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  1. On that topic - how is it even possible to "burn out" from being a ta'veren? That wasn't set up at all - so how did that happen?
  2. Shoot. I don't suppose that it was possible to leave my innocent bliss?
  3. Perhaps - Perrin said that he thought that the three of them were no longer Ta'veren.
  4. So if life and death are "good," wouldn't bad be stasis?
  5. So there are actually multiple magic systems apparent in WoT. I'm going to list them, and if anyone want to add, I guess that's what the comments are for. A. Saidin - the male half of the source. B. Saidar - the female half of the source. I think they're two distinct things. I can't really explain why, but they're like the good yin-yang sort of thing. C. Tel-aran-rhiod - world of dreams. This is also the wolf realm. It's possible that Randland is just a really strong dream shard or whatever they are called in the world of dreams. I think this is possible because in the novels they mention a few times alternate dimensions, and other people fighting the last battle. Also I suspect that the Aelfin and their pair may exist in an alternate realm here. D. The Pattern - this sort of drives time and people. It's a really important thing. E. The Creator and the Dark One. - Ok, this is going to get tricky. My theory is that it was actually a pantheon, with multiple dieties. Perhaps the dark one killed off his peers, or they still exist and just aren't interacting with the world. As for the creator, maybe he's just a good diety, perhaps it's an Eru-Valar situation, perhaps the creator is equivalent to Zeus or Chronos to use Greek mythology examples. F. I'm sure I missed stuff. Tell me if I missed anything, and what do you think of my theory of the Dark One.
  6. Fair. So whose domain is death? That tends to be a "dark" power.
  7. When Rand was talking to the Dark One in the end, he said (and this is going to be an awful misquote) "You aren't the lord of death - you never were. Death is not your domain. Yours is lies. You can't grant oblivion." It sounds like he's not omnipotent, and that makes me think of a pantheon. You're right though, I forgot the One Power. It's strange, though, that the creator has both Saidin and Saidar, which are in effect the same system but for male and female, but the Dark One has but one, gender irrelevant system.
  8. Yup. Even if I didn't though, I like spoilers. That's what prompted the question.
  9. What would happen if an Aes Sedai bonded an Asha'man, then the Asha'man bonded the same Aes Sedai back. Would the bond be twice as strong? Can they exert influence over each other? What are the strengths and ramifications?
  10. Thanks. So people are weird and violent. I think that sums up society. It's OK, I forgive you all. Mostly.
  11. So in short, people take random stuff way too seriously? Is it possible to name a precedent
  12. Call me naive, but why?
  13. Cool!
  14. ahh... I'm spoiled - I like when I can find the answer eventually, cause Brandon would just RAFO something, which means we'll find out eventually.
  15. What's the third thing? Talk about death of the author - I know it's morbid, but so apt.
  16. This is AMAZING. I do sketches too, but I'm NOWHERE near this good. Any tips?
  17. That's really cool. I always imagined Nahz older, though.
  18. immortal words

  19. So which religon? It's got to be one that they're familiar with enough that they don't ask what a priestess is. Sorry if my thoughts come out muddled - it's sort of hard to explain. Point being that they don't comment on a word that should be unfamiliar to them, ergo, they must have heard of the word. Therefore, they are probably familiar with the said religion. That's true, but whenever they mention Shin religions, they only mentions shamans.
  20. I was thinking - in one of Beards stories, he was saying how he stole all of the high priestesses attention. Problem is, where are there such a thing. It's not anywhere near anything Vorin, because ardent's are slaves, and, well, called ardents. It could be the passions, but my impression of them was that they were self guided. Any guesses where this was?
  21. immortal words

    It sounds reasonable - but how would MTG know the next oath?
  22. they have shamans, not priestesses that's probable. What I'm asking is where did he even get the idea of priestesses? Everyone knew what he was talking about, so they are all familiar with the concept. that means that a culture on roshar has priestesses. (at least, high priestesses.) I want to know which one. I recall that warbreaker had high priests and priestesses for the returned. Any connection?
  23. Is it the same artist that did the covers for alcatraz? it reminds me of that. I'll agree though, it does seem slightly juvenile. I don't know whether this was written scifi or children's though.
  24. Why are there SO MANY awesome side character? Can anyone else not decide? Barring that, I'd say the guy in the Purelakes. I can't remember his name.