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  1. main plot

    "True enough." Lita frowned, thinking. "Perhaps they're already working with another group? Maybe someone else has already hired them to assess the growing chaos. We could look into their communiques."
  2. Nerin blinked, realizing she'd missed someone. She turned to the man, replaying his question. "Oh," she said, feeling her mouth slide back into its customary easy smile. "Yes, I am. My name's Nerin. Would you care to sit?" She swept a hand towards the available armchairs nearby. @Dr. Dapper
  3. main plot

    Lita peered at KanMien's phone, then nodded. The devices still confused her a bit, but then, most things were confusing these days. "Oh, I wasn't suggesting we trust them," Lita sniffed, taking a sip of port. "But if we can get our hands on their intel? That I would trust. They're a nest of assassins - they won't want to be going in blind on faulty information."
  4. Nerin accepted her pot of tea from the boy, smiling at him. "Has Jeb got you running drinks already? Well, thank you." She fished around in her pocket and pulled out a clip, holding it up. "This is for you, and don't feel guilty about waiting around for a tip from someone round here. Just look pitiful and one of us will send them a nice little soothing to plead your case." @Emperor Stick She tapped the side of her nose and pressed the clip into his hand. Steam rose from the spout of the little pot, and she wafted a bit towards her, inhaling deeply. Black and bitter. Just as she liked it. Nerin poured herself a small cup and cradled it in her hands, savoring the warmth as she watched Brillin and Attayl puzzle through the steps of a waltz. The sight of them filled her with a sweet kind of ache, and she continued soothing them. She imagined that soon, she wouldn't even need to lend them any brass at all - they'd trust one another all on their own. For one brief moment, Nerin indulged herself and imagined dancing in Attayl's place, laughing, feeling the warmth of someone's hand against her back, reflecting someone's smile back at him. And would you believe it? Would you believe it even if you had it? Nerin sipped her tea and looked away. No. No, she would not. It was the curse of her Allomancy, the price for the gift of influence. Life was all just a game, each person trying to push others across the board. And Nerin had more push than most.
  5. We very nearly did. Renata managed a weak half-smile. "Don't mention it." She walked back to the fire and set her back to it, letting the glow fall on her journal while preserving her view of the misty night. She took the pencil out from behind her ear and began writing, sketching her own version of the eye in the top corner of the page. There was so much they didn't know. Silently, she cursed the Doctor for leading them into this mess, and she cursed herself as one of the Ten Fools for accepting his invitation.
  6. Renata looked back to Arun, realizing the girl had spoken. "I'm sorry," she said, getting up and settling the journals in the crook of her arm. She went back to Arun and crouched down. "Hellbent went mad, and he... killed Tish. Then he chased Lisa into the forest. She killed him." And there's a giant red eye out there somewhere that could turn us all into murderous cannibals. "You should try and rest - I'm sorry I woke you so roughly, but I was worried you might die." Renata pulled one of the apples from her coat pocket and handed it to Arun. "Eat this, then sleep. It'll be slow travelling tomorrow, but we'll need to put as much distance between ourselves and this place as we can." @Blessing of Potency
  7. Renata stood up from where she'd settled Arun, then sheathed her boot knife when Lisa said Hellbent was dead. Her eyes went wide at the shardblade. "If she has that blade, he is dead," Renata said, somewhat in awe. She walked over to Lisa and sat beside her, noticing that she seemed to be favoring her arm. Cut by the blade? No coming back from that, though she decided not to mention it yet. Better to let her savor her victory for a bit. "I'll take the watch now, Lizanne," Renata called. The woman looked half-dead on her feet, and she'd need her strength for travel tomorrow. She pointedly avoided looking at Wilhelm's trap, where Tish's body still lay scorched and ravaged by teeth-marks. "We should still plan to leave tomorrow, we can't linger here." Renata rumaged in her pack and brought out both the Doctor's and her own journal, along with a pencil. "Who knows what else is out there..." There would be no more sleep for her tonight; she might as well begin writing a report of her own. @Sorana @kenod @I think I am here.
  8. Ahh well everyone reads a story differently! That’s what makes this fun.
  9. Lol you don’t have to lie, it’s more a fault of the show. Show-Bran isn’t quite right, but so much of his plot line was internal and very magic-heavy which isn’t a direction the show went. If I had only watched the show I likely wouldn’t have enjoyed him much either.
  10. This makes me so sad, Bran is one of my absolute faves! I don’t think they did him justice in the show, but I consider him one of if not THE most important people in the plot. Bran forever!
  11. LOL "JRR Tolkien as Slowswift" and the Music Production!!! Oh Harmony, this is amazing!
  12. main plot

