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  1. immortal words

    It sounds reasonable - but how would MTG know the next oath?
  2. they have shamans, not priestesses that's probable. What I'm asking is where did he even get the idea of priestesses? Everyone knew what he was talking about, so they are all familiar with the concept. that means that a culture on roshar has priestesses. (at least, high priestesses.) I want to know which one. I recall that warbreaker had high priests and priestesses for the returned. Any connection?
  3. Is it the same artist that did the covers for alcatraz? it reminds me of that. I'll agree though, it does seem slightly juvenile. I don't know whether this was written scifi or children's though.
  4. Why are there SO MANY awesome side character? Can anyone else not decide? Barring that, I'd say the guy in the Purelakes. I can't remember his name.
  5. OK, now we wait for the Dragon of Roshar who was really in idiot elsecaller who thought it was a good idea.
  6. Yay! That's one for worldhoppers!
  7. Whoa - how did you design that?
  8. Well, didn't she go insane at one point in her childhood?
  9. Where do we know that?
  10. I meant killing people so the fused don't have hosts.
  11. I like the idea of trapping the Fused souls in gems - it beats mass genocide. Even that has issues though, because some humans fought for Odium too. And then, Horneater and Herdazian are part parshendi, so are you going to kill them too, on a maybe? And what about everyone who may have some Horneater or Herdazian blood?
  12. Yeah, but how did he find out about Worldhopping to know of Roshar? Hoid? I guess I'm really looking forward to Nightblood then, but they're my favorite cameo characters in the series (excluding Hoid, of course.)
  13. Ditto. I really want to find out how they ended up on Roshar, and what they're trying to do.
  14. Can you provide a link?
  15. strictly speaking, @AonEne is right. You go from existence to non-existence, and that doesn't damage you, or harm you.
  16. It's awesome!
  17. My bet's on Adolin. He's already died once (in another version.)
  18. In theory. In practice, I think you'd be hard pressed to convince a Skybreaker to participate in criminal activity.
  19. Fair.
  20. Oops. Your Right. Fixed it.
  21. There is actually a biology diagram for chull in one of the books.
  22. I found that. I meant the rest of the novel.
  23. How do you think Jasnah would feel when she finds out that she's wrong, and there is (was) a deity, and numerous underdeities (also known as shard things that are sort of like Valar)?
  24. So basically, I'll never be able to read it. Any other way to get to it other than traveling halfway accross the USA?
  25. Somebody was reading this over my shoulder and said they were like drakes. I doubt he knows what he 's talking about. Though the idea of Larkin-Dragons is awesome.