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  1. Lita set down her glass and ran her finger around the rim, giving a rueful little laugh. "I'll admit that Fritz has me trained well enough that I order this of my own volition now. I'm afraid nothing else tastes quite good enough anymore. But, isn't that the way of it?" She looked back up at the other woman, meeting her eyes. They were a light, crystalline blue, like two faceted shards of glacial ice. For a moment, Lita thought she could see a luminous glow reflecting out of those eyes, like light thrown off of water. Water, pouring in a single, unbroken stream into a silent pool. She smelled the damp chalkiness of wet stone, felt the pull of... something. Lita blinked, the odd feeling fading as quickly as it came. The smile hadn't quite left her lips yet, and she pulled her momentary confusion backwards into a small corner of her mind, siphoning that strange vision into a coppermind for later perusal. She turned the smile into a little grin. Pull yourself together, Lita, she thought, lifting the glass to her lips and taking another sip of port. The rich, juicy taste brought her more fully into reality, and a little flare of Tin did the rest. "Once you taste the best this world has to offer, you think you'll be satisfied," she mused, lifting the glass so that the deep red liquid caught the light of one of the hanging lanterns. "But it only leaves you hungry for more." Lita set down her glass, then nudged the chair opposite her out from beneath the little table with one foot. She tapped one laquered fingernail on the tabletop and then spread her hand, indicating that the woman was welcome to join her. "It's a terrible shame to drink such fine port alone, don't you think? Perhaps you can tell me where you got that most excellent dress."
  2. Lita slid her pen back into her sleeve when the young woman entered the Windlass, noticing her slight confusion at the odd - if pleasing - interior design. A new customer, then. She wasn't surprised. On a night like tonight, people were apt to wander far afield of their typical haunts, driven by a desire to explore - or perhaps just driven by a desire for alcohol. Either way, this was an excellent night for observing new faces. The young woman in question cut a striking image, with her red dress and all that dark hair contrasting with her pale skin. Lita allowed herself a clear look while her back was turned, head bent towards two bottles of wine. Definitely not natural black hair, Lita decided, turning back to her own glass of port and swirling the liquid around in a lazy circle. She'd have called it a lazy disguise on any other night, but this was the Festival of Rebirth. Pretty much any disguise would be incapable of standing up to intense scrutiny. After all, it was a party, not a deep cover mission. Lita stoked her light burn of Tin to catch the last bits of the woman's conversation, mouth quirking a bit when Fritz got her to fork over the chrysts for a glass of Elariel Estate. The woman moved closer to Lita, perching on a stool just a few feet away and eyeing the crowd in the bar with a look that Lita found familiar. She wasn't just looking, she was watching. For the second time this evening, Lita found herself uncharacteristically fascinated. Well, no point doubting my intuition now. "Fritz is shameless, isn't he?" Lita said, voice quiet but amused, taking a sip from her glass but not yet looking at the woman. "You're the fourth person he's tempted with that Elariel Estate - it's the dress I'm afraid. You look like you can afford it. To his credit though," she finally looked up, raising her glass to the light and looking at the young woman before taking a sip, "it is delicious."
  3. @Sorana In case this sneaks past! ^^
  4. In the future, make sure to tag a mod with your proposed character so the request doesn't get lost! @Sorana @Voidus
  5. Not nailing down a gender or specific pronouns/ physical description can definitely limit the people who will want to RP deeply with your character. I know that if I don’t have a concrete idea of who your character is and what to call them, I will avoid interaction rather than risk incorrect characterization or context. This might be fine with you, but just a fair warning! :]
  6. Hi @Invocation care to talk about your cool new side plot because I am intrigued
  7. Lita grinned openly at Resh's rapidly retreating form, then finally allowed herself a bit of a laugh when he had disappeared into the hat shop. The young man had been interesting, though why he had seemed interesting was an oddity in and of itself. She'd met plenty of awkward young fellows in this city, and while it was rather fun to fluster them at times, it wasn't exactly a challenge. Lita was old enough now to know, and accept, that when it came to men her taste ran closer to the knife's edge than the handle. While pleasant, Resh shouldn't have kept Lita's attention for more than a minute - if that. Odd. She had felt odd ever since that rusting alleyway. With a sigh, Lita slipped a little white card out of her dress and wrote In case you change your mind on the back. The front had an address stamped in gold ink - the room she kept on retainer at The Grand down in the Financial District. It was a bit gaudy, if Lita was being honest, but dressing up like a wealthy socialite required the trappings to go with. Besides, the DA could afford the cover story. She was pretty sure they kept an entire Alley stocked with gold simply for Soulcasting practice. Currying favors and maintaining high connections only worked if you could back it up. At the top of the card was her name - or the name that she used outside the Alleys, anyway: Lita LaPetit. She cast one more look at the window before wedging the card between the seam of the curb just outside the hat shop. If the young man was half as clever as Lita suspected, he'd see it when he left. If he wasn't, then it was no loss to her. She had no time for the unobservant. She continued on down the street, her pen back in her hand, twitching and spinning out the reports she'd gotten in the time she'd