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  1. Yes please! I actually meant the 9th.
  2. Hey, is there space this week?
  3. In book 6, the Aes Sedai use Aes Sedai that don't yet have the ageless faces disguised as servants to capture Rand before Dumai's Wells. These are Full Aes Sedai. Yet Setalle Anan uses the fact that Elayne doesn't have an ageless face as the basis of her claim that Nynaeve and Elayne aren't Aes Sedai. What's up here?
  4. That's just awesome
  5. I'm pretty sure that Nathrangking is right. How would you know?
  6. Somewhere in the first 2 books Navani says to Dalinor (quoted loosely from memory) "in some cultures, we'd be obligated to marry." Now, I'm not sure what culture in Roshar or even the Cosmere, but I think there is real world source for it. Where is that source, and why is it there? Call it a challenge for all of you. Good Luck!
  7. I hadn't thought about it outside of a vacuum. Thanks!
  8. Where does a blind person into the Rosharan Caste system? Also, why is the caste system based off of eyes? Off the top of my head in the real world, most caste indications, even if it isn't a hard system, is based off of race. Does that mean that the original Rosharans were the immigrants?
  9. I believe eye color is hereditary, (on Roshar that is) so you could base it on their parents eyes. I'm saying a random blind dude comes to town with milky eyes. You don't know much/anything about him. Where does he fall under the caste system?
  10. Thanks for explaining the blades. As for people whose eyes become milky, if you didn't know beforehand, how could you tell what their eye color is supposed to be?
  11. Setalle said that it was the lack of the ageless face that ticked her off, I think. Which the Dumai's Wells AS didn't have.
  12. Anyone else want Ramin Djawadi for the music? Like, really, really badly? (Or Howard Shore)
  13. Anduril.
  14. I finally finished reading the whole series. Yay! Certain things bothered me about end of the series though. 1) How does Rand light his pipe at the very end. 2) How do Moridin and Rand switch bodies.
  15. I thought was because captain Ico a ) was an honor spren, b ), worked for her "father," if i remember correctly
  16. Thanks
  17. The title says it all - who chooses them? one of the heroes mentioned that Mat wasn't chosen probably because he wouldn't like it and Mat replies that he would want to be called by every bloody person who blows the thing. Any ideas?
  18. My understanding is spren are like bugs. Even nahel-bond worthy spren, there are millions or billions of them.
  19. Thank You? (For the proper term, at least) Where are they?
  20. Does that mean that Brandon probably still has license to make more WoT stories?
  21. Does anyone else see parts of D'naa in both Shallan and even more in Vin? (Especially in Vin - they both are described similarly.)
  22. The title really says it all - who is he? What's his backstory? Personal theory says that he's sort of like Noal - one of the hero's of the horn, but what do you all think?
  23. Oh - thanks. I missed that.