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  1. Maybe Kelsier and Marsh?
  2. This has always been my thought for Vin...
  3. I loved the original Mistborn series, and I have reread it a few times. However, I find that I like the characters of Wax and Wayne much better during the second phase. Maybe it's due to the story not being as "world ending" as the original, but I just really enjoy reading their exploits. This is one of a couple of Sanderson's settings that could easily be made into a TV series.
  4. They were fighting a losing war, didn't have any good strategies, and were not desperate. At that point, decisions stop making sense.
  5. At the time, you assume it's just her subconscious starting to "maybe" heal a little bit. As the story goes along, and you learn more, the question does come up. However, since Sanderson does like to write stories that are complete, I think it's fine to consider it healing, and not Ruin at that point.