    Lita took a cookie from the plate and bit off a sizable mouthfull. "Goo aia," she attempted, then frowned, swallowing rather too much cookie and coughing a bit. She cleared her throat and tried again. "Good idea." A sip of port smoothed out her vocal cords. "Rusts where are you getting this stuff?" she pointed to the port. "That's the intelligence I'd like to gather today." Lita took another - smaller - bite of cookie and grabbed the dessert plate and a few extra glasses before heading back into the study. She set them down on the table, swirling her port and thinking. "We've been given the go-ahead to work with TUBA should we desire, though I'm wondering if the Ghostbloods have more accurate information? They are assassins, surely they have at least some kind of spy network already in place, plus they're almost certainly going to be less..." Lita clasped her hands under her chin and widened her eyes in a parody of innocence, pouting her mouth, "bleeding-heart about all those poor innocents out there." She sighed, flopping down into a chair, and looked over to the kandra. What was their name? KanMien? "You gave some kind of report on what's happening outside earlier. Where were you getting that information?" @Voidus @kenod
  13. Jeb watched the pair leave, then opened the second envelope. The number scrawled there was even larger than Willet's dues, and punctuated with an odd symbol he'd seen scratched into a few walls and painted onto a few alleys in the last months: a horseshoe stylized into the Allomantic symbol for tin. The implication was clear. "We're watching you." Rusts, Jeb thought. This won't end well. He lifted an iron kettle off a small burner behind the bar and poured a little pot of tea for Nerin. As it steeped, he motioned to the boy he'd just hired. "Oi, come here then lad. Take this into the parlor room and give it to the lady in the armchair. Long dark hair. Name's Nerin, she works here." @Emperor Stick
  14. I am relatively happy with this ending, it is satisfying to me. I like how basically Westeros is now stacked with Starks: Bran as King of the 6 Kingdoms, Sansa in the North, and Jon effectively as "King Beyond the Wall." I thought for sure they were going to kill off the last dragon, but I'm rather glad they didn't. Leaves some magic left in the world. While this last season hasn't been very great, I did like the last episode. It tied up enough things, and enough of my favorite characters made it through that I'm not super sad. I have been entertaining myself with imagining Bran as his own Master of Whisperers just making all his birds fly around and listening to stuff. "Oh hey, heard you were talkin' trash about me." "Your Grace I would nev--" "I WAS THERE I WAS A BIRD." But I will never stop being mad about how they WASTED Jaime's character arc. WHYYY?!
  15. main plot

    Lita took the dagger by the hilt, then, grimacing, she pressed the blade against the top of her forearm. Despite Laurelai's warning that it wasn't particularly sharp, her skin parted with chilling ease beneath the steel. For a moment there was nothing, then a sharp, clean pain blossomed on her arm along with a stripe of warm blood. "Rusts," Lita swore, and extinguished her tin. Stupid. The pain lessened a bit, but still stung. She held the gold coin in her left hand and tried reaching out for it the same way she did with her brassminds. Though she half-expected it, she was still rather stunned to discover a whole wealth of something within the coin. Here goes nothing. Lita tapped gold. Instantly, her skin began to re-knit itself, scabbing, scarring, then fading into... nothing. Lita let go of the gold, staring at her arm in disbelief. "Holy rusting hell," she said, then felt a wide, stupid grin come over her face. With great effort, Lita resisted the urge to jump into the air, instead opting for a slight shake of her shoulders. She looked at the glasses and the bottle of port, still smiling, then recalled the Stranger's words of warning. Her grin slipped a bit, and she slid the coin back into her pocket. "So, PlasmaCore." Lita rubbed her eyes, suddenly tired. "What do you think is our best angle? Also, and I do hate to be rude, but I am in dire need of some of that." She pointed to the port. "And we should likely find some food, unless we want to begin this mission utterly soused beyond our wits." @Voidus