and I’m trying to get my hands on a copy of Arcanum Unbounded. However, I have pored through everything else, and I have done lots of research on the Coppermind. These books were introduced to me by my older brother after I finished the Steelheart Trilogy, and the Rithmatist. (Yes, I do not believe that those books are Cosmere) My favorite Cosmere book is The Way Of Kings, and my favorite Cosmere character is either Elend or Syl. The world that I would live on in the Cosmere is Nalthis, and I have an adoration of bright colors. I am extremely excited to be on this forum, and to be immersed in the fandom. *unintelligible mist whooshes* Angry Mistspren
  17. I don’t need it anyways “My Life to Yours, my Breath Becomes Yours
  18. I took your cookie. You motherheckerrrrrrr
  19. I really like the ideas for all of those, but stoicspren may be my favorite.
  20. Yeah! Rlain bonding anything would be amazing! On another separate note, what do any of you think about the Spren of the Stonewards. I just feel that Stonespren may be too obvious.
  21. Yeah, probably. It was just something I’ve been thinking about for a while. I cannot wait for any other hypothetical Bondsmiths to arise, especially someone bonded to the Sibling, who we know nothing about.
  22. It’d be pretty crazy. Probably like how Eras Three and Four of Scadrial will be crazy. Anyways, memespren probably exist individually, but something like knowledge or awespren would be abundant on the internet. Shifting Topics, does anyone think that Bondsmiths might be able to make Nahel Bonds between Spren and people. It would definitely be another way to make the order unique!
  23. I have not idea whether to take that as a compliment or not.
  24. Honestly, I am a pretty angry person, but Dustbringers are not specifically described as being uniformly angry. I’m also very loyal and brave. The Dustbringers simply felt like what I would fit into.
  25. Thank You for replying so quickly! My favorite magic system is the AonDor. I think that the scope of the system is really fun. Also, I think that I may fit into the Dustbringer Order the most.