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  1. *summons an internet highstorm that includes gifs of cats and dogs doing cute things* *WINS*
  2. Granted, but the food will not be real, you will fill like you just ate huge meal but nutritiously you will gain nothing. So if you plan to survive on this you will die very soon. I wish that there will be no bane for the next wish on the thread.
  3. Nooooooooo, we need more ookla's.
  4. Granted, you are now the best in the world at staring at people. I wish for the nightwatcher to change her name to ookla the wishgiver.
  5. You are correct that's my bad, English is not my native language.
  6. I wish for more ookla's in the forum.
  7. "Bleached dirt" Answer: "Spots without light that belongs to me" Answer: "Censord accounts" Answer:
  8. Perhaps the only way to win is to manipulate the other sharders to not post any more.
  9. Granted, you now have PTSD and relive your past evreyday. I wish for an ookla.
  10. The place in the brain that is in charge on cytonic abilities? That's clearly what branderson ment.
  11. Elhokar, only when he realized his mistakes he died.
  12. Heal The Roughs. Hurt Alethkar. I want scadrial to win! Iri - 10 Rira - 7 Reshi Isles - 8 Herdaz - 10 Aimia - 10 Shinovar - 7 Jah Keved - 9 Alethkar - 9 Northern Dominance - 3 Terris Dominance - 7 Hallandren - 10 Elendel Basin - 8 The Roughs - 10
  13. Perhaps the only way to win is to manipulate the other shaders to not post any more.
  14. Granted! Now you are your own father. Since that is impossible, you slowly fade until you vanish from existence. you guy's gave me an idea. I wish to become moderator!
  15. Mist is crawling around us. as the mist fade away you notice that we are in a forest, the forest of the nightwatcher! nearbay stands a small model of urithiru. I wish that all the banes will disappear and only the boons will stay.