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  1. So the one person who should know what's going on is confused too - this doesn't bode well. (Does this remind anybody of modern day politics? I'm not referring to a person in particular, just the world as a whole) Also, perhaps the rhythms were how they bonded spren. Or at least used surges.
  2. Ok. A helmet?
  3. shardblade shardplate (forming the shardblade into the form of shardplate) I know it's ridiculous, but why not?
  4. Awesome! How do I find information about her?
  5. Out of curiousity, who is Lita? (I probably sound like an idiot)
  6. Is there a reason that tin is the only such metal?
  7. Does anyone want to explain how allomantic powers can remain relatively consistant for about a millenia, then after a mere three centuries it's impossible for a mistborn to exist, only mistings? And Feruchemy, which as far as I can tell, if one is a feruchemist in the first series, you have access to the entire slew of metals, and again, three hundred years later, only one metal is possible? Anyone? (Sorry, this is just driving me crazy, especially since I reread some of them recently.)
  8. It was just an example. Ignoring the fact that it's a godmetal, there are still inconsistencies.
  9. Thanks. I'm not sure this is supposed to be a new thread though, but is there a reason that I can't find the correlation between the effects of the metals for each power loop (Allomancy, Feruchemy, Hemalurgy). For example, atium stores age, but shouldn't one of the allomantic powers that mess with time be its correlation? Sorry if that's a spoiler.
  10. thanks.
  11. How many powers does Hoid actually have? What are they?
  12. If stormlight were taken out of the equation, then Kaladin wouldn't have a weapon. I'm pretty sure he stopped carrying around a spear when he realized that Syl could become a shardspear.
  13. Jasnah. There's no way she'd go into a fight without being prepared.She'd have taken Kaladin's abilities into account.
  14. So there is nothing concrete - what what supports this theory of yours?
  15. I do want to know about that madness she had at childhood. Also, what I meant by that she's like me is that I understand her. It's probably related to the fact that I share the same MBTI as her. (INTJ).
  16. I love Jasnah. Best Character ever. She's the most like me - even if it is slightly disturbing.
  17. How do Myrdraal bond Trollocs? Is it anything like how Aes Sedai bond warders?
  18. The scene with Avihenda seeing the Aiel's future. I almost wanted to cry.
  19. Is there a connection between the two, is shadesmar a sort of unconsious reflection of the world of dreams?
  20. I know there was a soundtrack made for WoK/Kaladin, and it was awesome. Can we expect more?
  21. I didn't mean it that way - I know they are different. I meant was shadesmar influenced by the world of dreams?
  22. White. Definately White.
  23. granted. all you got to do is read the books and dream. I wish that I could become one of Sandersons beta readers (Its a real life wish...)
  24. uh, sure...thanks, though.
  25. How does worldhopping actually work? I mean, I think they travel through shadesmar, but how? boat? magic? shadesmar is like the inverse of the worlds, but what's the inverse of space? Anyone?