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  1. The admins should take your power to ping people, You monster! By the way, I won again!
  2. Just started reading Sja-Anat interlude. Thats mind blowing! I will note here all my infering and theorizing. Syl's interlude: Dawnshard spoiler 1.Sja-Anat work alone. 2.The Unmade are other spren in the same level as the Storm-father, night-watcher and the sibling. Maybe they are forces of nature corrupted by Odium? They are probably like Cusicesh, but then we need to think why isn't Cusicesh unmde like the others, I feel like its great reveal that wee will learn more about in the end of the book. 3. The Sibling is of Honor and Cultivation. Sja calls him they so it might be a group of spren? Maybe its Honor spren and Cultivation spren combined? I hope we will find out. 4. Maybe Rayse has planned how to use hise his shard in none harmful way before the shattering? It seems like there is some conflict between them as Sja-Anat notes. Taravangian interlude: 5. Travangian interludes symbol is so cute. 6. I hope Cultivation have more plans for him. Chapter 20: 1. I'm starting to suspect that veil is the spy she is acting weirdly. 2. Is that eon in the box?!
  3. Maybe he can make a capsule that would be water proof and use it like that.
  4. My pleasure, its exactly like that part in the book in wich Kaladin swore to do what Hoid say because he thought hoid was so funny. Syl was so mad at the betryal in his oath to Zahel.
  5. Especially their babies, who would thought that the Sja anat corruption would be genetical.
  6. The best part was when they killed the dragon.
  7. I have that crazy idea that i saw no one saying. So I'm not thinking this has much of a chance to occur but it is a fun idea: One of the fused will want to take venli's body (might be revenge might be just a whim). Whene it will happen timbre will lock the fused in venli's gemheart and venly wil the body and power of a fused along side with the willshaper radiant power. What do you think? Could timbre and venli do that?
  8. That was awesome! It reminds me a bit white sand.
  9. it will be more convenient to you. Though its kind of wird not being able to read spoilered sections after being inline with the cosmere for the last years...
  10. YKYAS whene you try to help your friend with names to his DnD campaign, and all the names that you cancome up with are sanderson related.
  11. I thought that Ishar used one while forming the Knight radiant surge's, didn't you?
  12. I'm a bit afraid that reading the TWOK prime will spoil the next books in SA. Peter in the thread about the chapters that got released in the anthology said that there are aome plot elements in the book that won't be reveled until book 6. What do you think?
  13. My guess is that because most of the magic systems in the Cosmere have intent as one of the core keys to active the powers, maybe one someone gets emotional it effects his intent and therefore the investiture is flared.
  14. Maybe you can make the bird larger, or you can try to use a short of your name. (Like what the heralds have)
  15. The μ-th ideal, I will find and kill all the edgedancers.