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  1. Wow that is amazing. That also explains why Fatebreaker suggested it to me
  2. I don’t think so, personally.
  3. Vivica took another sip of coffee too, then smiled and pointed at Sierra. "That's a nice glare, y'know that? Real top notch actually. I mean, in another few decades and with a little - uh - enhancement, you might even be able to kill people with that look. I know a guy, actually, though he's constantly looking for new lab assistants. Keeps killing them on accident, you see. On second thought, maybe you don't do that. Makes department meetings really awkward." Vivica rubbed her nose again, then tucked some of her hair back behind her right ear. "I think we're going to have fun. Well, I'll have fun. Grey might have fun too. Not sure about you, but hey, that's two out of three! Oh, and Bennington of course. He always has fun when we're testing things out, don't you Bennington?" She grinned up at the octopus, who spun lazily in the air, tentacles curling with anticipation. "So actually, that's three out of four. Even better! Tell me - and it's important you be honest with us here - how high would you say your pain tolerance is? And how do you feel about cinnamon-sugar topping?"
  4. Good evening! Have some art! Vivica & Bennington. Viv has two distinct modes: Crazy, and Very Crazy Rig and Allri from the "Into the Dark" thread: And some more DA Karaoke night this time featuring Voidus
  5. That makes sense! :]
  6. We should put it to a vote imo. Let the community pick. I always end up deleting the Psyche category anyway and loop it into Personality myself though, so I suppose others could also do that too.
  7. I agree, the extra category is confusing. I'm in favor of combining those two categories into one.
  8. This meme basically made itself
  9. Vivica beamed, and like a passing squall, the vivid and imminent danger in her face was gone. She clapped her hands, giggling, then looked over at Grey again. "Wonderful. Wonderful! Now we're cooking!" She said. "Speaking of cooking - Grey, do you think the snickerdoodles and the chocolate chips are still necessary? Just the chocolate chips? Just the 'doodles? Oh! Decisions, decisions. Hmm, Bennington, do you happen to have a copy of the New Employee Handbook?" She patted her pockets, checking to see if she had any loyalty spikes on hand, then pulled out a piece of shortbread instead. The octopus, who was still pulsing with a dark purple light, gave her a skeptical look. Vivica sighed at the lack of appropriate spikes and popped the shortbread cookie into her mouth. "Don't you sass me," she said, pointing to the thin air above her right shoulder this time and speaking in between chewing. "I'll turn you into a tea cozy if you're not careful. Oh, what, you think I'm bluffing? Well, we'll see next time I have someone over for tea, won't we?" Vivica sneezed, aspirating shortbread crumbs all over the front of her lab coat, and gave a little sigh. "I don't suppose either one of you are secretly blowing a dog whistle, are you? Incredibly high frequencies always make me sneeze. No? Well, it was worth an ask." @Snipexe @Shard of Thought
  10. "Ah, there now," Vivica said, watching Sierra. "The ember flares." Bennington slipped over her shoulder and twined himself around the young woman, who was oblivious to his inspections. "As to what you agreed upon, well, you followed me here, didn't you? Followed a Denizen into an Alley, down and down and down, and now here we are. Drinking. Talking. Having a nice time - except now you're just being rude. Rude and dull." Her smile sharpened, slicing a white edge into Vivica's pale skin. "Is there truly nothing you want? Nothing? No hunger, no desire? No question that you're dying to answer, no experiment you're eager to run? Just an empty girl in an empty alley with empty thoughts? And if that's the case... well, why are you living at all? You're tired of life? Well, we can help you with that. We can help you either way." She looked at the blood staining Sierra's clothes. "Haven't you ever wanted to tear the world apart," she whispered, voice shaking slightly with fervor, "just to see how it works? To build it again, better this time, just to prove that you can? The snake devours its own tail - creation, through destruction. The end, hailing the beginning. You can rebuild yourself here, any way you want. You say you have nothing left? A lie." Vivica held up the spike between her fingers, and Bennington pulsed with a deep indigo glow, swimming a slow loop around the both of them. "You have plenty of blood, and hunger. You can rebuild from the ashes, Sierra." She offered the girl the spike, blue eyes wide and shot through with red vessels. Exhaustion transcendent to gleeful madness. "All you need are a few nails." @Shard of Thought
  11. Ooh, these are all good points kenod! I like that loyalty spike idea especially.
  12. Honestly I do not think the DA has guild politics.
  13. Vivica caught her spike, then balanced the flat edge of it on the end of her index finger as she took another sip of coffee. "Mmm," she said softly, though whether she was musing over the coffee or Grey's suggestion, even she wasn't quite sure. Vivica looked at Sierra over the rim of her mug, feeling vexation vie with disappointment and... something else. Boredom? Yes, that was it. "That could work," she replied, then moved up towards Sierra, pocketing her spike as she did so. Vivica put one slender finger under the young woman's chin and tipped her head up so she could look in the girl's eyes. "It has been a while since I've gotten to test my snickerdoodles." Vivica's finger left a red smear on Sierra's chin. "This girl is barely an ember," she said, clicking her tongue. "So little left. So little to scrape out of the mixing bowl, and I'm bored. She's barely even enjoying her coffee - the best coffee." She took a step back, pouting a little, then looked up at Bennington. "What do you think, Bennington? Is she worth a few cookies? Or is she more of an... ingredient." Her smile returned, and she looked over at Grey, raising a brow as if to say 'Your call.' @Snipexe @Shard of Thought
  14. Question: would the whole of the DA even support the creation of the Alleycity? I suppose a few Alley entrances would be necessary but the Alleys themselves exist in a separate reality do they not? Would every DA member want a city? I’m actually rather curious about this. RPing internal guild conflict could be fun.