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  1. Shardmask! XD
  2. I can definitely imagine Kaladin flying around, keeping a safe distance, and persistently yelling "Go back inside!" to people sneaking out for unnecessary reasons. Must. Protect. EVERYONE.
  3. @Voidus @Sorana @I think I am here. For reference above
  4. You can edit your above post with tags, you don't need to make a new one! Our current mod team is Voidus, Sorana and i think i am here. The list is longer on the home forum page, but those three are the currently active mod team.
  5. I'd think at least for initial submission sure! You may want to tag a mod for pre-approval, they can add up your point count and ask you to change or refine things before you submit, or you can submit and work it out later as you like.
  6. My main character takes up so much space in my brain nowadays that she feels like a real person, so you can relate as little or as much to your character as you want in here. I have other characters that are more for fun or to explore an idea, but I built Lita as an entire person on purpose. So yeah, get deep, you can totally explore that here.
  7. The idea of something reading my RP posts out loud makes my eyes twitch x] I hope they sound decent!
  8. Yep thanks for the unsolicited upvote! We don’t have downvotes here, also, so no worries on that regard.
  9. More's the pity
  10. Hi there! Your idea sounds pretty cool, and it's clear you put tons of thought into your creation. This is all really awesome! You filling out the more standard character sheet for feedback would probably net even more helpful results, since we'd know what to ask you about more specifically. Making a Radiant character can get highly-powered pretty quickly, and multiple spikes can also add up fast if someone already has innate investiture. Also, if you wanted to name-drop, say, the Dark Alley in your backstory as the shadowy group doing some interesting experimentation, that's totally doable and people have done it before. If you want to leave it more nebulous, also fine! If you need any help with names or anything else, you only need to ask!
  11. Caeli grinned. "I thought you'd never ask," she said, staring off at the mountain peaks and yearning to dance above them. "I shall call Zephyr's brothers and tell them of his fate - if they don't already know. We shall find them to be formidable allies. Boreal alone can freeze an entire region into submission, and Notus is always looking for something to wreck. It has been a long while since I've seen Eurus, but even he shall come. For this, he shall come in force." She looked at Baalhan, then the others. "Where should we begin?"
  12. Lita felt an eyebrow quirk at the Stranger’s mention of ‘chronocompressed whiskey’; she filed that knowledge away with every intention of revisiting it at a later time. The Stranger’s grin filled with the unmistakable rueful fondness that so often accompanies tales of drunken misdeeds. Lita’s years of training to keep her face carefully blank warred with her immediate desire to know where, in fact, Voidus’ top-half had ended up. She glanced to the side where Laurelai stood, hoping that she could somehow read Lita’s thoughts and was already checking her mental catalog of the Records Department for anything that might solve this mystery. This also, of course, brought up questions of his lower half. The Stranger seemed to come back to himself before divulging anything more, coughing awkwardly. Lita almost laughed, but kept herself in check, standing still and quiet, eyes focused. He began to speak about the Worldspike, effortlessly spinning a perfect Lightweaving replica of the planet above his hand. It was mesmerizing, but Lita kept the majority of her attention on the Stranger himself, trying to glean anything from his expression and his words. The words people chose to speak were clues - even a master of deception often spooled out more than enough rope to hang himself by his tongue. The words that the Stranger used now sounded perfect, but something didn’t quite match up. There were holes in the sense of it, and Lita fought a wave of frustration at the fact that for a moment she had known what they were. For all the Stranger’s grand talk, this was an immense improvisation. He would never have known of the disappearances and disturbances if Lita hadn’t somehow caught his attention when she stepped under the stream of the Chapel. She could still recall the terrible chill of his voice when he had demanded she hand over her memories of the entire event. There was a part of her soul that knew he had almost killed her in that grotto; it would have been so easy. But he hadn’t. Something had changed his mind. Lita fought the urge to flex her the fingers of her left hand, the hand she’d laid over the back of the Stranger’s own. An insane move, and one she’d have never made if she’d been thinking at all. Surely that hadn’t been what had changed his mind; no, it was something else, it had to be. Lita looked at the model of the world and the Worldspike, taking in the Stranger’s explanations. He wanted them to collect intel on the city - well, she could do that. Intelligence work was intelligence work, for the most part. Nothing she hadn’t done before. The real secrets were in here, buried in between what was nearly true. If it had to do with the Worldspike, Voidus should have been involved, not two junior Denizens who had maybe three years’ experience between them. And yet here they were, suddenly folded into a plan so secret that even the world’s creator couldn’t know of it. She looked back to the Stranger, considering. He was ancient, and brilliant, but he was no spy. The best way to get someone to reveal a secret is to give them what they expect. Lita smiled, and it was full of all the clever hunger she knew he’d anticipate of her when presented with a new secret to hunt. If she managed to play this correctly, he’d never have to find out that he was her true quarry. This plan, the oddity of it, the fact that for a moment she’d known precisely what was going to happen. It was all that was needed to blow the latent embers back into a fire of fascination and curiosity. An image flashed before her eyes, a familiar one: the Stranger, his face lit with a fiery glow, head and shoulders surrounded by a thousand points of light. She’d seen that in the water. So, it wasn’t completely gone then. Good. If she could get some back, then she could get it all back. Maybe. “Information happens to be our specialty,” Lita said, eyes bright with eagerness and Tin. “How should we report our findings to you, Sir?” She had the Coin, of course, but Laurelai didn’t need to know about its powers of communication. Just like she doesn’t need to know about who her father is, or what you saw in the water, or what you’ve really been up to for the last six months. Lita grinned with a practiced ease she didn't feel, and tried hard not to think about her odds for living out the year. It didn’t look good, but rust and Ruin, she sure felt alive right now. @Fatebreaker @Voidus
  13. "You said there was enough agony and blood on that field to slake even a god's thirst for it," Caeli said softly, her voice echoing in the hollow of the stone cavern, "and more besides." She had been there, for a little while. The defeat of the mighty, outdone by the few - the lesser enemy. Outflanked, and killed by the thousands. Caeli looked down at Baalhan. "This coming war you sense," she continued. "Are we Carthage? Or are we Rome." @Nathrangking