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  1. But the beavers were actually working for...
  2. Giant Potato Monsters!
  3. But he forgot that raccoons are allergic to cheese!
  4. Also he didn't have anywhere to put the Dor.
  5. But kel had a plan. He always has a plan.
  6. Good thing all great heroes carry around extra pants with them wherever they go. You know, just in case.
  7. Ok cool thanks for clarifying.
  8. If mistborns have investiture without metals, wouldn't that mean they have unlimited amounts of investiture inside them at all times? That's pretty intense. That would mean they can hold Nightblood indefinitely!
  9. Since all the ghanderflaffles were killed, remember?
  10. But he forgot to turn himself on so he still wasn't bright.
  11. Who can forget the legendary quote from the great Freddie Mercury: Scaramouch, Scaramouch will you do the Fandango
  12. But one day he found an apple the exact shade of the color orangey-blackish.
  13. I would say that since eating food gives her investiture, if she was a mistborn she would have the investiture to be used for anything that she has access to which uses investiture, meaning she can use any one thing or everything.
  14. Which the punishment is to be murdered in many horrible ways... ...horribly.
  15. She won an award for the best tap dancer in the world. But unfortunately she couldn't actually accept the award since she had no hands.