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  1. The kholinar wall guard dining hall.
  2. Well thanks guys but I think that for now I will stick to discussions.
  3. Haha, it is a long series took me several months to finish it.
  4. I'm writing from my and it just doesn't let me delete them. Thanks! Oh, I forgot to mention also that I have read all the WoT series.
  5. Well, if I would want to join the alleyverse I would probably do a research about it first. But still thanks for the advice! (How I delete this quotes? I can't get rid of them)
  6. Well, I think that Kell because kaladin always thinks that he is a loser and kelsier will now how to use this. (Actually in afterthought I think that it matters if they both know about the battle the same time (because I don't sure who is stronger but I'm sure that kelsier is better strategist)) Thanks for the advice.
  7. Well, maybe now it's not much of a problem because sazed is in charge. 
  8. Just be careful that ruin won't start whispering you.
  9. Actually the reasone I like Kell is because the last thing I've read is secret history and I always end up loving the last character that I've read about. (It's because Sanderson is such a good writer) I that I might fit into the Elescallers they are pretty cool.
  10. My favorite character is kelsier because he is just awesome. And I have read all the cosmere books except white sand, and the reckoners. (if this is how you spell it I read it in Hebrew)
  11. Hi, I'm new here. Started reading Sanderson in Hebrew last year and now I finished reading them all in English.