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  1. Callsign: Numuhukumakiaki'aialunamor.
  2. spoiler

    I just finished Skyward and I was thinking the same thing. With the line about biological components I think it is clear that M-Bot was designed to be compatible with cytonic humans. Which would line up with your theory. I am sure M-Bot will have a large part to play in sequels and hopefully we will get more answers, but I think your theory is pretty sound. My main question is what does the "M" actually stand for. Probably Mushrooms.
  3. So I was reading The Hero of Ages and a thought came to me. Would it be possible for a mistborn to put two coins against each other and pull on the far one, while pushing against the other to essentially fly? I could not think of any reason why a mistborn could not push harder on one coin while still pulling on the other to keep them close enough that they would be able to fly. Is this a viable option for mistborn travel or is there a reason that this would not work that I am overlooking?
  4. Okay thanks for tip.
  5. Yea all the lashings would take time to learn but I think the ends would justify the means.
  6. I'd have to go with Mistborn's magic system. I think the thought behind all of the allomancy is really incredible and fleshed out, and then with feruchemy thrown on top it just becomes more involving.
  7. Honestly I think I would fall into the order of Skybreakers. I like how focused on justice they are and I am hoping to see some character development with Szeth and how he perceives right and wrong. Also who doesn't want to have the ability to fly.
  8. Its hard to say because I think so many of them add so much to the stories. It seems like a basic choice but I really like Kaladin, however, I found Dalinar's character arc in Oathbringer completely enthralling. As for Mistborn I really like Sazed and Ham.
  9. Started reading Sanderson two years ago with The Rithmatist, and have since read all of the Stormlight books as well as the first two books in the Mistborn series. I found out about this MASSIVE fan forum and I look forward to spending more time here.