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  1. Welcome to the club!! Great answers and thoughts!
  2. I think it's important to recognize that Kal is constantly struggling to see what's right in front of his face. He's complex in a lot of ways, but he ends up falling into many of the "traps" that we as readers are screaming for him to avoid. Though that makes him an endearing hero, it also means that he's more likely to miss the opportunity to expand sometimes. And for storms sake, he'd better say the 4th Oath in the next book! Also, I think the relationship with him and Syl will be where he truly expands in the next couple books. By far my favorite Radiant/Spren tandem.
  3. Welcome! Great thoughts/comments!
  4. I am 100% a Windrunner myself. Though Skybreaker is a close 2nd!
  5. Welcome! Dustbringers are a solid class!
  6. Welcome! Kaladin is as wonderful choice. What Radiant class do you think you’d be most suited in?
  7. I mean specifically from a fan perspective. who prefers one series over another?
  8. Is there a Stormlight vs. Mistborn argument? Anyone have thoughts on that? I’m more curious than anything else. I read SL first, does that sway people, especially those who’ve read the entire cosmere arc?
  9. I couldn’t agree more. I know that there’s definitely a desire for some spren to bond, and her actions displayed this. As Syl and Pattern have both explained, they are less themselves when unbound.
  10. Yeah, he killed me through that first book.
  11. That's a close one for me. Murtagh and Eragon are pretty close. Although Eragon annoyed me at first. lol
  12. That's a good one. can't go wrong with Eragon.
  13. I loved the Kingkiller Chronicles, I am longing for that third book. Apparently it’s close (again). Also been re-reading the Dark Tower Series, but I find myself less engaged since reading Stormlight. The Dagger and the Coin was decent! As was the Legend series. You?
  14. Imagine the implications if she revives? I mean, what does that do to the Oathpact and the spren involvement? I personally think that she could/would make things incredibly hard for the group due to her potential trauma, but it would make for an interesting twist! I love the fact that she engaged, that changes everything. And I always root for Adolin, because you just have to, even Kal does. Hahaha
  15. Hahaha! Isn’t that always the case! There are a few characters in literature that I’m tied to, regardless of opinion! Totally get that.