taken to chat. Apparently there was some kind of prison break and ensuing chase towards the center of the festivities - as usual the local Radiants were getting involved. Lita rolled her eyes, telling the DoCI agent in the area to stay out of harm's way but keep an eye out and identify whoever possible. With luck, they'd expand their records of known Radiants - not that it was particularly difficult. Those Surgebinders loved to show off. Another report - two more R&D personnel had attempted to sneak into the Festival and were stopped. Rust and ruin, she'd need to have a word with someone about that bunch. Lita sighed, turning down a side street away from the center of the Festival and the inevitable chaos ensuing there. Things were a little quieter here, on the edge of the Scadrian Quarter, and more familiar. There were still plenty of masked revelers about, carrying sparklers and cups of wine. An older man sat on the steps of a boarding house and played a reel on the fiddle while some couples danced. Lita felt herself relax a bit as she neared her destination, and she smiled up at the sign when she finally reached the door. The Windlass was an odd little place, part wine house, part tea parlor, and wholly indefinable. The owner was a Malwish explorer named Fritz, and his wife Kari was a little Selish Forger of middling skill. Together, they had made the Windlass both familiar and exotic, Fritz bringing all his wide connections and imports, and Kari Forging the interior to their blended taste. Lita stepped through the door and situated herself in a far corner. The Windlass was busy tonight, which was good. She'd blend in, and anyone who wished to come and speak with her could do so without being too memorable. Lita sent out her location to the agents in the city, ordered a small glass of port, and waited. It had already been an unpredictable evening, but she could at least rely on the quality of Fritz's wine cellar.
  8. No problem! The pinned thread New Members Guide to the Alleyverse is a great resource for getting the lay of the land around here, and has links to character creation threads, basic summarization of what the AV is, etc. Also, feel free to ask any questions here! This current Era (Era 5) is a bit different than usual by design, so if you're confused please speak up and we can help you out! --- Just a reminder that the Alleyverse Characters thread should only be used for character submission and mod approval! If you have any more questions about the Alleyverse in general, please mention them here @Spren of Kindness and we can assist you.
  9. Mathiau is right, you can effectively make your character as self-insert as you'd like, but they do need their own name and backstory. In this RP you generally roleplay as a character in the third person, not as yourself. So, feel free to base your character on yourself, but they do need a 3rd person, somewhat independent identity for the RP itself. Welcome! :]
  10. Of course! Happy to help. Another good thing about these kinds of weaknesses is that they're built into the character and into each interaction, so you don't forget about them ---- Editing this in so I don't double-post here ----- Hi @Channelknight Fadran! I'm not a mod but if you want to discuss any questions about your new character in terms of how to build them, where to put them, etc, you can do that here! The Characters thread is solely for submission and mod feedback, so if you're interested in workshopping your character this is the place to be :] I noticed in your character sheet that you mentioned your character has a "slight attunement to Surgebinding" which will almost certainly put you into OP territory. If you want to make a Radiant character, go for it! But you'll almost certainly need to pick two or fewer Surges to fit into the point cap.
  11. Giving someone a weakness can be a great way to deepen their character in addition to allowing you to stack abilities. I always like to give my characters weaknesses that are a good inverse to their strengths. Perhaps Desmund could be naturally colorblind, for example, and his Heightenings are the only thing that "cures" this. It could be a reason why he doesn't Awaken as often or as highly as he could otherwise, since he doesn't want to lose his color recognition ability. Maybe he has a hand tremor, which would interfere with his ability to Forge or play music. Or perhaps he has sustained nerve damage in one of his hands, that would cause him to have to re-learn some aspects of his Forgery and musical arts in new ways. Maybe that's something he's looking for in the AV. Lots of people approach weaknesses in a kind of random "what can I get away with" manner, as a way to allow their character to be even more powerful. But the right weakness often makes a character who they are, or motivates them through their character arc in ways you couldn't expect. For example, my Tineye character has terrible eyesight when not burning Tin. Her reliance on her ability to see everything that needs to be seen, as the Counterintelligence Department Head of the DA, is pushing her closer and closer toward savantism and all its negative effects. In her compensating for one weakness, she is effectively slowly creating another one for herself.
  12. *blows steam off fingers*
  13. Sure thing! You'll want to read this post in particular - it is basically a current summation of both the reason for the festival and the rough cosmology of the current iteration of the Alleyverse this Era. When you've read that bit, most of what you need to know is: the Festival of Rebirth is a masked summer festival that takes place annually in Alleycity. It's full of people doing festival-type things, so if you skip through the thread you'll find characters moving about, eating, interacting in small groups, etc. The main "thing" happening in there right now revolves around some people trying to apprehend a man who aided a prisoner in breaking out of a transport van. However, this is not the only thing happening in the thread, so you could easily riff off of any number of other smaller interactions happening too.