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  1. How does worldhopping actually work? I mean, I think they travel through shadesmar, but how? boat? magic? shadesmar is like the inverse of the worlds, but what's the inverse of space? Anyone?
  2. same bodies (are they the same people each time?)
  3. Is this where in that thing by each chapter, somebody says that they are forming a new avatar, and they instilled a strong aversion to somebody?
  4. I'm not sure that he could actually affect anything on the material plane.
  5. Sorry I wish that a mistborn could burn the stuff that shards are made out of. (Me nerding out here - sorry)
  6. Granted, but the gerbils keep on growing until you have an army of godzilla sized gerbil that crush everything due to sheer size. I wish for time for me to work on multiple projects at once.
  7. Spren only bond to those with gaps in their spiritual web. If a spren would fill such a hole, then the person becomes even more broken, could another spren come along and make the radiant a double radiant (with two spren)?.
  8. In OB, it sound like it's possible to force a person to bond a specific type of spren. (Nale would do it, to bond potential radiants to make them skybreakers, or kill them.) Is it? Does that mean that the type of spren is technically irrelevant?
  9. Before bonding, I meant. A historian has part of the personality of an edgedancer (remembering those who are lost, or something like that) but could just as easily bond, say, a cyptic or inkspren or honorspren as a cultivationspren.
  10. Hold .. can there only be 3 bondsmiths at a time? What? Also, I want to see keen spren and those intellect spren
  11. Ok for Dalinor...but that would indicate that a Radiant happens when they were broken in the inverse of their Radiant order. Not all Bondsmiths, I presume, were bloodthirsty overlords in their previous life.
  12. I agree - and hope that Adolin stays ordinary (take that as you will). Who would take over his role otherwise? Navani? Kadash? Actually, Kadash would make a great character...but not for this purpose.
  13. Yeah - in the book it says that it is a symbiotic bond - the Radiant get the powers and stuff, and they gain sentience. As for the rest of the question...I don't know? I'd speculate to guess that IF a spren did actually bond a Rioter (the circumstances worked out, some how) the spren wouldn't get the power because it's two completely different magic systems. Maybe not, though, because Hoid has done some strange things with magic. Great question, though!
  14. As long as he doesn't become a radiant. I'm not saying this to snub him, but he's one of the last characters of importance that's not a radiant. What would happen if EVERYONE were radiant - it would hardly be worth noting!
  15. I know that I'm fixating on this sort of topic - what would happen if you were to create a hemalurgic spike out of a shard (the material that makes up shardblade/plate in the SA)? Assuming everything else works, even with the investiture and intent and whatever else I'm missing.
  16. so maybe one or two - at most. I doubt kaladin will be one of those, though.
  17. Why would having a shardblade mean that you are a radiant? EVEN IF you say that they already have an existing bond (and I think that's the extreme case) then Mayalaran would end the bond because like so many people pointed out, Adolin doesn't really obey the oaths. Yes, I know he doesn't have to. Even so, a nahel bond and a shardblade bond are...what compared to each other? What's their relationship?
  18. Fair. Thanks.
  19. I think I have a theory as to how shards work. I'm sure this has been spoken about, but I don't know where. Shards, blades specifically, are solid stormlight/investiture. Spren can become shardblades, and the common theory as to shardplate is that spren form it, like by Kaladin, windspren by the hundreds surrounded him. Spren are bits of stormlight/investiture given sentience. Therefore, Shards are stormlight. They could cut, I suppose, by separating the sould of the object, but I think Brandon mentioned it in one of the the books. Shardblades can be summoned because of the sentience. It would explain why shardplate cannot be summoned and dismissed - there is no sentience. Because that's the only difference between the two. In theory, then, if one could find a way to make stormlight solid, one could make virtually indestructable objects.
  20. that wasn't the question though - if a spren became a hemalurgic spike instead if a shardblade. Not given the a blade and plate.
  21. How do you explain the spren manifesting as shardblades, then? It's said that spren are large amounts of investiture given sentience - therefore, the investiture becomes solid. That's what shards seem to be.
  22. Thank You!
  23. I'm sure that this has been talked about but I couldn't find a topic about this so here it is. I think that Rock (and maybe other horneaters) can see at least partially into Shadesmar. He's able to see spren when nobody else does, and mentions towards the beginning of OB that he could see something of the rest of the sprens body. How does the ability work, and why does he have it? Does it have anything to do with that story he said about Horneaters living up in the peaks (when explains why the peaks are hot in WoR).
  24. Is it possible to bond shardplate by attaching gems to it, like a shardblade? Would it let you manifest and dismiss it at will?
  25. I think Rock can see into Shadesmar, at least partially. He is able to see spren in the physical realm that nobody else can see. Also, he mentions being able to see part of the sprens body towards the beginning of OB. Perhaps this has something to do with the story that he told his friends about why the Horneater peaks are warm? Any thoughts? I thought I posted this topic already, so if I did I'm sorry.