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  1. Aldred raised a brow. "Kipped down in the Fens, I'd bet," he said, rolling his shoulders as a shiver went through him. That was a nasty place, dank and strange. The flooded old city was nowhere he ever wanted to be.
  2. Aldred looked up from his mug of mead as the bear made to stand. "You're more than welcome to sleep under the tavern. There's an old stable quarter that Liezl uses to store the ale. You're welcome to it if you keep out of the casks." @Chasmfiend#1
  3. worldbuilding

    I understand! There isn't quite a huge rush to get in a character asap, but the sooner you get in the easier it will be to follow the storyline. No pressure though. It's all for fun, after all!
  4. worldbuilding

    Here is the link to the character sheets. You can find an explanation of the world and the magic here. As far as hard/soft goes, it's a bit of a sliding scale. The hardest magic system is probably Ritual, the softest is a toss-up between the other two. Probably Natural magic is the softest. Ritual magic uses runes and an outside investiture source to manipulate the world around you. Anyone can do it, but it takes a long time to learn. Natural magic is gained via belief, which affects the cognitive realm and thus the physical, warping someone or something into an augmented, altered magical version of itself. Innate magic is something someone is born with, and can skew closer to Ritual or closer to Natural depending on your gender or really just your preference, since the gender split is somewhat malleable. I highly recommend glancing over the Google doc first and then asking any follow up questions.
  5. worldbuilding

    Also, there's no true index for scoring like there is in the normal Alleyverse thread. There's less rules here but characters do need to have community approval. Character sheets should be modeled off the ones linked in the Google doc in the OP. The most important step is explaining the why/how of their magic.
  6. worldbuilding

    It would probably eliminate some confusion haha
  7. Renata took another sip of wine and felt her mouth flatten into a line. Typical, she thought. The wealth of kingdoms in his hand, and the man still cooked up a line like that. Wit so rarely paired hand in hand with rank. She turned, tilting her head back to try and look him in the face. Almighty but he was tall, even by Alethi standards, and everyone knew they were basically giants. She stepped back a bit to avoid looking ridiculous. "Brightlord," she said, breezing past his comments on her looks. "What a relief to know someone will be on this expedition with a proper weapon. I don't believe I caught your name?" @Element of Chaos
  8. horror

    @Element of Chaos how old is your character? Trying to decide what kind of flavor of irritated Renata will be at the flirting, and age will be quite the determining factor.
  9. Renata raised her glass to Wilhelm a slight bit before taking another sip. She took a pastry from one of the little trays sitting nearby, and palmed two others for later. Lighteyed food, she thought, eyeing the little confection. It was nonsensically small, but tasted good enough. It was hard to find food with enough kick in the Alleycity, but this was good, filled with some kind of vegetable curry. That part of her that was not part of her shied away from the idea of eating "men's food." Renata shoved it down, taking a bigger sip of wine. Men's food, women's food, that wasn't her concern; she was darkeyed. Food was food. Renata looked harder at Wilhelm, partly to distract herself, partly out of true curiosity. The look in his eyes gave her an uneasy feeling. He seemed hungry, ravenous even, but he hadn't touched any of the food. She made a mental note to watch that one. So many coats, she thought, looking at his bundled form. He must be sweltering in that.
  10. Not a bad skillset, actually, Renata conceded. She watched the woman take a small bite of the food, which seemed odd for how hungry she looked. Probably checking for poison. Clever. She probably should have done the same, though poisoning the entirety of an expeditionary force before it even started seemed highly unlikely, even to Renata's own paranoia. "I'm Renata," she said, taking another sip of the wine. "I'm a courier and a runner. I was a scribe back in Vedenar - full slate of skills. Shorthand, some cartography." She shrugged. Another girl had piped up, calling herself Arun. Renata waited for her to list any skills of her own. The man she was talking to earlier had summoned, then dismissed a shardblade. That would've made him a Brightlord back home - Heralds only knew what that meant here, though. No need to ask his skill, Renata thought. @Sorana
  11. Renata looked up from her inspection of an elaborate fabrial hanging on the wall. She'd heard someone call it a "clock"; apparently, they told the time. This one was embellished within an inch of its life, and Renata was rather impressed that it hadn't ripped itself out of the plaster yet. The speaker was the girl with the limp; she looked like she hadn't seen a decent meal since Aharietiam. Renata wondered what her skills were. She snagged a drink off the tray of a passing servant, nodding as she did so, and sipped at it. They served odd wine here, but Renata liked it well enough, despite the fact that it was almost always one of two colors. This one was light yellow and fizzy. She took a sip. "Perhaps you'd like to go first," she said to the woman, watching over the rim of the glass. @Sorana
  12. "A bear, Aldred?" Liezl was much as Aldred remembered her, a Kurian down to her bones with a bright sheaf of honey-blonde hair and golden tan skin. The scowl she fixed him with was also familiar. Aldred grinned at her. "I told you the next time I was in town I'd bring you something special." Liezl rolled her blue eyes, but couldn't quite keep a smile off her lips. "Five years it's been, and now you come tromping in leading a blighted circus through my pub? If that beast so much as scratches the paint on my walls..." "Yes, yes, I know, barred for life," Aldred waved a hand through the air. Liezl raised a brow at him. "Barred for life? More like behind bars for life. I own this place now, you wild rover, and I won't hesitate to call in the city guard if I need to." "My Liezl, a tavern owner," Aldred mused, catching a strand of her hair between his fingers. "You've come quite a ways from pulling pints and sleeping behind the woodstove, eh?" Liezl batted his hand away. "I never slept behind the woodstove you cheeky rogue, as you well know." Aldred winked at her. "Indeed I do. Speaking of, might you know where a tired Sayer could lay his head this evening?" "If you want a room, you'll pay good carats for it," Liezl said, waving the barmaid over. The young woman looked harried, having just filled a punch bowl full of root draught for the bear outside. "Greta, this is Aldred," Liezl said, pointing at him. "If any one of that party starts a fight, he is the one responsible." Aldred put on his most charming smile for Greta, who had quite excellent taste in hair ribbons and blushed rather prettily. "Oh my dear Greta," he said, "I'm very responsible." Liezl snorted and headed towards the tavern's back room. "I mean it Aldred, don't ruin my pub!" "A pint of mead, if you've uncorked it Greta love," Aldred said to the serving girl. "Just bring it outside." With that, he strode back out into the spring sunshine and wedged himself beside the hunter at the edge of the table.
  13. worldbuilding

    I just can't stop thinking of Mistborn with this city name... Ahh, the odd coincidences of life.
  14. worldbuilding

    Yeah. If we want to start personifying "the city" then I'd say that, in true commercial fashion, you'd have to be or do something to gain aid. So, if you're clever, the city will aid you. Or, if you know what to ask for, it will help. Or, if you trade fairly with your fellows, the city will accept you. Something along those lines.